Just when you think scammers couldn’t possibly get any worse, they use the names of trusted organizations to rip people off. Case in point, the following Habitat for Humanity “job offer.” Now, it should be obvious that this is a scam just by reading through the job posting. But when you’re desperate for money, it’s easy to throw logic aside in hopes for finally receiving a paycheck again.

Habitat for Humanity Fake Job Scam

This email comes in from Steve and he writes:

D—– scammers have hit a new low, IMHO, with this email. I’ve been a contributor to HFH for years and am sure they are not part of this slimy tactic.

Thought you might like to see it and perhaps warn your readership…

Really enjoy your posts…keep up the great work!

And this was the email attached:

> From: careers@habitat.com
> Subject: Important Message(Job Offer)
> Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 13:57:07 +1000
> Hello Prospective Employee,
> At HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, we work hard to improve and provide training, technical expertise and support in fund-raising to the national organizations in all the regions of the world. However, the actual work of HABITAT is carried out at the community level by affiliates that have been officially approved by the HFHI Board of Directors. The International Board of Directors (IBOD) are volunteers from around the world who share a deep concern for the problems of poverty housing.
> This is demonstrated in our role as a corporate sponsor for the HAITI RELIEF PROGRAM with money raised going towards helping displaced and disabled children and their families.
> We are an organization with a remarkable heritage.
> You’ve got a chance to be one of our representatives and earn a commission for funds raised.This Could earn you an average of $200 – $500 weekly and as much as $2000 (TAX FREE) in a month depending on how active you are.
> You can be rest assured that you WOULD NOT be required to pay any fees upfront and this won’t affect your current job earnings or disability payments in any way and you can conveniently work from your desk at home.
> Private donations will be made in your name from our esteemed Voluntary Donors in your region and other parts of the world and you’ll be allowed to deduct 10 percent (10%) of the total amount on these donations. This serves as your remuneration for the great service you would be rendering in support of saving lives in the third-world countries. Balances (after the 10%) shall be required to be forwarded to the Regional Co-ordinators of the various charitable projects we are involved in around the Globe.
> Please Note: You won’t have to do any travelling and WILL NOT be required to pay any fees, this position won’t affect your present employment.
> To apply, Kindly forward the following info: to our Human Resource Department at the email listed below for further instructions.
> CITY :
> PHONE NUMBER (S) :(must be valid) would be called to confirm.
> GENDER : ..
> AGE : ..
> Your prompt response is solicited
> Coordinator’s Desk,
> Habitat for Humanity International
> 121 Habitat Street
> Americus, GA 31709
> 1-800-800-2190
> Registered No. MHQLTH1084442
> REPLY TO BE SENT THROUGH : habitathelp@blumail.org

Reread what I highlighted above.

This scammer wants people to think that Habitat for Humanity is hiring people to RECEIVE donations made to the organization. That individual should then, on faith and trustworthiness alone, cash the donation received, keep 10% for themselves as a processing fee, and then mail the remaining 90% off to Habitat for Humanity.

Yea, it makes absolutely no sense to me either.

Instead of offering employment, these guys are running a fake check processing scam. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Stay far away from anyone offering to pay you for processing checks, payments, or donations. It’s 100% always a scam.

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  • Cheri

    I have been talkin with the owner of 2 macaws…he has offered them to me free off craigslist in OKC…kinda shocked and excited…but, no one is that nice anymore so i googled his e-mail address and here I am…his e-mail is derrick@blumail.com
    so if any thing comes from blumail its a scam? I kinda feel this guy is cuz now he is saying the birds are in camroon, overseas..Im guessing his next move is to say I gotta send him money to ship the two birds BIG steel cage all there food toys etc….I am so sad, but at least I am wise….thank you, Cheri

  • Man and Van Richmond
    Man and Van Richmond

    Thanks for posting it. This can help prevent other people to be victim of this scam.

  • Beth

    I’ve gotten this one a few times. The first time I got it, I sent it to Habitat so they knew that it was happening.

  • Derek

    Truly despicable. Thanks for posting this.

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