Quick Summary of Autoresponder Madness

Rating: 4 A solid email marketing course that teaches you how to squeeze the most value out of a small email subscriber list.

The Good: Lots of material: Andre doesn't skimp on the amount of content he provides you; ARM is an 18-lesson course that is filled to the brim with lots of useful insights about consumer psychology, how to generate emails, how to segment your list, etc. You will be reading these course lessons more than once to fully understand the provided information.

Loads of support: There is a members area provided with your course, so you're not just a lone student floating around with no support network.

The Bad: Price: The course is priced at $297, which may be too high of an investment for some online marketers.

Presentation style: Andre provides loads of case studies and email copy at the detriment of actual (original) content and copy.

It's not that examples aren't useful, but they shouldn't outweigh the actual lessons. Also, most of the content is written, with a few videos provided for emphasis of particular points. It would have been nice to have different content formats like podcast and video, and not just written lessons.

Self-promotion: Many of Andre's examples are followed by comments from his fellow marketers or past customers that are promotional in nature. For example, in one of his techniques, a follow-up comment might be, "This tactic made me $X in 10 days!" That's great to hear, but it doesn't teach the reader how to actually create and use that particular tactic.

Editing: Spelling and grammatical issues plague the content presented by Andre. At a price tag of almost $300, this product shouldn't lack in basic editing. Also, some of his provided links go to a 404 page.

The Bottom Line: This product is absolutely worth its price tag if you have a list already in place and are wondering how to earn more money from it.

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Autoresponder Madness Review

If you’ve been developing your email marketing campaigns and are wondering how to best approach your subscriber list and generate sales from it, please read through our review of Autoresponder Madness.

In a nutshell, Autoresponder Madness is a product offered by Andre Chaperon and has been around since 2009. So, there is quite a bit of history to this product, as well as content. As for Andre, he is and has been an online marketer since 2004.

What is Autoresponder Madness?

Autoresponder Madness (ARM) is an 18-lesson email marketing course designed for online and affiliate marketers who already have products to sell and have an email list of at least 1,000 subscribers. Granted, that shouldn’t stop other folks from signing up to ARM and benefiting from it, but the assumption here is that you are ready to go with subscribers and are looking to improve your Earning Per Subscriber (EPS).

Incidentally, if you are still in the process of list building, Andre offers the following free resource here.

Andre notes that many marketers make an average EPS of $1/subscriber/month. That’s a good earning┬árate if the marketer has a huge subscriber list; however, for those marketers with just a few thousand, or just around a thousand, this earning rate is too low to make a decent living.

Andre proposes that you can significantly raise your EPS if you emulate his email creation and broadcast tactics.

What are these email tactics?

1. Create customer personas.

Andre teaches you how to create customer personas, or avatars, in order to better identify your target customers and what they are looking for. This requires some general emailing (known as manual broadcasts) to your entire list- at least at first. Based on who responds to your emails, you immediately go into step 2.

2. Segment your list.

As your subscriber list clicks on your broadcast emails, you immediately segment those clicking individuals out of the general pool of subscribers. Those segmented individuals are channeled directly to step 3.

3. Create Soap Opera Sequences (SOSs).

Once you’ve collected enough individuals for your segments, you weave what Andre calls Soap Opera Sequences, or SOSs, to hook them into buying your product. SOSs are specialized emails that tell a story but leave the ending of that story for the next (and then the next) email. In this way, a soap opera-style email sequence is launched that keeps readers coming back to your emails as they are sent out on a regular basis.

As readers continually click on and open those SOSs, they become comfortable with you and your (eventual) offer. You are seen less and less as a marketer and more as a trusted resource.

Incidentally, SOSs are not for those email marketers who are reluctant to write- Andre holds up an example SOS that consists of 27 emails!

4. Create splinter SOSs.

Those subscribers who follow along your initial SOS and who eventually click on one of your offers are segmented into a new SOS. At this point in time, you know you are dealing with highly motivated buyers who are very likely to purchase your offer. Andre states that one of his splinter SOSs resulted in a 31+% conversion rate.

So, you direct these highly motivated buyers to a new SOS that focuses on the product they clicked on. That’s where you’re most likely going to get your amazing conversion rate, and even if you have just a few hundred subscribers.

What else does ARM offer?

1. Customer persona insights.

Having been in the online marketing field since 2004, Andre provides lots of insights into how people buy online and the psychological process they follow when doing so. He presents lots of examples here and how to take advantage of consumer psychology.

2. Product Launch Sequences (PLSs).

For one-off products that aren’t sold as a series or by subscription, Andre provides a blueprint on how to sell them via the Product Launch Sequence or PLS. He also teaches you how to intersperse your SOS with a PLS so that your subscribers are slowly drawn into wanting your offer.

3. Loads of case studies and example emails.

If you’re not sure just how to construct your own SOS or what content you should include, don’t fret: Andre fleshes out his 18-lesson course with numerous examples of how other marketers generated their SOSs and what copy they used. It’s very easy to see how this copy can be repurposed into your own emails and offers.

The Bottom Line

For online and affiliate marketers who already have an email subscriber list and want to squeeze more money from it, Andre’s ARM is an ideal fit. To be fair, the course does require significant effort from the marketer in terms of generating several detailed auto-responder emails and segmenting the audience. You will need to have an auto-responder program like AWeber, for example.

However, if you are looking to increase your EPS, then the ARM course may be just what you need.

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