The Better Business Bureau has finally gotten around to issuing warnings regarding Twitter money making scams. On Tuesday, they broke down the shady business practices of these programs.

“Twitter is the newest bright shiny object online and a perfect hook for yet another work-at-home scheme,” said Steve Cox, BBB spokesperson. “The pitch used to be about making money by sending e-mails or by placing ads on Google but now cash-strapped job hunters need to be wary of shelling out money for a dubious scheme that revolves around Twitter.”

BBB wants job hunters to be aware of the following red flags when searching for a work-at-home job online:

• The “job” is actually a money-making scheme and doesn’t provide actual employment.
• The work-at-home scheme claims that you can make lots of money with little effort and no experience.
• You have to pay money upfront in order to be considered for the job or receive more information.
• The exact same tweet touting the program is posted by many different Twitterers. The links in such tweets could lead you to scam sites or install malware onto your computer.

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Easy Tweet Profits at

The BBB decided to focus on Easy Tweet Profits for their article. It’s the same scam that we’ve seen before in our reviews of Prosper Twitter Cash and Twitter Profit House. The scams operates as such. You pay $1.95 to cover the shipping and handling costs of mailing you a training CD. If past reports are any indication, the CD you sent away for usually won’t arrive until weeks later. However, by sending away for the CD, you are automatically enrolled in a seven-day trial membership at Easy Tweet Profits. If you don’t cancel this membership by the end of seven days, you’ll be charged $47.00 monthly.

The thing is, that unless you read through the terms and conditions, you’ll never have known that you were signed up for a monthly membership. There is no mention of the $47 monthly charge anywhere on the sales page. Hell, there isn’t even a checkbox saying that you agree to the terms and conditions before joining. The entire focus of the site is to gather your personal and credit card information to charge you as much money as possible before you catch on to the process. Fortunately, if you catch on quick enough, you can cancel the membership before the seven days are up and you can get a refund of any money they might have taken from you.

Get a Refund from Easy Tweet Profits

Call 1-866-315-2577 Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, EST.

7 Petworth Road
Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2JB

Send Us Your Twitter Scams

I’d like to compile a list of websites promoting Twitter scams, much like the list of Google scams we posted earlier this week. If you come across any website that is either promoting a Twitter scam or selling one, click here to contact us and include the name and website of the scam you found.

It’s good to see that these scams are finally garnering national attention. Last week, the FTC started cracking down big time on work at home scammers and now this week Google starts filtering work at home scam ads and the BBB issues warnings against Twitter scams. Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time until a new scam pops up. Always do your research.

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