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Rating: 0 out of 10 for legitimacy. 10 out of 10 for deception.

Pros: None. As in, not one.

Cons: Yes, you will get conned if you sign up for this garbage. This is a cleverly disguised scam designed to get you to invest into a binary option brokerage account. The scammer then gets a giant chunk of your deposit, and you’re left spending money to guess which way a coin will land. It’s impossible to predict and there is no secret algorithm that can guarantee which way the coin will land.

Our Recommendation: Avoid anything that has anything to do with binary options. It’s a flashy scam designed to get you to fork over money right now. You’ll lose it all while the scammer makes bank. Don’t get suckered in by extravagant promises of wealth. Instead, learn how to build a real, sustainable business online with our top recommendation. Don’t bet on a coin flip.

Full Review

If something looks professional, then you are more likely to trust it. That’s a fact.  The problem is that in this day and age, creating a professional looking website is as easy as spending less than $100.

When I came across Profit Maximizer, I had to take a double take. I know that it is a Binary Options website, so my inner scam-o-meter started going nuts, but it was offset by the fact it looked like they had put some effort in to make it a professional looking website.

This means it’s dangerous. If you haven’t had the experience I have had with these types of sites, it would be easy to fall into the trap of beginning to trust it.

Let me explain why you shouldn’t.

It’s all about the lies

Let me show you something. This image is from the Profit maximize website.

Profit Maximizer lies

It tells you four things:

  • How many free copies are available
  • The number of people watching the video
  • Who has just made some money
  • That this system can make you over $1000 a day

That looks right yeah?

Well, no, it should say:

  • This is a lie
  • This is a lie
  • This is a lie
  • This is a lie

Go ahead, refresh the page and look at the number of free copies available. It’s reset. That is just some code magic to make you think that there is scarcity.

Do you really think that that number of people in my area is watching that video? I doubt it. It’s just code, made up numbers.

What about the people who just made money? Lies, it’s just made up people with made up money. There is a little generator that will pick a name from a list and give them a random figure.

Now that you know that the first 3 are lies, do you really think that it will be true that this system will make you over $1000 a day?

The video

Profit Maximizer bank balance

James Forley allegedly narrates the accompanying sales video, though in truth there is no James Forley, and the narrator is a paid voice actor.

He waffles on and on and on about how he made money whilst sailing around the Caribbean and then provides the most amazing, can never be faked at all proof of his bank accounts!

Well, he managed to blur out his bank details, and make the balance flash, so changing a name or balance is not that hard.

I could do it to an image easily with free software. It wouldn’t take much to pay someone on Fiverr to do it to a video.

Profit Maximizer easy to fake

Left: from the video
Right: I made it in 5 minutes…

Further Lies

After handing over your email (Welcome to Spamville!) you are then requested to hand over more data – this will be used to sign you up to whatever Binary Options broker they are using.

The lies haven’t finished though. You have only 10 minutes in which to apply! If you, like me, wonder off for 10 minutes to grab a bite to eat, surprise, surprise, the timer has reset and you get another 10 minutes. This will of course continue forever, or until you close the page and seek your riches elsewhere.

What about those testimonials, they sound so true! Well, if they were true, why wouldn’t the person providing the testimonial provide there photo? The images there are all stock photos. Go throw one in Google Image if you don’t believe me.

If you do continue forward, you will be signed up to Option Rally, a Binary Options broker, and the Profit Maximizer helpfully provides you with a video telling you to fund your account.

Of course they do that, the broker gives the website owner a sizeable commission for each person that deposits money.

Profit Maximizer scam

Uh huh, Profit Maximizer isn’t as dodgy as these scams, no way. Yeah right!

The Bottom Line

I’m not going to discuss how Binary Options are a fool’s game; it’s been covered here time and time again.

Instead let’s focus on Profit Maximizer. Throughout the experience with them, they have done nothing but lie. They lied about:

  • The number of copies
  • The number of video watchers
  • The people who made money
  • The “proof” in their video
  • The testimonials.
  • And probably things I didn’t even pick up on myself.

What this all boils down to, is if they are lying to you about all of that, why would you trust them to hand over your hard earned cash on the possibility that they will make you money?

They won’t, once the cash has changed hands, they will get a nice fat commission and walk away, leaving you to try and recoup your money via gambling, err I mean Binary Options (well, no, I mean gambling, roulette probably has a higher return than Binary Options).

My advice is this: avoid Profit Maximizer as if it had the plague!

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