Quick Summary of The Pearson Method

Rating: 1 Just another scam!

The Good: None

The Bad: Inflated earning potential. No government disclaimers. Pushes high risk, low reward trading method (Binary Options). Lies to you. Provides no actual evidence it works,

The Bottom Line: This "system" only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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The Pearson Method Review

Today I’m going to look at a Binary Options system that states it can make you a whole load of money in a very short period of time.

Most Binary Options systems have hyped up earnings claims, but The Pearson Methods claims are way out there.

When I say out there, I mean $100 per minute out there. And these are their claims, not mine.

The Pitch

The sales page for the Pearson Method is fairly straight forward: you have a video sales pitch and a sign up button.

I was surprised by the video; it was relatively short, perhaps less than 10 minutes long which is unusual in this type of making money online niche, as they tend to be 20 minutes or more of pure drivel.

Oh, don’t you worry, the drivel is still there!

It opens up with a minute or so of a video of $100 dollar bills being counted. It’s literally like it’s trying to get your greed juices going.

From there it gives the usual objection answer of, no it will not cost you a penny to use the Pearson Method.

This is a trick statement. While the Pearson Method is in theory free, you will still need to hand over your own cash in order to make use of this so called system.

Pearson Method countries

It continues on the objection answering route by saying there are two catches. The first of which is just bizarre: if you live in Nepal, Albania or Cuba you cannot use the Pearson Method.

I’m sure there’s a marketing technique being used here, but I cannot wrap my head around it. It’s irrelevant though as the target market for this system, like with most Binary Options systems is Americans, Canadians, and maybe some Europeans like the Brits.

Second catch is conveniently skipped for now while the video overcomes another objection. This objection is a key one in that most people wonder if they have the skills or experience to trade online.

The Pearson Methods answer is: if you can answer “how many sides does a square have” then you can use the system.

Talk about a low bar for entry!

The thing is they want that bar low, as they only want you to sign up so that they can get their commission, so they press that their system is easy, push button, no experience necessary.

The sad thing is they are right. Binary Options trading does not really require any skills.

Binary Options works on a very simple premise: take a trade and state whether after a set period of time (1 minute, 5 minutes, something like that) whether the value of the trade will be higher or lower than when the time period started.

It is literally a 50/50 guess, so no, no skills are required but do you know what? That’s a bad thing.

Binary Options work on a small time scale, where trades are highly volatile, change price up and down each second. This volatility means that general trading trends are worthless. What does it matter if the general trend is pointing upwards, when the value fluctuates 60 times a minute? At the end of your trade the value could be up or down, there’s literally no way of knowing.

However, systems like the Pearson Method would have you believe that they and they alone have figured out the secret to predicting where the trade value will end.

The video spews forth a bunch of techno jargon that in truth means nothing, but they patronizingly say that “you don’t need to understand any of that”. Of course not, because it was meaningless.

Pearson Method jargon

This means absolutely nothing! Especially when applied to trading!

In fact there is no true explanation given from the Pearson Method of how their system works or how it is better than the rest.

They do state that there is a 98% or more chance of winning a trade successfully. There was no evidence of this except a supposed live view of a trade.

The live view is tricky. It does seem to show a live system in action. However, they have cleverly used video editing to cut the video when the screens change.

What does this mean? A lot actually, as it means it isn’t 100% live which means that there is a high chance that the results have been doctored.

I’ve heard people mention that surely they can’t doctor a website that isn’t there’s, such as the brokers website. While they can’t change anything permanently, they certainly can change how it looks (including written content such as winnings), in their browser. And that’s all they need to do as they are recording their browser so their doctored site is what you see in the video.

Where then is the evidence of this system working?

Pearson Method BS

This may have been recorded live, but good editing can still doctor proof.

This second catch is an odd one, as he is in a roundabout way admitting to being an affiliate. He states that he earns 5% of your winnings, but this is provided by the broker directly for everyone he refers to them.

Now, this begs the question: why would he even want this 5%? If his system is as accurate and profitable as he says it is, then what’s the point? The blurb says that the Pearson Method can earn over $100 per minute, so $6,000 per hour. Even at a conservative use of 4 hours a day, 5 days a week that comes in at over $5,700,000 per year.

Greed perhaps? Maybe, but I think it’s merely a way that they can give a valid reason for giving away supposed million dollar making software.

Next comes a veiled threat: stay and you can get a space in the program, leave and you won’t. This is BS, leave and come back as many times as you want, the door will always be open as he wants you to sign up so that he can get his commission.

The video rounds out after that trying to convince you to sign up.

Pearson Method scare
A typical scare tactic.

Signing up to the Pearson Method

There’s no surprises here, it’s the same process to sign up as it is with every other Binary Options system: first hand over your email (can you say Spam?), then sign up again but this time with the broker.

This page is interesting because it pushes lies at you. The ticker at the top showing trade results? Fake data.

Verified users being shown in the video? They were made up:

Pearson Method Kenneth

This guy probably gave his face to UI Faces or a similar website. Or he is a spy with multiple identities!

Finally hand over your hard earned cash in the forlorn hope that you too can make $100 per minute.

The system itself looks unremarkable, like every other so called Binary Options systems which is just a dressed up version of bog standard “signals” software.

Signals software uses broad trends to give you advice on which way to place your bet, erm, which way to go with the trade.

As briefly mentioned, there’s nothing that can predict Binary Options trades over such a short period of time.

As such you would be better off guessing yourself, because that’s pretty much all the software is going to do for you.

The Bottom Line

The Pearson Method provides no evidence of actual success and in places outright lies to you, just like every other Binary Options system out there.

I still can’t believe that people fall for these systems, when all they are doing is promoting a high risk, low reward method of trading with empty promises of magical software that will help you win.

Wake up people, it’s all BS!

My advice to you would be to walk away from scams like the Pearson Method.

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