Don’t fall for the convincing sales tactics at It’s just one more template-based sales page in the same category as Coreyhasmoney, and others.

What happens is, once you give up your credit card info ($1.97 for shipping is no biggie, right?), you are signed up for a paid monthly membership. On the other hand, why do they need to charge a shipping fee for an electronic product? Rose tells the sad story:

I signed up for the free kit. No big loss @ only 1.97. I never had an opportunity to view the treasure chest information as some have explained above. I waited, and waited and…you guessed it waited some more. I finally opened an account online to view my credit card statement and saw the charges of the 1.97 plus the first charge of 70+ dollars. I filed a dispute with the credit card company and said I was responsible for the first charge. They may be able to get the refund for the second charge. I cancelled my card so I know it will stop. As far as calling the number for the refund, I get nowhere! To all who want to be self employed, this is not a way to get employment. Stay away from these schemes, they are not good for your emotional health! If there is any advice from anyone, I am willing to hear it!!

Pages like Joshmadecash and Coreyhasmoney are just funneling sites. That means when you click on whatever it is you have to click on to learn more, you are sent to the sales page of some flashy make money online program. In the case of Joshmadecash, you’re sent to buy Google Treasure Chest, one of the scammiest things we’ve seen in a while.

Here’s Carol’s story:

Initially this site came up and stupidly after reading this guys statement about how this was 100% trusted and guarenteed and totally risk and scam free, I entered my details. I was then connected to a video presentation about setting up a merchant bank account. An application form for IMAX Bancard Network then followed. At this point I became very suspicious and did not fill it in. However the next minute yet another link appeared re GoogleTreasureChest. It was at this point that the terms and conditions were made available for reading. I haven’t set up any password or acknowledged any membership number but I assume that because I had entered my card details re the shipping cost of $1.97 this could mean they are able to charge my card. I contacted Barclaycard who have blocked my card. This now means that nothing can be taken by anyone. Just tried to ring the 001-888-705-1275-001 but got no answer. Can anyone advise me if I need to do anything else or will what I have done suffice. Can’t believe I’ve been so stupid.

If you want all the dirty details on how these types of sites operate, read Battle of the Putzes. Reading the terms and conditions would be a good idea, too. But even if you do that, these jerks make it almost impossible to cancel. You’re much better of just staying away from them entirely.

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  • Cyndi

    Google is, or so I have always thought a rather reputable company. How is it that these SCAMS are getting away with their claim(s) to be Google-affiliated? I would think that the “big wigs” at Google would slam dunk these jackasses with major lawsuits &/or criminal charges against them.

    I would appreciate anyone’s comments about my question(s).

    • Joe

      They get away with it because they state (sometimes in the terms and conditions) that they are not affiliated with Google. And I don’t think Google owns the word “google.” Their legal bases are covered while they let you believe there is a connection.

  • Ausett

    I love your new design; and the graphics are a nice touch!

    Thanks for all the useful information you provide, and your great writing style.

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    Well it’s Monday morning and i didn’t get my wish to rip someone a new ass over the phone. You can’t rip into someone who works for a third party call service. These guys are very slippery. But you can cancel your accounts.

    To cancel the Google Treasure Chest and the Safe Lock id accounts call 1-866-951-1406 or 1-888-705-1275.

    To cancel the Grant Springs account call:1-888-247-2155.

    Remember that they are just a call center and all you have to say is that you have an account with Grant Springs that you would like to cancel. They will ask you you’re name address and phone number to verify the account. Just tell them and they will cancel you’re account within two minutes. You can even ask how much money has been charged to your credit card and they will tell you. Do the same procedure with The Google Treasure Chest account. It worked for me just fine. They will also give you a cancellation number. Write them down and keep them in case they try to weasel some more money out of you down the road.

    If these numbers don’t work for you here are a couple of more you might want to try. 1-866-321-2728 or 1-801-545-0628.

    Anyway like everyone else I’ll be keeping a close eye on my credit card statements.

    Good luck.

    P.S. If you want to put the screws to these guys file complaints with the attorney general. And being Canadian I’m not sure about the other one but i think it’s the FTC.

  • Jennifer
    Reply and is the same exact website! ‘Josh Parker’ and ‘Steve Anderson’ are the same person with the same story. TOTAL SCAM! Stay away!

  • Hoshen7

    I sent facebook a e-mail regrading all of the google money kits that are advertised on there, along with a link to the lawsuit. They got back to me and let me know that would look into and start pulling the ads.
    So far it seems like they’ve pulled the ads or put them in less frequent rotation.

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