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    Glenridge Capital is a scam broker, its impossible to make withdrawals. Had to hire a professional to get my funds back. Why are they still allowed to operate?

  • Edna

    Glenridge Capital is a scam! We have over 100 thousand dollars in the account and they’re not letting us widraw. They’re keeping our hard earned money. Do not invest with them, it’s a scam!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi! My Dad just told me he invested money with this company and took 30,000.00 out on credit cards to do so, hes actually very sick and not in his right state of mind lately so I was concerned, when he told me how easy, it was to make some extra money! I dont know what to do now.. does this company allow you to take your money back with no penalties or hidden fees!?

  • Anonymous

    Glenridge Capital is a total scam, don’t invest with them especially if they offer you matching money. They won’t tell you and if you don’t notice in their contract you have to trade 30x the amount you invested plus what they gave you. It is like gambling with your winnings and losing everything. So if you actually win any of your trades you have to keep trading until you will eventually lose everything you invested. Don’t listen to their sales people. One will keep trying to get you to take money out on credit cards saying he will help you win big with his trades and their financial advisors have no idea what they are doing so don’t listen to anything they say to you. If you already deposited money get it back as quickly as you can and run

  • mark

    I have also been scammed by Glenridge Capital and they have also ignored the documents I’ve sent confirming my account and ignored my request for a full refund. Please DO NOT invest with this “company” as you will only have your funds disappear into a black hole, never to return.

    • Pete

      Glenridge Capital is a company full of scammers. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM 1000 miles UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY
      Just ask yourself if it is honest why it does NOT have the following things:
      2. FAX NUMBER
      When they’ve asked me to deposit more money I’ve simply told them TO KISS MY ASS !

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