Work From Home Review — Is it a Scam?

In today’s economy, it’s hard to ignore any way of finding work.

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Legitimate work from home jobs are really hard to come by.

If you’re unemployed, you can become desperate in your search.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who are willing to take advantage of you and can do so easily because you’re in a vulnerable state.

We see new fake job ads up pop up by the thousands.

These scams can cost you a lot of money, your personal information, and in some cases, even your identity.

Scammers know you’re trying to find work and an “open position” is an easy way to get unsuspecting individuals to send in their private information by the thousands.

Is Legit or a Scam?

One such company that has come under fire as of late is

A quick search on their name will yield hundreds of complaints against the company.

I’ve been reading through quite a few these past couple of days and want to give you an overview of what to look out for.

I won’t be signing up for this personally because I don’t agree with how they handle private information.

Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

Complaints Against SnagAJob

They May Sell Your Personal Information

By and large, the most complaints regarding SnagAJob are the unwanted phone calls and emails.

In order to apply for jobs, you need to supply SnagAJob with a lot of your personal information.

There are also questionnaires and short surveys to fill out to see if you qualify for the position.

Among the questions asked are offers from 3rd party companies for career advancement opportunities like online schooling.

If you aren’t careful with your answers, your name and phone number could find it’s way into the hands of a number of different telemarketing companies.

It’s not uncommon to see other users complaining about the number of unwanted emails and phone calls that come in after creating an account and applying for jobs.

A common complaint…

Snagajob is NOT a place if you are looking for a job. They will ask you hundred questions, and offers they make, you have to uncheck one by one, after you spend an hour and hit submit application, all you see, “your application can not be submitted”. But interestingly you will receive thousands of different offers just because you forgot to uncheck one of their hundred offers. I have serious doubts about the number of opening they show on the search results. If you go to the stores they show there are openings, most of them will tell you “No, there are no openings here”.

Unwanted Sales Pitches

Among the phone calls are company sales pitches.

There are quite a few comments from users who have received telemarketing calls trying to sell them an education to the University of Phoenix or an online art institute.

Granted, these same people may have signed up and left the box checked that very clearly states “Yes, I am interested in furthering my education and would like to learn about opportunities.”

A common complaint…

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After completing the application, I hit submit. But instead of giving me a verification page or email, it sent me to a page on Phoenix Online trying to get me to take classes through a program. I was extremely frustrated that all I had done was sold my information to a bunch of third parties, and now for the past 4 weeks we’ve been harassed by telemarketers and Phoenix University reps.

Outdated Job Postings/Non-Existent Jobs

The biggest offender in this list is the fact that a lot of the job postings may not even be real.

I compared a few of the job ads on SnagAJob to the ‘Careers’ section directly on the company’s web site and found about half the time, they weren’t hiring for the job that’s being advertised.

I even saw a job posting for a business that shut down a month ago. I can’t reasonably expect SnagAJob to police every job ad, but an expiration date on postings and a little moderation would be nice.

A common complaint…

On several of the applications that i had sent out in my area it stated not to contact the employer, i would receive an email back saying i was not qualified for the position. Hard to believe that a Food and Beverage Manager of 5 years is not qualified to be a barista at Starbucks! So, i decided to go to the Starbucks, at the location that Snag a job assured was hiring baristas and management, only to find out that they WERE NOT hiring nor are they affiliated, in any way, with I then decided to visit some of the other companies that i was deemed not qualified, and received the same answer.

Ad or job lead?

SnagAJob also lists ads among their job listings.

Take for example this ad for Uber:

snagajob fake jobs

They should at least mark ads as such.

Praise for SnagAJob

Not all comments regarding SnagAJob are negative.

There are legitimate job postings there and this is backed up by people claiming to have found jobs through the service.

Employers themselves have chimed in to say that they’ve posted job ads and received large lists of qualified candidates. After all, the focus of the site IS connecting employers with prospective employees.

From an employer…

I am part of a legitimate restaurant franchise using to hire hourly employees. For this purpose, it is very effective. I receive far more qualified applicants via snagajob than say a posting on Craigslist. Yes, there are a lot of surplus opportunities to sign up for on snagajob which becomes a bit of a nuisance to applicants. However you can simply hit the skip button at the bottom of these ads and continue on with the application. Ulitmately, it’s all about getting a job. We have hired many people from this service, so don’t worry about using it if that is what your intentions are.

A Trusted Alternative

The problem with SnagaJob is there are too many advertisements masquerading as legitimate job offers.

I’d suggest looking at a site like FlexJobs where they personally examine every single posting and make sure only legitimate jobs come through.

You can pay as little as $5 per month for a subscription.

Yes, it’s a paid option, but you are paying someone to basically do thousands of hours of research on your behalf.

Plus a membership is tax-deductible and they offer a 100% satisfaction refund guarantee. If you are unable to find a job, or just don’t like it, you can cancel and get your money back at any time.

The mantra of “never pay for a job” still holds true. This is more like paying someone to filter through the piles of garbage to find you something worthwhile instead.

The Bottom Line

It’s a mixed bag. SnagAJob appears to feature both legitimate job positions and ones that are a little less legitimate or even non-existent.

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My advice: take SnagAJob with a healthy grain of salt. Use the site to browse open positions and then go directly to the employers website to see if a position is actually available and apply right through them.

With this method, you’ll keep your personal information private, you’ll be applying to jobs you KNOW exist, and you won’t have to worry about getting bombarded with unwanted messages.

Do you have any experience with Please leave a comment below and let us know about it.

49 thoughts on “ Review — Is it a Scam?”

  1. I put apps in on snagajob they kept me informed of on when they were summitted and reviewed and two days later i was called and was hired! Im greatful for this website! Not alot of employers wanna deal with paperwork and asking questions about previous jobs when they see all that is needed on your profile! I love this website i know all the 1-800 #s are aggravating but thats how they make thier money! All in all everything is money making so u deal with whatever to get what u want! Keep the faith it works!!

  2. Check the addresses of some of the jobs they offer.

    I’ve applied for jobs in the past, looked up the address and it was an empty parking n lot.

  3. Awful. Applied to a company on Thursday. Company got apps on Friday mine wasn’t there. Long story made short snagajob is good for seeing who’s hiring but not much else.

  4. Did you get paid? My husband worked a college football game in Houston on Labor Day Weekend 2016 and has not been paid yet. Keeps getting told the check was sent to XYZ bank account, but still has not hit our account.

  5. After taking a break from my 15 years of none stop employment to start a family I came across this website. I was searching for part time night work and based on my requirements and what searches came back I figured I would join.
    Since joining I have been denied every single application. I should have also known something was off when a local restaurant chain has listings for every position you could think of. If they really needed that many employees they would not even be open right now.

    More over, since giving my information I get no less than a dozen calls per day offering higher education to business loans. I am pretty pissed. I have contacted them to delete my account however my information has already been sold off and I guess I will have to wait it out until they get sick of calling me.
    Before you join read their privacy act. It flat out tells you we take every but of information you give us and use as we see fit including your social security number, websites you visit when you leave. Heck they even mention gaining info about your phone model and provider. How the hell is this relevant for a job.

    Big personal information scam. Stay well away.

  6. Made a fresh professional email for a new job, signed up with Snagajob, I’m getting over 100 spam emails a day. I also mistakenly gave them my number too – I’ve been harassed by “college recruiters”, insurance scammers, survey robots, and free (fake) giveaways asking for my information. Don’t trust this site, delete your account now.

  7. I did get a few interviews from snag a job. However the scam and bs calls, texts, and info splattered all over the place was not worth the 3 interviews I got none of which moved past the first one. Every one I went to had over 70 people applying for one position. 20 years experience in restaurants and I am competing with 70 high school kids

  8. Eelk I guess I will be the first to say snag a job is real I did an application and received s interview confirmation I called the employer and they said yes 3:00 on the day so I guess its not a scam in Houston Texas

    • I had a great experience with With anything if you want something bad enough you would invest the time. I sat down at my computer and tried to apply for every job that i were interested in that they sent me,and there were many. I received many offers.My son always said “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

  9. I never signed up for this website and I’m getting their crappy emails like crazy.

    They are harvesting email addresses to increase their user base. Or they are allowing anyone to signup any email address without any kind of verification that you actually own/use the said email address. That kind of business in todays age of security issues is abominable!!!

    BEWARE! They are not reputable and do nothing to protect your security!!!

  10. I’ve used the site a few times when searching for jobs. Recently, I have been looking for another. I was excited to get an email saying I was to be interviewed for a position…by a company in the UK. I am in the US. I’ve gotten 5+ other emails from different addresses and business names (some with the same company) saying the interview will be conducted via Google chat or Yahoo messenger. I’ve also been getting a massive influx of 800 number calls. I will be removing my information and deleting my account from this point on.

  11. I applied for a job position trough Snagajob and was led to believe I was hired by TaTa Elxsi Limited (Google fooled me too)They tried to use me as bait, by having me deposit a fake money order that appeared real. Luckily, I was not fooled, but was more pissed off for wasting my time and effort with loosers.

  12. I’m a very small business and I work out of my garage. I run a small business ecommerce on ebay online, and I’m planning on expanding to amazon and across other platforms next year. I can finally afford to pay for extra help. I’ve tried craigslist, but figured that snagajob would be more professional. However, since I work out of my home, I cannot have my name and address publicly displayed like a big business. I figured it wasn’t safe to have people stop by my house all hours of the day. I typically hold interviews in a public meeting area, never at my home. If it came down to one candidate then one person is fine, but not 100’s of people at my home at one time. I emailed snagajob’s customer service and asked them is there a way I can keep my name, and business address (since its my home address), out of the listing. Next day my account was canceled because I violated there terms and conditions. Apparently, I’m too small of a business for there website. IN other words, I’m not the right sorts, and was discriminated against simply because my business wasn’t big enough. WOW! Well, that sums it up for me. I know my business is growing, however, in the future I will never use SNAGAJOB. They are blacklisted!!

  13. I’d been warned about Snagajob, but I did not believe it. Until now. Not that they’re impolite but that they’re actually not helpful. My job post got dropped. Twice. No reasoning, customer support just basically says “I don’t see your job post.” My response, “I know. Snagajob deleted it. I have resumes IN MY EMAIL sent to me from snagajob indicating I have applicants and then I suddenly stop receiving applicants. I check Snagajob and the job is randomly gone. I know it’s not there. Can you fix it?” And then they skirt around the issue repeating again, “I don’t see your job post.” I KNOW!!!! CAN YOU FIX THAT?! No explanation, no reasoning, just dropped. I would understand if i were asking for a drug dealer or a lab rat volunteer or some other illegal activity, but it’s JUST a normal JOB. What gives?! Do not rely on Snagajob. The site and support are both unreliable!

  14. I applied for a Data Entry position for Quality Health Care Services. The job posted said it was in my Fayetteville, however when I pulled up the Employers website they are located in Charlotte and Monroe. They also did not have any job listing for the position. The good part is that I received and email from what said to be a HR person which said the hiring manager would like to conduct an on-line interview via yahoo messenger. I’ve never heard of this type of interview in my life. There was no contact number on the email just the female who sent it and the hiring managers name. I don’t think this is legit one bit. Tomorrow I am going to call the Employer to see if any of the names listed in the email are valid or not.

    • Was that position originally posted on I filled out a couple other applications in which I was directed to go straight to the employers website. So that tells me that those are legit. But I go to the employers website first to see if the job is even listed before I waste my time with these people.

  15. I found my current sales job on
    It was local so I just went there and filled up an applicaton. I was interviewed and hired a few days later. It’s been nine years and I am still here. I didn’t give out any information on so was not contacted by any telemarketer either.

  16. I honestly don’t think it’s legit. I have a lot of volunteer experience, skills fit the qualifications but yet I don’t fit the required “job description”. You’re honestly better off using, or just asking employers in person if they’re hiring.

  17. I work for tgif in san diego and every other week jobs pop up and I know for fact they are not hiring and they never hire bartenders just out right..yet I see this posted all time

  18. I tried applying to a job at the company’s website, and it kept directing me to Snagajob’s site. There is no way around it because they won’t accept applications any other way. After reading the mouse print, I wouldn’t give them my information to use however they wish. They aren’t even responsible if there is a security breach and information is stolen. Guess what? This kind of thing is Orwellian.

  19. This website and other websites like these should be driven out of business if not banned by the government considering how they do not take unemployed-people situations. I know they have the right to be jerks but the government needs to step in because this affects a lot of people that have a human basic need – getting jobs. I am very frustrated right now and I am going to quit snagajob altogether.

  20. I went on snag a job to search available openings within the company I worked for to transfer, I started getting these strange calls. I would answer the phone, a male’s voice would say a couple words about me attending school and I responded saying I was not interested, then the voice told me that they could definitely help me with that, which had nothing to do with what I said.. then I said huh? That made no sense.. who is this!? Then the voice sounded completely different and called me a horrible name and the call disconnected. This didn’t start till I went on snag a job.. I was getting weird calls from California, Florida, etc.. I blocked all the numbers and finally the calls stopped. Don’t use job website’s, go right to the source when job hunting.

  21. Don’t trust those scumbags! You will LITERALLY sell yourself. They will steal your info and sell them to telemarketers. To make matters worst, schools will try to enrol you as well as make you pay for student loans which will HURT YOUR CREDIT! !! Don’t give ANY personal information whatsoever! If so, you’ll end up in a world of trouble. Just go to a company’s ACTUAL WEBSITE, you’ll avoid all of the bad things that will do if you sign up for the website. For example, using a company’s actual website will not bombard you with at least 10 PEOPLE trying to contact for school information to enrol you in school. Examples include, but are not limited to: University of California, University of Phoenix, a school from Gigats. Don’t trust Gigats as well, they are an example of bad business. If you REALLY want to
    have a job, go to an actual company and find out if they’re hiring. Afterwards, get their legitimate phone #, address, and possibly website and/or any other info in ordered to be hired. That’s a safe way to do it. Good Luck!

  22. Snag a Job is a scam website . Please be advised not to apply ! They sell your information to different telemarketing companies . I work for one of those companies and let me be the first to tell you . The company takes advantage of people looking for a job and we call and bother people all day saying they requested information for school and they didn’t . I hate that I get so many people excited when they hear the name snag a job thinking there getting an interview then let down when they hear were offering information for online schools. DONT APPLY FOR SNAG A JOB. YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME !!

    • They are indeed! No sooner than registering do I get a phone call from a Representative advising me of a “list of schools”. I immediately advised her I need a job, and asked just how would I pay for the schooling? Needless to say, I ended the conversation advising she never call back. They should just change their name to “SnagASchool” instead.

  23. I applied for a legitimate job at a business named Tuesday Morning through snagajob. I called Tuesday Morning to find out this is the way to apply for a job with them. So I went to their website which directed me to snagajob and I filled out all the information, carefully unchecking the things I didn’t want. Two days later I again called the employer who said they had not received my information. I went to snagajob’s website to complain. I got an automated reply on July 3 that they are looking into it, but have never heard from them since.

  24. snagajob is the biggest RIP-OFF that I have ever seen …If any one is paying them to provide a page for their site then its MONEY for no reason… should be put in JAIL !!

  25. The past several times that I have applied on snagajob, I got an email saying that the application was not complete and I had to redo it. this has been happening for every application for the past month, I am very outraged by this

  26. I found it to be a terrible detriment, because even though I filled in the box for “Yes” an employer could be contacted, it kept saving as “No” for ALL of my employers! I am totally an absolutely disgusted with the whole set up!

  27. I used to work for a call center contracted by snagajob and I can tell you that snagajob is one big scam. Snagajob exists to get people’s personal information and sell it to online colleges. The things I’ve heard REPEATEDLY:

    -The people I would call were STILL on the website entering their information when I would call. They wouldn’t even be done filling out an application before we would call them about going to college online.

    -People will get called REPEATEDLY in a day. Asking to be put on the do not call list is a waste of time. If you want to them to stop calling you, tell them you are enrolled in college – that is the only way to get off their list.

    -The jobs are mostly labor and do not require a college degree. There aren’t a lot of lawyer or scientist positions (or even management posititons)on the site because they are looking for people without college degrees to sell college to. Aboout 1/2 the people who stayed on the phone long enough to discuss their academic history did not have a diploma or a GED, those leads were sent through anyway.

    -A lot/most of there jobs probably don’t exist. I have had people tell me on the phone that they saw a job on snagajob, contacted the company directly, and were told the position doesn’t exist, and there are no openings. I used to hear that at least once a week.

    Unless you like getting spammed, do not use

  28. i know they’re a scam because they list job applications for home depot, but home depot only takes applications through their own website. that’s a scam.

  29. I can’t get onto the damn website to find out if the job is real, send me emails – password recovery doesn’t work – filling out the the work history section is like hand to hand combat to get to actually save. – the system is from the stone ages – easier to sign up with Obama care than get a job through this crap system.

  30. I gave Snagajob a chance for almost a year. I should of read the reviews on it first. I applied for several jobs on there and I never got a call back or heard anything from those companies I applied too. But then a month or two later I will continuously see positions available at the same jobs I just applied for a months or so ago accepting applications for the same positions. And I still see these same positions and businesses circulating and being sent to me to my email. So Snagajob has nonexistent/outdated job postings up all the time! Too bad all anyone can do is snooze the account and not delete it. I unchecked everything since I don’t want to receive anything from them again. Don’t go on that site. Ever.

  31. I applied for a job through this website last week thinking nothing of it. Since I have had my information SOLD to third party affiliates and I have been harassed by companies looking for someone named “Natashia.” I have been called 43 times in the past 24 hours and 41 of those times were today between the hours of 8am and 5pm in about 15-20 minute intervals. They have called me from various numbers located all over the united states, blocked, unknown, and numbers viewed as “0000000000.” They have left me two voicemails for “Natashia” even though my voicemail clearly states my name, and they are with a company for pay day loans. This is a scam; I have done research and found out that other people have had run ins with this same scam, pay day loan services harass you looking for someone else or they are trying to get you to get sucked into a pay day loan situation of which will RUIN your credit. They are scamming for money and access to your bank accounts. I answered about 7 of these calls today and repeatedly asked these people to STOP calling me and they have absolutely NO right to continue the calls let alone when they aren’t even calling for the right person. I am VERY upset with this website and I can assure you I will never EVER utilize this site again and I want to make it known so that this doesn’t happen to other fellow college grads will they not get sucked into the scams. They have disclosed my personal information for reasons other than “marketing research” because these people are not trying to “survey” me. I am truly offended and hurt. I felt harassed and violated all day today because I could not even check my phone without 10 missed calls, let alone perform my current job with my pocket vibrating all day. I will NEVER EVER disclose any personal information on job sites again because I got sucked into THEIR bullshit. I have spent months applying for jobs only to become faced with having to change my phone number and not be reachable by any of the companies and organizations I have applied for. DON’T USE!!!!!!

  32. I created an account on SnagAJob today. Your article with the complaints written about it seems just about on par with my experience so far. Like others who have resorted to online job searches, I was happy to divulge personal information if it meant helping me get a job. Their website seemed legitimate enough and even now I have no reason to believe it’s an outright scam.

    Although my email inbox has yet to be raided with company spam or advertisements, within five minutes of filling out the information on SnagAJob, I received two phone calls from voracious college recruiters. I had mistakenly selected an option that I wished to seek “advanced educational opportunities” thinking that it might mean financial aid or scholarship information from potential employers as I’m currently enrolled in an M.A. program. After I explained this to the first recruiter, she abruptly told me that she “could not help me” and our conversation ended thereafter. I managed to get more information from the second recruiter who told me that they were a service to provide information about colleges, and that this question “gets a lot of people.”

    Regardless the phone calls had managed to cease after the second caller, and I was left with online application links for jobs in my area. Since I have had an online presence in the job search for at least a few months, I noticed off the bat that many job positions advertised were old (sometimes multiple weeks old). Another misleading fact about some job advertisements was that the company positions were only for *potential* hire. Meaning that there were no job positions available at that moment but that they *may* open up within the next few weeks to months from now. For someone who needs a job NOW these applications would be a complete waste of time. And under certain company policies their online applications actually expire after three months or so and require you to resubmit (like JCPenneys).

    Obviously for me it’s too soon to tell if my applying to SnagAJob will work out. However I’m not banking any money that an employer would go out of their way to look online for employee resumes and would request an interview based on that alone. I plan to follow up with these companies I’ve applied to and submit a physical resume in person. I would suggest to anyone reading that they be proactive and do the same.

  33. every time i fill out an application I go to the password phase, then to the confirmation of password phase & the application gets rejected every time. why????? thus far your job service is always a waste of my time. i’m ready to totally delete you as a job search service. I could have been employed months ago, but every time I can’t submit for the same reason. I’ve lost confidence in your service. clean up your act.

  34. filled out plenty of apps on snagajob and not get any responses. the best one was a part time time job stocking shelves early morning at kohls. they responded that i didn’t even have the qualifications for the position. do i need a phd? so i’ve given up looking for a job.

  35. Honestly I filled out my information on snagajob, but only after did realized that I should have read reviews on them. When I did read reviews on them, it was pretty much all bad stuff about them. So I decided to go to my acct on snagajob and delete all my information actually more like refilling the information with a bunch of blah blah blah, and then I snoozed my acct. But I did get an email from Kohls saying that if I want an interview to call them. So I don’t know if snagajob is legit or a scam but we’ll see after the lady comes into her shift so I can ask if she really did get my application.

  36. @Lorraine actually I was beginning to think the same until you mention “JC Penney.” This reminded me of how I got the job. Now, I do not remember if I applied directly on their website but it is in my application history on snagajob. I recieved a phone call from them a few days after applying for an interview and got the job. So I guess that some of the jobs on here are legit but I still don’t find it to be a very effective website.

  37. Just looked this up. I received a spam marketing “College Advising” call literally moments after I submitted my phone number on their profile information. When I realized it was absolutely ridiculous to try and submit an application, I gave up.

  38. This confirmed my suspicions of late, as I have been receiving many random emails from people or companies that I did not apply to or give my information to, after using snagajob. There are many other sites that I use, so I am going to refrain from using that site, as there are usually just retail jobs on that site anyways.

  39. I had an account with SnagAJob a few years ago and am sorry to say it was a huge waste of time. Open jobs at out-of-business companies, bogus survey-taking jobs, and phone calls from hard-selling college recruiters were just a few of the problems. I’m not surprised SnagAJob has come under fire for selling applicant information. I actually managed to find temp work at a legit business on Craigslist instead, kind of ironically. I recommend skipping SnagAjob all together and avoiding the huge time drain and the headache. Another company I had some great results with is CoreStaff for temporary work to at least try to get a foot in the door.

  40. I posted my profile on there and applied at a few places, and actually got hired a mere 2 weeks of doing so. That was almost 3 years ago and I’m still working for the same company that hired em through snagajob. I never got any phone calls or e-mails from anyone else either. However, I did see a lot of non-existent jobs posted on there, and have in fact asked a few local businesses about it.

    The response I got from the businesses I asked was always the same. They post available jobs on there and leave them up year round so that whenever a position does open up, there is already a large pool of applicants. This way the company can start interviewing right away rather than having to wait for people to apply.

    That may not be true for all of the fake jobs on there (as I know there are scams on there that are pretending to be jobs as well), but as for my little part of Florida that was a common response.

  41. I too have submitted numerous applications thru the SnagAJob site and the only thing I received was a verification that the company whom I was applying to received my application because I clicked on the box that stated “Would you like email verification that your application has been received by ______?” I never received any contact from any of the actual companies and I completed applications over and over again for the same position(s) over a period of weeks (JC Penny probably a dozen times-same position).
    I did get frustrated with the site and haven’t applied for anything through them again. I also had responded to them (SnagAJob) wanting feedback on some of the apps but I never received a response from them in regard to the feedback they asked for from me.
    I emailed them in regard to a job posting for AutoZone (in my area) stating that the streets/cities referenced were wrong on 3 or 4 of the postings. I did get an emaial stating they would look into the issue, but they never corrected it on their site nore communicated with me again.
    I also viewed their office surroundings (wherever they are on the east coast) and they are whooping and hollering (partying) and having a “wonderful time working together, while the rest of us are still unemployed!! :( Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


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