Here are the latest submissions for my weekly scam roundup. If you have received any similar emails, PLEASE post them in the comments below. By posting the emails, you will directly be helping other people by exposing scam artists!

If you’re researching a “job offer” and it is listed on this page, it is 100% absolutely guaranteed to be a scam. Stop talking with your “employer” AT ONCE. You are at risk of losing thousands of dollars and your identity. You could even end up with a criminal record if the authorities get involved. Do NOT do work for them and click on the links below to find out what to do next.

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Scam Email #1

111 Cromwell Rd,
Royal Borough of Kensington
and Chelsea,SW7 4DP,
United Kingdom

We are satisfied with the caliber of your CV and your answers to our interview questions. Attached to this mail is a contract of Agreement cum Appointment Letter that you are expected to go through, sign and date at the bottom if you are satisfied with the terms of Contract. Thereafter you are to send us a scanned copy of the signed Contract for the purpose of filing and other office protocols.

It should be noted that the Ashburn Hotel will take care of the charges for your Visa, Flight Ticket and other travel cost but work permit and accommodation will be taken care of by the employee as stated in the contract. Employee will be contacted by our travel agency after contract has been signed and details will be given concerning your travel. First salary bonus will be sent to employee’s account as soon as all travel detail are finished and employee is ready to come to the United Kingdom. We also want to encourage you to read the contract carefully before signing.

We will encourage you to contact the travel agent working with the Ashburn Hotel so that you can get your Valid UK Visa, Work Permit Paper and the rest of your Travel Documents in due time and you get to the UK before the date of your resumption. You are to contact (Mrs. Grover Meenakshi) via mail sending a scanned copy of the signed contract to them also.

The email of the travel agent is we congratulate you as our latest worker and we hope that you will repay the faith we have in you.

Best Wishes,
Mr Richard James,
Ashburn Hotel

Scam Email #2

Greetings Luana Scopel,

We have received your CV from It’s my pleasure to offer you the post of F.S.A. with Dynamite Solutions LTD. Starting salary is 27,000+ on an annual basis, plus commission. Benefits: health, life, disability and dental insurance coverage are available after successful completion of 30 days of probationary period.

Job Title for Financial Support Agent.: You will be transferring and receiving funds from our clients, insuring that every transaction is executed in timely manner.

I shall be grateful if you will let me know in writing whether you accept the offer on these terms and conditions, so I can submit some more information about further registration process.

Please reply to this e-mail with your name and position you’re applying for.

Sorry for using Gmail address for communication, the company e-mail address will be provided once you reply to this letter.

Best regards,
Mr. Richard Wood
Recruitment Manager
Horley Green Road Claremount Halifax West Yorkshire HX3 6AS UK
Fax: 087 2352 7716
Tel: 0141 356 1846

Scam Email #3


My name is James Polk, A representative of Flash Concepts Inc. This is an awareness to let the public know that we have a vacancy position of a mystery shopper in our company and we would like to know your interest in working for Flash Concepts Inc. As a mystery shopper. You will work and shop together for pleasure and the pay is 300 dollars weekly on Part Time basis, you only work 2-3hours, twice in a week.

Kindly provide the below information for assessment:

Please send your details to this e-mail address ( ) only.

Full Legal Name,

Residential Address,

Home and Cell #

I await your immediate responce.


J. Polk

Please send your details to this e-mail address ( ) only.

Scam Email #4

Colin Grassie

Friendly Greeting,

How are You Doing? I am Contacting you personally to place your company or you as one of the investors who will benefit from Deutsche Bank’s Impact Investment Fund launch called a “watershed moment” NO risk involved and it will benefit both company or individual to expand its investment including other benefits like medical care, buying and selling of properties round the world. It require you register as a company or individual investor that will benefit. I will be the one to register you as an investor since 1995 and also stand as your guarantor so that you can benefit the amount to expand or start your own investment. The money will be credited to you as an investment fund there will not be any questions by any financial institute. If you can handle this send me the company or individual name with address and contact number to enable me register you as an investor since 1995 so that you will Benefit If YOu have any Question feel free to ask me so that you will understand very well. Reply to my private email:

Colin Grassie

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