It’s through blogging. The trick is that you have to learn how to do it well. We’ve found the program that will teach you just that.

Since July, I have been enrolled in Yaro Starak’s school for bloggers, Blog Mastermind. It is a course designed to teach students how to build a high-quality blog and profit from it. And people do profit from blogs: $360,000 per year
John $10,000 per month
Working Nomad: $6,000 per month
Digital Philipino: $8,000 per year
Steve: I have a vague idea, but he won’t let me tell you. I can only say that I’m impressed. I’ve never seen a more private online persona than our Steve.

These are exceptional, of course. Very few bloggers make this kind of money and most make no money at all because they don’t know how to treat their blogs like a business.

Blog Mastermind claims that it will teach you how to generate a full-time income from blogging 2 hours per day. Yaro has practiced what he preaches: see his article, “I Made $6549.52 From Blogging in March.”

What am I learning?
In April of this year, when Steve and I were laying plans for I’ve Tried That, I knew nothing about blogging. Everything I know about it I’ve learned from Steve and from Blog Mastermind. It took me from that know-nothing position and is walking me through every step:

  • How to choose and register a domain name
  • Why WordPress?
  • Several lessons on writing great content
  • How to draw traffic
  • How to monetize
  • Much, much more

The result is my other blog, which is enjoying a growing readership. (Contact me for a link if you want to see it.) No, it is not making money. Yet.

I will give lots more detail about Blog Mastermind over a couple of upcoming reviews. For now, explore Yaro’s overall approach by downloading his outstanding free PDF report, Blog Profits Blueprint. You can get it in audio format, too, if you prefer to listen on your MP3 player. It lays out the roadmap for successful blogging and is required reading for Blog Mastermind Lesson One. I also highly recommend you check out the Blog Mastermind information page. It’s loooong, so if you prefer, just browse the headings for now. Don’t sign up yet because in the next post I’ll tell you about a special discount for I’ve Tried That readers.

You can make money online
Stay away from gimmick programs that promise you thousands per day for little or no effort. But if you are willing to work hard and consistently over a period of time, you can make money blogging. And most important, you can learn how to do it from a successful full-time blogger. Download the free report now!

READ NEXT: May Income Report: $8,871.03. See how we did it.

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  • Steve

    Shyea. Like I have a MySpace account.

  • Joe

    Can you imagine his MySpace account? “My name is Steve.” And that’s IT.

    Discount news tomorrow.

  • Sabrina's Money Matters
    Sabrina's Money Matters

    Great post…I’ll be waiting for that special discount. :D I agree that Steve is a very private online blogger…the most private I am aware of as well, lol.

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