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Scam Email #1

——— Forwarded message ———-
Date: 2010/12/29
Subject: Re:

You have got the present letter because you applied for employment in North Seafood. The company is in need
of an operating manager assistant. Before answering the e-mail, please check whether you have stable Internet
connection (i.e. whether you are able to be available on-line most of the day). This is very important.

Below you can find a procedure for applying for the position. So, the first file to be taken into account
is the “About” file. The file is just a compilation of data about your future duties, responsibilities as
well as norms and standards that are mandatory when working for North Seafood. Read the file first and
then proceed to the next file (001 application). It is a simple application to be filled in and sent back to us.
You can use either your fax or computer to send the application.

We ask you to fill it out carefully, in an accurate and attentive manner. You cannot expect successful
employment when we find any errors or discrepancies between different pieces of information presented in
your application. This is the stage when you can influence our decision by providing us with accurate
and reliable data.

Every candidate can get a chance for a phone interview. The decision is made according to the results
of applications consideration. Once again, a candidate is the only person who is fully responsible for
any error and, as a result, absence of any further contact with North Seafood.

Still, no one knows exactly if he is not a person to get the phone call. That’s why we insist that you
study all publicly available data on our web pages in advance. As a result, you may be more prepared than
those who did not study it. Additionally, in case your phone interview is OK, we will ask you to fill in
another application (002 one) (available on your web-site) and provide us with a copy of your ID issued
by government.

We expect that assiduous, reliable and accurate candidates will contact us first. The company always
welcomes those who can be trusted and relied upon.

With best regards,
Diana Podolsky
NoRth SeaFoods
www . north-Seafoods . Com
Tell: 1 (347)6747900 Fax: +1 (866)5421714

Scam Email #2

Date: 2010/12/30
Subject: Re: Aplicacin para el puesto de gerente de cuentas (

As per the result of the screening, we are to announce to you that you have been successfully been accepted as one of the chosen international applicants at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

The hard copies of the contract documents has been dispatched to our nominated travel company, because they are in charge of all the issuance of Work Permit and Flight ticket to our chosen applicants.

Kindly contact WINS DANIEL Travel according to their contact information as stated in the contract, you should have to indicate the following (ID# 232), as to enable them to give you an immediate attention.

Note: 1. Your contract is valid for 12 months, a final confirmation and endorsement of your contract shall be made upon the confirmation of the Prototype copy of your work permit and flight ticket.

Note: 2. You have to make sure that you secure your traveling documents and flight ticket within 1 week of confirming Soft copies of contract / offer documents.

Congratulations, we hope to confirm and endorse your contract documents within the next 1 week, you should secure your traveling documents and flight ticket within 1 week, all the expenses which you are going to make during the processing of your traveling documents and flight ticket with our nominated travel company shall be fully reimburse upon your arrival.

Find attached below, the Contract Terms and Agreement, It is required that you go through the Contract Terms and Agreement and if it’s okay by you, sign and return to us with copies of your academic records.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Trisler
Graduate Development & Recruitment Coordinator
Human Resources
9048 Sugar Estate,
St Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802 USA
T: (877) 285-4899 ext. 216

Scam Email #3

from Nikki Bellamy

Hello Au Pair/Nanny,

My name is Mrs Nikki Bellamy,I Will be pleased to have you work for me as an aupair for my lovely Son Harrison.I am a single parent (resident in the United State Of America) as i lost my husband some month back.I have been coping on since then with my only son Harrison and he’s 5years old,but my job commitment is much,i work as a marine engineer and also own a Pest Control Company and a Sanitation Products Company I live my self and my lovely son Harrison.As for your salary, I will be paying you 3000,00 every month and a pocket money of 300 Dollars weekly which I suppose should be Ok by you.


1. Your services would be needed for at least 4months to 6months or more
2. I need someone Honest, Caring,Trustworthy,Loving,Affectionate,Concerned, Understanding and Loves Children.
3. Do you have an International Passport for applying Visa to USA?
4. A copy of your resume’/CV and a photo
5. Your Home Address………
6. Your Mobile Phone Number………
7. Your full name?
8. Your age?


1. How many Years of experience do you have as an AU PAIR/Nanny?
2. Do you have a Driver’s License?
3. How was the last family with like?
4. Have you ever traveled overseas?
5. Can u speak English?
6. Can u cook?
7. Can u Drive?
8. Do U Have Passport?
9. Do you smoke ?
10. Whats highest schooling qualification ?
11. What are your interests ?
12. How many children would you feel comfortable with ?
13. Your country?
14. Your previous family name?
15. Your Previous family E-Mail Address?

I Will appreciate you get back to me to signify your interest and how soon you can make it here..


Scam Email #4

from Zoe Putnam
subject Aupair/Nanny Needed Asap

Hello Dear,
How are you doing?I am looking for a Wonderful and Caring Nanny for my children.I am a doctor,I am widower and am always on busy schedule due to the Nature of my job.,I am looking for an Au pair /Nanny willing to stay for 2-12 months or more,all i require is someone who is Protective and is very watchful on the kids,I have hired in the past, part time nannies that has been quite discouraging,so i am looking for someone who is bright,intelligent and interested to work and be a member of the family.
I need support to take care of my lovely children due to my busy schedules most of the time and also considering the fact that i lost my Husband only require just someone that can show the capability to handle this Job.All I require is some description about you maybe with a resume or any experience you might have had with children,

Terms and Conditions for the Job
Here are precisely what is required::
1.Your services would be needed for at least 2months to 12months.
2.I need someone Honest,Caring,Trustworthy,Loving,Affectionate,Concerned,Understanding and Loves children.
3.You might be of any race or color
4,You are not to indulge in any act that would have negative effect on my kids.

1.How many Yrs of experience do you have as an Au Pair
2.Can u cook?
3.Can u Drive? Not necessary
5.Experience with children
6.Any Academic Foundations?
7,Do you have a Passport for applying for a Visa/Working permit to the
United States?
8.Are you available to move immediately all necessary traveling
arrangements requirements are met?
9,Salary payment per week is $560

Break down of the payment

Am offering to pay 8$ per hrs…….

Minimum hours to work is 10hrs and maximum is 12hrs a day

so if u do 10hrs x 8$ per hour =80 x 7days =560$

Waiting for your Response,


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