Quick Summary of The Bonus Busters

Rating: 0.5 While it appears genuine, this is still a scam.

The Good: In a refreshing change of pace, there are no fake customer testimonials, account screen shots or account login videos.

The Bad: The Bonus Busters busts down in credibility when you investigate its presence on Clicksure and other review sites.

The Bottom Line: Don't bother with this content-heavy binary options scam. Stick with one of our recommended ways to make money online instead.

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The Bonus Busters Review

The Bonus Busters starts off with no slick sales videos, pictures of flashy cars and summer homes, or fake customer testimonials. In fact, you get very little in the way of traditional sales drivel. The only exception to this rule is the rather lengthy sales page, which goes on and on and on about The Bonus Busters and how you can earn easy money using this system.

The entire sales spiel for this system is typed out on a single very long sales page, and you must scroll through the content in full to understand what its creator, Alex Goldman, is asking you to do.

What is The Bonus Busters?

Alex describes The Bonus Busters describes as a kind of magic show trick. In brief, you deposit your money at a binary options trading brokerage that pays bonuses on deposits. That brokerage then doubles your money and- poof! Your money has magically doubled.

You then withdraw your doubled money after 30 days.


Now, if you’ve followed my past posts on I’ve Tried That, you know I don’t recommend accepting broker bonuses because you typically need to trade 30-40 times the initial deposit amount- plus the bonus amount- to be able to withdraw your funds. By that time, you’re very likely to have lost both your initial deposit and the bonus to bad trades.

Amazingly, Alex talks about this too. However, he claims that he has a trading bot to help you out in this endeavor. Alex’s trading bot is able to successfully trade your cash back and forth without losing it until the account ‘turns,’ or makes the qualifying amount of monetary exchanges so that it can be withdrawn.

Exactly how this bot will be able to place trades that successfully result in the money time and time again is not explained. Alex only states that his bot uses something called the High Frequency™ Algorithm (yes, it’s trademarked!) to generate a 58% hit rate.

If you’re thinking that a 58% hit rate seems low, you’re not the only one. Alex, however, assures you that 58% is all you need to generate more in the money that out of the money trades and keep your profits. Furthermore, his bot actually has a better than 58% success rate:

The Bonus Busters

Who is Alex Goldman?

Alex Goldman. better known as Sasha to his friends, introduces himself as the son of a Russian oligarch. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Bonus Busters 1

The last time I heard about oligarchs, I was reviewing a binary options scam called the Oil Millionaire App.

Because Sasha has been following binary options since 2008, he knows a thing or two about this topic and how to profit from it. He was also involved in the launch of another trading bot called 100percentprofitbot.

The ‘proof’ is in the blog

Most binary options scam operations try to prove they’re legit by showing you fake account shots or customer testimonials. With The Bonus Busters, you don’t have any of that nonsense. In fact, you have something completely unexpected…get ready for it….it’s…

A blog!

Yep, Alex tries to prove that his system is completely authentic by providing you with a link to his user forum and blog by the name of TraderLab2000, of all things. When you enter this site,  you are swamped with content that dates back to March 2015. Furthermore, the blog posts even have comments!


It’s simply astounding to see the amount of time and effort that has been put into this set-up.

Pay just 5% commission

Why is Alex offering his trading software to complete strangers? Because, for whatever reason, he stands to earn a 5% commission from your winnings. Also, Alex trusts that you’ll send him that commission without having to chase you for his share of the money.

Because we’re on the honor system, apparently.

The Bonus Busters 2

Despite The Bonus Busters’ unique approach to advertising a binary options trading bot, I still believe it is quite dubious, if not an outright scam. Here are my reasons why:

The Bonus Busters is on Clicksure.

Clicksure is well known to feature loads of fake of shady products. In fact, Clicksure products have a greater than 50% refund rate. Therefore, I can’t say my confidence in The Bonus Busters improves when I see it listed on this affiliate network:

Alex Goldman doesn’t exist.

You’d think that the son of an oligarch and inventor of the trademarked High Frequency™ Algorithm would exist somewhere online. Nope. The only mention of Alex is on a Disqus page that leads back to his blog.

The usual scam ‘review’ sites are posting positive reviews.

The Bonus Busters is being given top marks on the usual ‘positive review’ sites such as Binaryapp 810 and Quick Cash System. These sites all post impartial ‘reviews’ of binary options bots by first hinting that they are scams. After you go to the review, you learn that the system can’t possibly be a scam and is perfectly legit.

When you click on the binary options link provided in the review, you see that it contains an affiliate code going to Clicksure or some other affiliate network.

BinaryBook is your broker.

When you go through the first sales page and onto the second one, you learn that your recommended broker is Binary Book. while this broker is better than most online binary options brokers, it is based overseas in the U.K. Thus, if anything should go awry with your investment or withdrawal, you’re going to have a harder time getting hold of someone who can help you.

Depositing more money improves the bot.

Alex initially states that The Bonus Busters bot has a 58% win rate. That rate is then stated as being 60%. When you go to the second sales page, you learn that bot success rate is determined by the amount of your initial deposit.

The Bonus Busters 3

What gives?


The Bonus Busters plays up how it’s not a scam by taking a completely unique route to proving its legitimacy. However, the usual signs of this system being a complete scam are present, including its listing on Clicksure and other troubling indicators. Stay away from The Bonus Busters.

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