Three websites. Three reviews. One article. This a new feature designed to spread the word as quickly as possible about numerous scams. These are quick reviews meaning we haven’t tried these programs, but rather have gathered information from around the web from various people who do have first-hand experience with these programs. This is the first round of the blitz and it certainly won’t be the last. Let’s get started.

  1. Ty Hall and Software Millions at
    First things first, Ty Hall is a convicted felon and has numerous aliases including, Terance Hall, Terence Hall, Terrance H. Hall or the Hall Group. Software millions costs about $300 and according to people who have actually sent this guy money, you get postcards in return. You’re supposed to mail these to businesses and if the business is interested in what the postcard says, they’ll go online, enter the PIN from the postcard, and make a sale. You then get a commission. Sounds easy right? Well, according to all victims, not a single sale was ever made even after the distribution of hundreds of postcards. So, one of two things is happening here: the software blows or Ty Hall is stealing money and commissions from his subscribers. Software Millions is a scam.
  2. Unique Marketing at
    Typical data entry bullshit. You pay them upfront for “training materials” and they’ll teach you how to type ads online, make millions, retire at the age of 16, and own a yacht. Sounds nice right? Unfortunately, these training materials are links to Google Adwords and Clickbank. It’s the same data entry scam we’ve seen time and time again. This time around it costs $34 and this time around, it is still a scam.
  3. Ruth Cavanaugh and Earn By the Hour at
    This time around the claims revolve around making thousands of dollars doing online surveys. Of course, it’s going to cost you $30 to do so. Now, why would it only cost you $30 to make over $150 an hour? I’ll tell you why, because you’ll be paying for an outdated list of survey companies that are freely available on the web. You can get started by following our list of approved survey companies. Stay away from Earn by the Hour.

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