To be honest I could probably do it in 30 seconds, but for sake of fairness, I’ll give Risk Free Profits a fair review.

Afterall, if I’m going to point out why you should stay 100% away from “Bill Shales” and this product of his, you’re going to want to know for sure that I’m not lying.

Let’s dig right into it now.

What Is Risk Free Profits?

Bill Shales, the man we’re introduced to in the video, claims that he’s spent three years working on a software app that detects hidden profit trigger systems, also (apparently), known as HPTS.

What this means in laymen’s terms is, he’s got this software thing that helps us make money trading on autopilot. That’s about as far as he goes into telling us how it all works. It’ software, it makes money on autopilot, he’s giving it to us for free. Got it?

Not much to know, and I quite like that. Save all the technical stuff for someone who cares right?

Why Is It So Obviously A Shady Product?

Aside from the fact that it just glosses over any details, any explanation, and just says “Hey it works I’m rich now look at these screenshots that are totally legit”, what else is fishy about this program? Well, let’s look into more reasons.

When I write these reviews (and I’ve reviewed over 40 similar programs), I like to point out the flaws in their story before I point out the other reasons why you should stay away.

So let’s look at Bill’s story and see if we can spot any inconsistencies.

1.) So he claims he was a garbage man from the UK before his software venture. I love a good rags to riches story, and would happily believe that, but I’m curious why all his bank statements and testimonials are using US dollars and are from American bank accounts?

A bit weird that.

2.) He later claims that he put a Google ad out there for beta testers. Again this is a bit weird, because the example Google ad he shows is one that appears at the top of search. Who searches for “Beta Test Binary Trading Tool” in Google?

Well, according to Google’s own keyword tool….nobody.


He posted an ad in Google for a term nobody searches for, and got “tons of replies”. Really?

A bit weird that.

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking. I’m clutching at straws here. Not really pointing out the flaws in his story well enough.

I like to warm up before delivering the main course.

3.) Remember those “beta tester” examples on the sales page? These guys.


Well, if you stick their images in TinEye, you’ll find out that they are actually stock photos taken from

In other words, they’re fake testimonials.

Here’s “John Van Der Linde” apparently.


Now we’re getting into the meat of the BS right?

What else do we have?

4.) Look at the image below.


This is the “affiliate” breakdown for Risk Free profits. Basically, if you help them promote it, they’ll pay you a whopping $250 for every person who falls for it signs up.

Look at the list of countries it works in. That’s a little more than 7 isn’t it? Clearly they just said 7 to add some exclusivity to the whole thing and make you feel more lucky.


Yeah what about that $250 commission?

At the end of the video, Bill tells you to sign up with a brokerage firm to get the trading software working. You have to then deposit funds into your trading account to start the process right?

Well, when you do that, the broker will credit Bill with a huge commission, which he will then give $250 of to his own affiliates.

Broker gets money from you -> gives money to Bill -> Bill gives money to affiliates.

As for you, you’re left floating down the river without an oar. Or a rudder. Or a boat. Basically, you’re on your own, and the money you deposited isn’t likely to return.

These brokerage companies are based out in Cyprus or the Seychelles mostly, so good luck getting any kind of progress when asking to withdraw your funds.

You’ll make a few trades, realize the software DOES NOT WORK AT ALL, and won’t be able to withdraw what’s left.


I hope I’ve made it clear to you that this is a crudely put together scheme that works to get you to put your money into the trading account, so that everyone promoting it can profit. That’s about all there is to it.

You won’t ever get rich off this, and you definitely won’t experience risk free profits. In fact, it’s just risk.

Stay away.

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