Most internet marketing products target people who are new to making money online, often because they are the ones who need the information to get started and succeed (or if you are more cynical, because they don’t know any better about buying internet and affiliate marketing products which will just suck your bank balance dry).

Profit Detonator is one of the few products I have seen lately that is specifically targeting existing marketers.

It boasts the ability to teach you the things that the top 10% of (hopefully) successful marketers are doing to create profitable businesses.

The product covers a wide variety of area, including:

  • Traffic Generation
  • Conversions
  • Copy writing
  • Visitor psychology
  • Funnels
  • Added value
  • And more

Looking Inside Profit Detonator

It was relatively cheap when I picked it up, going for just over $11 dollars on a dime sale (a system where the price increments up a by a few cents after every sale) but is using a scarcity tactic stating the price will jump to $47 in a few days.

The price includes 3 bonus items as well:

  • Countdown Generator – HTML or WordPress plugin to create a count down
  • Brainstorm Diagrams – spreadsheets, PDFs and documents that provide help with copywriting, competitor analysis, etc. These are meant to complement areas in the main e-book.
  • Exit Feedback Trapper – pop up software for your site.

Trying to Buy

After purchasing the product you will get some up and down sells. The first is for a WordPress plugin called WP List Detonator, and this is thrown at you for $47 (developer licence) and then $27 (personal licence).

The second is for another plugin called Profit Detonator, which is offered at $67 and then $37.

I didn’t try these, though I will be honest in that the Profit Detonator plugin piqued my interest as a WordPress geek.

After that come a final upsell, the full resale rights for the product that you haven’t yet got access to! And these are going for a tidy sum of $297, though you get the plugins and some extra graphics thrown in.

Finally There

After navigating the various upsells I got access to the member’s area, which is pretty much just advertising all the upsells again, plus a link to the product and the support department.

After downloading the product I had a shock: MALWARE!

profit detonator virus

Yep, my anti-virus went nuts at me due to one of the bonus products (Exit Feedback Trapper) bundled in the zip file.

I don’t appreciate being sold virus ridden products so I will be testing the 30 day money back guarantee shortly.

Judging that the PDF was safe enough, I decided to see if the e-book was any good.

The book is really long for an internet marketing product, coming in at 228 pages, covering 36 principles.

The text is not overly large (so doesn’t artificially inflate the book size) and there are plenty of images dotted about to stop it from just being a wall of text.

One thing that I noticed very early on is that the e-book is liberally dotted with self-promotions (fair enough) and third party affiliate links.

In the first “principal” chapter alone, I counted 11 outbound links for 4 different services or products, all of which are masked or shortened suggesting affiliate links.

I don’t have enough space here to review every single chapter, so I will take a few select ones to give you a better idea of what training Profit Detonator is trying to provide.

Principle #1 List Granularity

The author discusses how to use email lists, which are a backbone of most marketers businesses. He isn’t discussing what lists are or why you should use them, remember Profit Detonator is not targeted to newbies, but rather discusses how to get a targeted list and to narrow off the focus of lists into sub lists rather than having one large list that might not be targeted.

Principle #5 Traffic Recycling

This was the number one thing that caught my eye when browsing this product, it intrigued me. There were some interesting points raised here on how to improve the flow of the sales page and how to make use of pop ups and other systems to keep people within the sales loop or at least capture their details. Some of the content seemed to be re-iteration of content elsewhere in the book.

Principle #12 Risk Aversion

This chapter details how to improve sales by offering different types of guarantees to make your visitor more confident in their purchase.

Overall: Is Profit Detonator Worth It?

There are issues with this product in that it has a slightly rushed feel to it due to numerous spelling and editing errors dotted throughout the 228 pages.

As well as that there is heavy focus on the authors own products and affiliated third party products which make it feel like the information inside the book is just there as filler, while the real goal is to promote as many products as possible.

Those issues aside, the Profit Detonator e-book has some interesting, useful information on often overlooked aspects of internet marketing.

It is heavily geared towards selling in a way most marketers have at least seen, if not tried out, with all the good and bad ways of doing it, including pop ups, scarcity tactics, and sales funnels (up and down sells).

He does keep things level and down to earth, for instance he clearly states you shouldn’t use scarcity tactics like saying a product will only be on sale until tomorrow unless you plan to take it off the market tomorrow.

If you can get past all the self-promotions and have enough will power to avoid some or all of the third party recommendations, then the information inside is certainly worth considering.

However I would strongly suggest avoiding installing any of the software he provides, at least without first making sure that it is secure and safe to use.

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