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  • Meredith Clark-Lewis
    Meredith Clark-Lewis

    Hi Steve,

    I just signed up to be a consultant for a different company called Country Scents Candles. Have you heard of this company? It was free to sign up, there were no start up costs, although they do
    offer a couple kits you can buy if you desire. Most of the sales are done through the e-store/online. I was researching just to see about other candle companies that you can sign up for as a consultant, and wanted to research PartyLite. I am glad I came across your site, thinking I made the right choice by not going with them, and instead Country Scents.

  • Marlo Reese
    Marlo Reese

    Hi Steve,

    Your article is very detailed about the PartyLite experience, although it is not completely accurate on several points. I have been a PartyLite Consultant for almost 6 years.

    You did a great write up on our Kit option but started to misrepresent on the income. Consultants make 25% commission on all compensatable sales, not just when they reach a $1,000 in sales. The same goes for Team Builders and leaders. The minimum $2K in sales is for the Bonus. You will earn and additional 7% on all your monthly sales when you hit $2K, equal to 32% commission. Any sales less than $2K is paid at 25% commission.

    To become a Team Builder you have to have 2 active consultants under you at one time and have $750 in sales, all in the same month. Once you become a Team Builder that status does not change. No minimum sales.
    Once you become a Unit Leader with at least 4 consultants then you are required to bonus 11 out of 12 months and your entire team would need to have $3K in sales per month to remain in the Unit Leader status. Additionally, as a Unit Leader you are paid the 25% sales commission, plus 6% commission bonus when you hit the $2K on your personal sales, plus an additional 7% commission on the sales volume of your unit. There are not many other DS companies that pay that much to their consultants. The sales figures in the diagram shown are examples.

    Onto the Host Program. Partylite has one of, if not the best host program of any direct sales company, and I am not just saying that. I have worked in a few other DS companies and hosted parties for a handful more and PL offers the most. Yes there is a minimum sales figure of $200 & a booking to earn 25% of your party sales in free product. An average show ranges from $350 – $500, so getting $200 in sales is usually not an issue. The purpose of seeking the booking is so that the consultant can continue to grow her business. Without meeting new people and getting new bookings at shows the consultant would not have a business. In addition to the 25% in host credit on show sales, we also offer half priced items based on the show sales (shown in your article), you choose the item. Plus we always have an extra offer for the host, when sales hit $300. It is often an item or collection of items at about 70-80% off. Plus we offer what is called Booking Perks for the host and anyone who books a show. A Booking Perk is an incentive for Hosts to obtain one or more bookings at their Party (the primary Party). Perk Reward Coupons are redeemed on each subsequent Booking. The Host can redeem their reward for any full priced catalogue item. For each qualified booking that is held the Host can redeem:
    o Booking 1 – Perk 1 will allow for any full priced catalogue item up to $50 for $15
    o Booking 2 – Perk 2 will allow for any full priced catalogue item up to $100 for $25
    o Booking 3 – Perk 3 will allow for any full priced catalogue item for $30
    o Booking 4 – Perk 4 will allow for any catalogue item for FREE
    Plus the retail value of the Booking Perk item is included in the total Guest sales when determining Host credit for the new hosts show. So everyone wins.

    Ok, now for the pricing. I agree the price is a little high but when compared to the high end candles it really is not. The quality of our candles is top notch. All PartyLite candles are made of a proprietary wax formula, a custom blend of high-quality natural wax and food-grade paraffin that is specially crafted to deliver the very best fragrance experience and performance. They are free from harmful impurities and are safe for consumers and the environment. Our candles wicks are lead free and made of 100% cotton, which many of the lower cost brands that you mention don’t. They are safe, clean-burning with long-lasting fragrance, so they don’t give you that black soot you may see from other candles. Our candle wax completely liquefies as it burns to give a clean even burn with no waste of wax, so there is no inch or 2 of wax left in the jar and the fragrance lasts from beginning to end.

    Additionally, as you mentioned we offer guest specials all the time for customers to save, the jars are 2/$40 plus if you spend $50 you can get 40% off an additional item. This is an ongoing promotion for guest at a party. For online customers, we have the Outlet with wax and product marked down up to 70%off and we often offer an add’l 30%off coupon. So please don’t rule out PartyLite. Have you tried our candles to see if there is a difference in quality to others (Yankee, B&B W)? If you want I am willing to send you a candle for Free just so you can try it and give your opinion.

  • Mike

    Hi Steve, I liked your website, I especially liked the service that you are offering.

    I have an all-consuming desire to start my own business. I see many offers on the internet but I just don’t know about them. Seeing your offer to review that product, is a great idea.

    It makes it much easier to take the products you are recommending at face value.

    You really do need a team of people for this!

  • James Harvey
    James Harvey

    Party life products aren’t cheap that’s for sure. I have had experience with the the products and it was an alright experience for me. But I no longer do it. I just couldn’t continuously come up with the funds to buy more inventory. But if you have the money then this can be a lucrative way of making income.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Jim.

  • Make Money With Ricky
    Make Money With Ricky

    Very nice article about PartyLite. There are many ways to make money online and PartyLite is one of them. Now there was one thing I did not like about PartyLite and it was you have to reach certain about of sales each month to generate some commission. That is good for those who like to reach monthly goals but for those who can’t make it for some other reason is not beneficial.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks for reading Ricky! The minimum sales number is rather unfortunate as it just creates added pressure for the seller and often has them reaching into their own pockets to buy more of the product they are already having trouble selling. This is my biggest gripe with these party style MLMs. An incentive system that doesn’t rely on minimums would be much easier on the average seller.

  • Marcus


    Thanks for this review.

    My girlfriend really likes scented candles, but the ones she buys are not in the same price range as the party lite candles (luckily haha).

    To be honest, I have never liked the MLM model, I have always been suspicious of this model cheating people. I guess I am biased because MLM has a very bad reputation in my home country, and most have actually been banned there.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      MLMs tend to have a bad reputation in general due to their structure and the fact that many illegal ponzi schemes tend to masquerade as MLMs. PartyLite does have a product attached to it and their main focus isn’t recruitment, so it does pass that test fortunately.

  • Brendan

    Hey there, Steve!

    Great content! I had been wondering about the whole PartyLite thing for a while and I’m very happy to know I made the right choice passing it up.
    Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more and hearing the same quality. Much appreciated.


    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      It has the potential to be the right opportunity for the right person, but MLMs in general are a tough business to crack into and there are a lot of risks to be wary of when starting out that other business opportunites just don’t have.

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