I hate Internet Marketing hype more than anything. It gives off false expectations for anyone looking to seriously break into the field. The web is riddled with sales pages that say “you can make millions of dollars online just by owning a computer” or “How to make $241,320 per minute just by sending emails!”

As someone who’s been doing Internet Marketing for over three years full time now, trust me when I say it’s not that easy.

While it is possible to make good money online, DO NOT expect riches to come flowing just because you sent some random guy a handful of cash. Making money online is no different than any other job really. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Sure there are tons of perks eg. no boss, set your own hours, no real limites on how much you can make etc. But those perks come after success and success is not hand-delivered to you.

So yeah, I hate hype and tend to avoid doing full reviews of programs that make outlandish claims. But a request for a review came in for a program called Zero Cost Commissions came in and after reading the headline that promised me over $230,000 PER MONTH just for USING THEIR SOFTWARE, I had to check it out. And yes, that really is their headline. Nearly a quarter of a million dollars per month for doing nothing.

Is Zero Cost Commissions a Scam?

While I haven’t yet tried it, I’m going to go ahead and give this one a big fat yes.

The sales page is absolutely ridiculous. There is absolutely no substance to it at all. They only repeat over and over that their software will make you a millionaire practically overnight without running a website, launching PPC ad campaigns, spending money, or doing anything at all really. They are honestly making the claims that all you have to do is use their THIRTY SEVEN dollar piece of software and wait for the thousands of checks to arrive.

At this point, you probably think I’m being a little overdramatic, so here are a few sentences I’ve lifted off of their sales page. I have not modified them in any way whatsoever.

… we’ve already seen how this system can make you a very easy and automatic $45,450… $46,835… $47,204… $52,364… $80.414 a month from not much effort.

it takes less than 15 minutes start to finish to put this “money-loop” system into action… and once it’s done, it stays done. No maintenance… No wasting time trying to figure out how to get traffic… No more dull marketing tasks

And ZCC will generate its own traffic… … it will convert that traffic into buyers… … and it will make you money, 24/7/365, without you having to do another thing.

At this point, I honestly don’t know what to expect. Obviously, I won’t be making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month by doing nothing. That’s simply just not possible. The sales page does continually reference some “loophole” they found but the odds are, they’re selling hyped up garbage. If they could make an easy four million dollars per year, WHY would they give away their secrets for only $37? Something is not adding up here.

I’ll be playing the part of the sucker and will be sending them my hard earned money to take an inside look for you guys. I really don’t want to give them any of my money, but this is I’ve Tried That and these are the sacrifices I’ve signed up to make. Feel free to share your love in the comments section at any time guys. It wouldn’t hurt to make a Steve feel appreciated once in a while.

But yeah, the review is coming.

$230,000 per month doing nothing.


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  • Angela Polite
    Angela Polite

    Hello Steve,

    Sorry kind of late reading your e-mail this week but just wanted to respond. I too have gotten numerous e-mails to purchase and have deleted all but one. I’m glad that you are going to review this one. I try to stay focused on growing my business and not buy into the hype. I also have been getting e-mails for 20-minute payday. 20 min pay day is about Xan and Jen and their 20 minutes a day of work to making tons of money. I wanted to mention so maybe you can do a review on them as well. Thanks for all the great information that you send out.

  • Stacy

    I stumbled on the CPA Instruments, as well. I love the hook:

    “22 year old Indian kid stumbles through a back door to a $750 million dollar business and tricks his way into making $700/day….working out of a library!”

    I have this visual of a kid literally tripping over the threshold of the back door leading into poker game where the ante is gerbils………….don’t ask….

    Thanks, again, Steve. I now know how to read the signs that say in fine print, “Your the bait; here’s the hook; jump on for a FREE RIDE!”

  • alvin reyes
    alvin reyes

    Oh by the way Steve, would you be interested in looking at CPA Instruments by an Indian guy named Ritoban C.? thanks.

  • alvin reyes
    alvin reyes

    Hi Steve,

    I really appreciate what you are doing. Like you, I have tried at least 2 of these internet programs and have been disappointed twice. I am getting some mail about ZCC and, from the back of my mind, consider this just another, umm, waste of time. I am a writer and have been working my ass off just to earn an honest buck. People like you make me realize that at least there are some honest people left in the online world. I am really looking for added ways on how to supplement my income. I have been following your emails since I started working online to give me an idea on how and what to expect from the online game. Thank you and more power!

  • Ann Washburn
    Ann Washburn


    What really has to happen here to stop a scam like this, is for everyone of us to post a review or something online when you have the scoop.
    If enough of us put the information out there, perhaps we can put a plug into these creep.



  • Stacy

    I love the comment: “The only place I ever found money before work was in the dictionary.” Simple as that sounds, it’s nothing less than the truth.

    You provide all of us with an incrediblly valuable service, Steve. If only I could type out the sound of applause, I would.

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work on behalf of those of us who are not as savvy as you are.

  • Lorris

    Steve u r a welcome voice on the internet.
    Thanx for everything u do.

  • Sylvan

    Thanks for all your efforts, Steve. You have helped me feel safe as I try to find my way toward self employment on my computer. I not only appreciate your telling me about the latest scams but also giving me information on legitimate ways to make money online. I have signed up for Michael Brown’s course and just started it. I had a question right away at about 11 p.m. I sent it and had received a helpful reply by 8 a.m. the next morning. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope many more people come to realize how valuable your service is. –Sylvan

  • Tommy

    Don’t take this the wrong way, because I really admire what you’re trying to do for everyone. But the way they make $230,000 a month is by getting a bunch of suckers to send them $37.00 for a few worthless Ebooks. I on the other hand, like the rest of us is (are) busting their butts for a few Adsense clicks.

  • Raymond Kessro
    Raymond Kessro

    The only place i ever found money before work was in the dictionary.
    keep up the good work steve


  • Rick A
    Rick A

    Steve, I have to admit, this one almost pulled me in and that is saying something. You see, I have become quite a cynic due to reading 100’s of these sales page ads over the last five or six months. I am from the automotive industry and I swear these internet advertisers put the car sluts to shame when it comes to false representation of their products. I have gotten to the point where if I see a headline that reads 18 year old, high school dropout clears a quarter of a million a month with a so far unknown secret (for example), I delete it immediately. I go another step further and unsubscribe from the mailing list of those who are pushing these sorts of products. Yes I have become cynical. I will even unsubscribe from someone when I see a glowing review they have done on a product and I know for a near fact that the product is crap after referencing IM Report Card. I think if I hear the “I could sell it for X, people would pay X, so a fair price would be X, but if you order it today by midnight…(I’m sure you get the point) I swear I am going to hurl endlessly on my puter. Or the “we are limiting this to X sales and there are X number left…hurry before we sell out and close the doors forever…OK enough of my rant, sorry. Instead I prefer to hitch myself to people (like yourself who I know a bit about) and your buddy Brown, a seemingly very ethical character who will only recommend something after he has thoroughly checked it out. I can’t wait to see your assessment of this product. Good luck with it and the good news is…it is a ClickBank product…you do have 59 days to make up your mind and not lose a dime; I love CB for that. (Smile) Rick A

  • Farid

    Great job Steve.

  • Donna

    Hi Steve,

    It is refreshing to know that someone is reviewing these sites and passing on the results. There are thousands of these websites promising fortunes and you know that good people are actually ordering this info or they would not keep making and promoting this type of site. You are providing a much needed service.

    Thank you,


  • Cory

    This is a good thing you are doing here. A down to earth review from someone who doesn’t try to sell you bs.

    I like your style.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the love guys. :)


  • Jennifer Pierce
    Jennifer Pierce

    Just stopping in to say that I very much appreciate the work you do in researching, compiling and sharing all of this great information. I recently unsubscribed from a huge pile of auto-update things; your newsletter is one of the very, very few I kept active. It is consistently relevant, complete, and well-written. Thank you for taking the time to make it so worthwhile.

  • Kelly Frank
    Kelly Frank

    I agree that the scams are out of control. Thanks for your e-mails. I just wish that people would try and help out their fellow man instead of making all these get rich without hard work schemes. $37 dollars to make millions, when will they understand that people are not stupid or at least I hope so. Out of all the internet businesses out there it seems that you can only find a couple worth the money. How sad is that. Greed is consuming this what could be a great opportunity to make a living on-line. I am tired of being bombarded by the same old false advertising. I just hit delete and do not even open most of these e-mail any longer. Where are the honest people at?

  • Rachashael M. Gates
    Rachashael M. Gates

    Thanks for all that you do. I have and am learning a lot from you.

  • Bill Kibby
    Bill Kibby

    Hi Steve…
    Most of the site you discuss are obvious scams to be sure. But it’s great to be reassured. And even the ones that I’m not so sure about, you clear the fog. a thousand thanx for all you do this buds for you.

  • Adam

    as a follower of your (and joe’s) articles for the better part of a year now, I wanted to show my appreciation for your willingness to waste your money on such obvious scam programs such as ZCC. Thanks for your time and continued effort.

    Be easy


  • Karen T
    Karen T

    Hi Steve,

    Can’t wait to hear the results on ZCC. I’ve been sent an email on this several times and was hesitate to give it a try.

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