Quick Summary of Sir William Bot

Rating: 1 If this was a real robot, it would be a rust bucket!

The Good: There are no benefits from using this system, that I can see.

The Bad: There is zero evidence that any of what you are being told is true, but plenty of evidence that it's lies if you look closely enough and use that gut feeling you're getting.

The Bottom Line: This "system" is built on the premise that you are greedy and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Sir William Bot Review

This week’s review for the latest Binary Options scam to avoid, is for Sir Williams Bot.

You would think that this would be about a gentlemanly robot butler designed to win you trades while making you a good cup of tea.

However, the reality is, while just as fanciful, far removed from my dream of having my own butler!

The pitch

This video cuts right to the chase and offers the millionaires life style to you: the dream of having whatever cars, homes and holidays you want.

It also shows it’s scam side off the bat too, by telling you that you won’t even need to a single day in order to become as rich as in your wildest dreams.

John Burley narrates that this opportunity will also be given to you for free: how about that, a scam that uses free money to lure you in!

Sir William Bot super rich

John is allegedly so rich that he doesn’t need your money, which is why he is not charging you for this system that can make anyone, including you, super rich.

In fact, he said he doesn’t need any more money at all but it keeps coming in.
Of course, if he really was super rich and wanted to help those people out who really need it, like you and I, then why on earth is he doing it via a crappy .info website, and having it promoted on the just as crappy ClickBetter website?

It’s because it’s all BS and lies! This is just a Binary Options marketer trying to pull the wool over your eyes and make money off of you. Mr. Burley is about as real as Robin Hood (the cartoon fox one!) and is less likely to take from the rich and give it to you, but instead take from you and line his own pockets!

Back in the video, John begins to recount his tale of how he become mega-rich.

Average guy, did more clubbing than studying,. After graduation he wasn’t prepared for real life, in particular the labor market.

Sir William Bot A for Average

He started investing money in the stock market, even taking a loan to invest more money. HE over reached and bought a bigger house as he had 3 kids, took holidays etc., and then the market crashed and left him with a mountain of debt.

This isn’t an unbelievable story: even people who didn’t invest before the recent financial crises were left struggling as a result of it, either from a lack of work, a lack of easy credit or both.

As in any made up rags to riches sob story, there is of course a light at the end of the tunnel.

The narrator returned home and randomly bumped into an old school chum, Colin Brand.

As with most of these made up stories by Binary Options affiliates, this chance encounter was with someone who is good with computers and software (they never run into an old friend who is a plumber or a dentist…).

After being sworn to secrecy (which apparently doesn’t include telling people about it on the internet), his old school pal took him to be introduced to Sir William, the man who had made his fictional friend rich.

The video doesn’t explain who Sir William is or even how he makes people rich, but apparently he can take a couple of hundred pounds or dollars and turn you into one of the filthy rich.

Sir William Bot no work needed

If it requires no work, then it’s B.S.!

Signing up to Sir William Bot

After handing over my email address (oddly enough I was already on Mr. Burleys email marketing list which is odd as I have never heard of the guy. Oh, wait, it’s an affiliate marketer behind this and likely many other scams too.

The second page explains a little more about the system, in that it’s a trading bot for Binary Options.

Of course, Binary Options trading bots are useless, as they merely provide what are called trading signals, which could be described as best guesses for how a trade will move.

While many would have you believe that there is a complicated algorithm behind such systems, they merely use statistics to gauge broad trends. The problem is, Binary Options trades are not broad but very narrow on the time front, so while a trade might trend upwards over a year, month or even a day, there’s no way to tell how a trade will trend over a 5 minute period as trades are very volatile.

And all Binary Options trades are done over short periods of times. This means the software that’s supposedly guiding you, will be about as accurate as asking your young kid to guess up or down.

Pretty much everything on this page is fake: from the untraceable trading states, to the testimonials – just Google image search their profile pictures, it’s just stock photography.

At least the disclaimer at the bottom of the site states that actors are used, but seriously, how can you instill trust when you use fake testimonials?

The Bottom Line

Let’s clarify a few things: John Burley does not exist, his nerd friend does not exist, Sir William does not exist, the system that magically makes you millions doesn’t exist.

What does exist is an unethical Binary Options marketer trying to get you to part with your cash. There also will be a system that can automate your trades and provide trading signals, though it doesn’t mean it will be any good!

I’ve seen hundreds of Binary Options scams, and Sir William Bot sits firmly in the middle as a run of the mill Binary Options scam that you should simply avoid!

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