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Scam Email #1

Employment / Representative / Check Fraud Scam using the name of a legitimate UK Company .

From: Heat My Home Inc.


Begin Scam Email:

44, Panton Road, London – UK
Ref Code: RRE-2994/10BH

Attention: Offer for partnership/Regional Representative

Heat-My-Home Inc. is a young, healthy and fast growing company operating in an emerging industry.
An International player in the field of Solar Energy systems, HMH inc was established
in the United Kingdom in 2007.We have a highly skilled and qualified sales and service
network covering Northern and Southern European countries and strategic companies
in Central Europe offering all a first class service to all our partners.

In order to offer qualitative-customer solutions both in sales and services
to all our customers, we require the assistant of a suitable person/organization
who will work in network with us as either partners or a Regional Representative.

Responsibility: Handle customer request and forward it to HMH Inc international office.

2) Handle payments
3) Act as a channel between the company and your region.

Salary: Negotiable between you and the recruitment management.

Benefits: An opportunity to relocate to London.

Are you interested? Please send the following data


OR your CV and motivation to

For further information please contact Stuart Hary

Stuart Hary
44 Panton Road,
London WC2H,United Kingdom

Scam Email #2

Australia2011/2012 Cruise Ship Employment

Email Contact:


AustraliaCruise Ship Employment, which operates P&O Cruises Australia are using thismedia to announce to you that we need people that will work with us atAustralia Cruises Tourist Line International.

Thetotal recruitments are 150 workers. Workers that have the ability to work hardand must come from non-criminal origin and must agreed to abide by the Companyrules and regulations.

Salary:It’s very attractive depending on the position applying for and yourexperience. Our salary ranges from US$4,000 above.

*Position(s) Desired:
(You can select up to four different positions in order of preference,required Choices)


SeniorAuditor, Junior Auditor, Accountant, Controller, Computerized Accounting, StaffAccountant


SalonManager, Assistant Salon Manager, Beautician, Hair Stylist, Barber, MessageTherapist, Cosmetologist, Nail Technicians, Aerobic and Fitness Instructors,Alternative Instructors, Acupuncturist


CasinoManager, Assistant Casino Manager, Casino Dealer, Slot Technician


Priest,Minister, Rabbi, Reverend


CruiseDirector, Assistant Cruise Director, Cruise Staff, Gentlemen Dance Host, YouthActivities Coordinator, Fitness Instructor, Aerobics Instructor, FrenchInstructor, German Instructor, Water Sport Scuba, Water Sports Scuba DivingInstructor, Port Lecturer, Television Technician, Videographer, InternationalHost Hostess, Administrative Assistant


Captain,Staff Captain, First Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer, Junior ThirdOfficer, Deck Engine Mechanic, Navigation Officer, Safety Officer, SecurityPersonnel, Chief Radio Officer, Radio Officer, Quarter Master, Carpenter,Bosun, Ordinary Seaman, Able Seaman Entry Level, Able Seaman Limited, AbelSeaman Special, Able Seaman Unlimited, Splicer Joiner, Seaman Surveyor, DeckUtility man, Deck Hand, Deck Cadet


ChiefEngineer, Staff Chief Engineer, First Engineer, Second Engineer, ThirdEngineer, Junior Third Engineer, Engine Cadet, Hotel Service Engineer, ChiefElectrical Engineer

ElectricalEngineer, Electronic Engineer, Electronic Engineer Junior, Chief RefrigerationEngineer, Refrigeration Engineer, Engine Storekeeper, Motorman, Fitter, Oiler,Wiper (Engine Utility Man), Plumber Upholsterer


GuestEntertainer, Lounger Performer, Show Signer, Production Vocalist, Show Dancer,Dance Troupes and Performers, Production Manager, Assistant Production Manager,Stage Manager, Backstage Manager, Disc Jockey, Sound Light Technician, VideoTechnician, Show band Musician Piano, Cocktail Pianist, Piano Bar Entertainer,Show band Musician Trumpet, Show band Musician Trombone, Show band MusicianSaxophone Reeds, Show band Musician Drums, Show band Musician Bass, Showband Musician Guitar, Guitar Soloist, Keyboard Soloist, Guest Band Musician,Classic Rock Musicians, R and B Musicians, Country Musicians, Instrumentalists,Cabaret Actors, Comedians


Foodand Beverage Director, Assistant Food and Beverage Director, RestaurantManager, Maitre d, Head Waiter Waitress, Jr. Waiter, Dining Room Manager,Sommelier Wine Steward Stewardess, Dining room Waiter Waitress, Diningroom Assistant Waiter Waitress, Dining room Buffet Man, RestaurantHostess, Bar Manager, Assistant Bar Manager, Bar Supervisor, Assistant BarSupervisor, Bar Accountant, Bar Waiter Waitress, Bartender, Bar StewardStewardess, Snack Steward Stewardess, Bar Utility, Bar Boy, Buffet StewardStewardess, Busboy


ExecutiveChef, Assistant Executive Chef, Souse Chief, Chef Tournant, First Cook, SecondCook, Third Cook, Vegetable Cook, Cook Trainee, Crew Cook, Crew Cook Assistant,Crew Cook Utility, Officer Mess man, Staff Mess man, Provision Storekeeper,Butcher Supervisor, Assistant Butcher Supervisor, Butcher, ButcherTrainee, Butcher Utility, Pastry Chef, Assistant Pastry Chef, First Pastry man,Second Pastry man, Third Pastry man, Baker Supervisor, Assistant BakerSupervisor, First Baker, Second Baker, Third Baker, Baker Trainee, Pantry Man,Dishwasher Potwasher, Ice Carver


GiftShop Manager, Assistant Shop Manager, Retail Sales Person, Florist


DestinationSpeaker, Special Interest Speaker/Lecturer, Port/Shopping Lecturer,


PassengerService Director, Chief Purser, Assistant Hotel Manager, Deputy Purser, SecondPurser, Assistant Purser, Computer Technician, Junior Assistant Purser, CrewPurser, Assistance Crew Purser, Receptionist, Guest Service Coordinator, GuestService Associate, Hotel Assistant, Shore Excursion Manager, Assistant ShoreExcursion Manager, Cruise Sales Consultant, Hotel Controller, Senior AuditorHotel Operations, Junior Auditor Hotel Operations, Night Auditor, PrinterDesktop Publishing and Applications, Yeoman, Chief Yeoman, Locket Attendant


ChiefHousekeeping Assistant Chief Housekeeper, Floor Supervisor, Head Room Steward,Cabin Steward Stewardess, Assistant Cabin Steward Stewardess, Bell Captain,Bell Boy, Utility Cleaner, Laundry Supervisor, Assistant Laundry Supervisor,Laundry Keeper, Laundry man, Linen Keeper, Pool Attendant


HumanResources Manager, Training and Development Manager, Crew Staff Administration,Crew Staff Administration Assistant


Shipboardinformation Systems Manager, Coordinator Computer Desktop Applications,Computer Accounting Applications, Computer Maintenance, Computer Applications,Computer System Hardware Technician, Computer System Administration Manager,Internet Manager


BridgeInstructor, Golf Instructor, Scuba Diving/Water Sports Instructor, Arts andCrafts, Dance Instructor, Texas 42 Instructor, Caricature Artist


ChiefDoctor, Crew Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Chief Nurse, Nurse


PhotoManager, Assistant Photo Manager, Photographer, Junior Photographer,Videographer




Youmust be 12 years and above, and must have a valid international passport.


Ifyou meet our requirement please reply for further Information and will takecare of your Visa, Accommodation and Air ticket. We will provide all therelevant documents to enable any applicant get his or her visa/ working permitfrom the Australia Embassy.

Ifyou are interested to work with us, kindly send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) as amatter of urgency or contact us for further information via email on:

Sendthis to 20 people and see what happen the next 10 working days, don’t miss youropportunity.


ChristopherP. Michel


Scam Email #3

Hello there,

We are a company that conducts surveys and evaluate other companies. We get hired to go to other peoples companies and act like customers in order to know how the staffs are handling their services in relation to their customers.Once we have a contract to do so, you would be directed to the company or outlet, and you would be given the funds you need to do the job(either purchase products or required services), after which you would write a comment on the staffs activities and give a detailed record of your experience

Examples of details you would forward to us are:
1) How long it took you to get the services requested.
2) Smartness of the attendant
3)Customer service professionalism
4)Sometimes you might be required to upset the attendant, to see how they react to clients why they get tensed.And we turn the information over to the company executives and they would carry out their own duties in improving their services.

Most companies employ our assistance when people give complains about their services, or when they feel there are needs for them to improve their customer service. your Identity would be kept confidential as the job states (secret/mystery shopper) you would be paid $300 for every duty you carry out, and bonus on your transportation allowance, and funds would be given to you if you have to dine as part of the duty Your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of shops, stores, restaurant and services in your area.

No commitment is made on this job, and you would have flexible hours as it suits you.

If you are interested, do send in these information:

So we can look at your distance from the locations which you have to put your service into, and your address would also be need for your payments..

Yours Sincerely
Mark Brown.

Scam Email #4

Dear Applicant,

Congratulations! Our recruitment team has received your resume referencing the ad for Data Entry/Administrative Assistant/Accounting Clerk listed on . We are very pleased with your listed qualifications and would like to conduct an online interview to discuss the duties within the job, along with the pay scale. Your information has been forwarded on to the Head of Operations Manager, Mrs Brenda Song. She will be conducting the interview, via Yahoo Instant Messenger.

If you are still available and interested, please set up a screen name with Yahoo IM, if you don’t already have one, and add Mrs Brenda Song to your buddy list. Her screen name is

Please be online at 09:00 a.m., on Monday morning(24th Of OCTOBER TO FRIDAY 20 OF OCTOBER ) for your interview.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Raymond Jordan

135 East 54th Street, Apt. 4E
New York, NY 10022


* Telephones – Responsible for answering incoming calls, and directing them to appropriate individuals as needed* Resolving questions for customers as they call in*

* Schedules – Manage installer calendar by scheduling appointments as requested by sales

* Problem Solving – Support sales rep inquiries, installation scheduling concerns, and customer service questions

* Good oral and written communication skills are essential, help manage incoming and outgoing mail, including shipped product

* Order Processing ? Daily entry of purchase orders with a 24 hour turnaround time

* Customer Satisfaction – Make follow-up customer calls to ensure customer satisfaction with delivery, installation and function of product

* Courtesy Calls – Contact current customers about their recent product order and resolve any outstanding problems*

* Teamwork – Effectively work with sales, service, finance, order entry and operations personnel to service accounts* Assist peers as necessary*

* Research ? Research incomplete, inaccurate orders until completed


* Candidate will have 1-2 years administrative experience

* High school diploma or equivalent

* Working knowledge of MS OFFICE – Excel/Word/ /Outlook

* Excellent written and verbal skills

You will be enlisted for 2 weeks training programme* Find Training programme details below:

*You will have to be online from 9am to 12pm daily for training programmes as you will be given series of tasks during training*

*You will resume work fully after training and your working hours will be 8am – 2pm your time zone*

*You have to keep strict record of time and activities* A time sheet should be sent in every Friday’s days for monitoring (In your own format)*

*In carrying out any assignment or task a progress report has to be emailed every Friday to me*

*You are paid weekly

*Whether or not you have an assignment or task to carry out you will be paid for $15/hr for 6hrs a day as long as you are online during the stated hours.

*At the end of your training, you will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year as you are listed as an Independent contractor.

Competitive Compensation
Career Path and Management opportunities
Health and wellness benefits to include medical, dental, prescription and vision plans, short term and long term disability, supplemental life insurance and flexible spending accounts
Employee Assistance program
PTO and paid holidays
401K with company match
Employee Discounts
Employee Referral program
Employee Recognition program

Equipments will be provided for you by the Company asap. This includes a Hp Laptop/Notebook for mobility and some

other softwares for accuracy, Speed of data processing, Time Monitoring and Effectiveness,(4 in one Zebra ZM 400vvBarcode Printer and Cards,Fax Machine,Scanner,Photocopier Machine, 4Drawer Cabinet and Office Desk).
Details on the Uses and delivery of these equipmets would be provided to you ASAP.

You would be Given the Following to start work with after training:
* Staff User Name and Password for Our Website Link ( For easy access to company data and task for each day )

For more information about the company visit the company website(

Here is the interview Question Fill and send it back if you are interested

Have you read and understand the job details?
Are you capable of handling this position?
Have you ever worked from home or online before?
Are you currently employed?
Why are you interested in working for this company?
Describe your best/worst boss.
Are you aware that this is strictly an online work from home job position?
Can you devote 6hours daily of your time for the company? i.e 8am – 2pm, Mon – Fri your time zone?
In a job, what interests you most/least?
What is your major weakness?
Give an example of how you solved a problem in the past.
If you were hired, what ideas/talents could you contribute to the position or our company?
Rate your self on a scale of 1-5 based on the following MATHEMATICAL ACCURACY, SPELLING ACCURACY,
What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct?
Are you ready to abide by the company rules and regulation never to discussed any thing apart from the company?

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  • Ruth Sanders
    Ruth Sanders

    Dear Applicant,

    Congratulations! Our recruitment team has received your resume referencing the ad for Administrative Assistant Position listed on and we are very pleased with your listed qualifications and would like to conduct an online interview to discuss the duties within the job, along with the pay scale. Your information has been forwarded on to the Head of Operations, Mrs Patricia Evans and She would be conducting the interview via Yahoo Instant Messenger.

    If you are still available and interested, please set up a screen name with yahoo Instant Messenger at and add up the Head of Operation screen name to your buddy
    Screen Name:

    Interview commences Tuesday 29th – Friday December 2end, 2011 form 9:00am to 3:30pm EDT.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

    Raymond White.
    Human Resource Department

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