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Our Top 10 Recommended Work-at-Home Websites

Obviously, I’ve Tried That is the premier work-at-home website; however, there are other websites out there that provide lots of useful information about making money at home and avoiding online scams. Most of these sites not only offer realistic ways to make money at home, but the recommended methods have been tested by the webmasters or their followers. Thus, you’re not just getting inane suggestions on how to make money; someone has actually tried and been successful at making a legitimate income from his/her proposed methods. So, without further ado…

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1. Work at Home No Scams

Since 2003, work-at-home Dad and affiliate marketer Eddy Salomon has been offering everyday folks the opportunity to replace lost income, make extra income and become their own boss. Work at Home No Scams lists many different money-making sites, the type of work involved with these sites, and how much money can be made at a particular job. Some of these sites (e.g., paid survey) enable one to make a few extra bucks a month, while other sites (e.g., Wealthy Affiliate) can lead to a full-time career with comparable income. Work-at-home scams are also highlighted.

2. Work at Home Truth

Paul Schlegel offers a no-nonsense approach to finding work-at-home job opportunities and avoiding scams. Additionally, he lists work-at-home opportunities that aren’t scams but also just aren’t worth your time. Best of all, the money-making products recommended on WorkatHomeTruth are personally verified by Paul to be legitimate or your money back.

3. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn makes an incredible five figure monthly income from his work-at-home ideas including affiliate marketing, selling instructional ebooks, building iPhone apps, and of course blogging about making a passive income. Pat’s money-making techniques are a bit more advanced than answering online surveys or selling tchotchkes on eBay- but his advice is well worth it to those who want to dream and eventually earn big.

4. Real Ways to Earn Money Online

Arguably the most organized and comprehensive work-at-home site I’ve perused, Real Ways to Earn Money Online offers a huge directory of money-earning opportunities, with everything ranging from answering questions to writing. The site’s webmaster, Anna, also provides many opportunities to save money at her sister site Real Ways to Save.

5. Entrepreneur’s Journey

Yaro Starak, the webmaster of Entrepreneur’s Journey, shows readers how they can start and be successful at an online business. His content, much like Pat Flynn’s, addresses the larger aspects of running an online business rather than just making a little cash on the side. Yaro also offers several instructional and money-earning programs like Blog Mastermind and Cranky Ads.

6. The Four Hour Workweek

Timothy Ferriss, the author of a set of books by the same name, created a blog that not only addresses how to break free of the rate race but also how to take charge of your own life. His content is at times more inspirational than instructional, but you can’t fault a guy who is passionate about his career/life calling and challenges people to live up to their full potential.

7. Rat Race Rebellion

Admittedly, it was the title that first attracted me to this work-at-home site run by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren. What kept me coming back to Rat Race Rebellion was the many work-at-home opportunities that the site advertised. Perhaps the most valuable resource that the site offers is its daily updated job lead board, which offers a plethora of prescreened telecommuting positions including editing, customer service, management, blogging, transcription, IT, etc.

8. The Penny Hoarder

Kyle Taylor, the webmaster of The Penny Hoarder (whose site design oddly resembles, offers many work-at-home or just-outside-of-home job opportunities that you may not have even considered. With article titles like “9 Ways for Slackers to Make Money Playing Games”, “The 7 Highest Paid Political Mistresses (+ Should You Become One?)” and “Get Paid to Spy on the Mailman”, it’s hard not to get drawn into this site and spend a good hour or two reading its posts.

9. Freelance Switch

This site offers some hearty advice on how to create, run and advance your freelance _____ business. Freelance Switch also posts an extensive job board as well as links to outside job boards. Furthermore, the site offers many useful business resources such as invoice creators, client contracts, accounting software, tax advice, etc.

10. All Stay at Home

Job boards, blog posts, articles, business opportunities- if you can think of it, this site has probably got it. Traci Dillard, the webmaster of the All Stay at Home family of websites, offers work-at-home job seekers numerous methods by which they can earn money, start a home business, and obtain information on topics such as choosing the right stay-at-home job and dealing with work-at-home job stress. And, just in case this top 10 list was not enough for you, her site also provides a page linking to even more work-at-home websites.

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