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Scam Email #1

This is a great opportunity, paid for personal pleasure and dining out.The
Certified Marketing Services Inc of the job is to evaluate wide Variety of
shops, Stores(Macy-Stores & Walmart),restaurant,cafetaria and services in
your area.Secret shoppers are requested and needed in all states in
America(USA).You will be given money/paid to shop at stores for personal use
and dine
out-/eat out free with money given to you, you can also get free meals/other
stuffs,Free business line, free Entertainment(movies,, Free
travel & tours and more. Great Income & Pay.Fun and Enjoyable Work.Flexible
Schedules. No
experience required. If you can shop-you are qualified, just send us the
information requested below and we promise you that you will not be
Your payment would be sent weekly, ($200) weekly. Also the company is in
charge of providing you with all expense money for the shopping and other
involved incurred during the course of your assignment. All the tools you
will need would be provided to you with details every week you have an


1} When an assignment is given to you, you would be provided details to
execute the assignment and in a timely fashion.

2} You would be asked to visit a company or store in your area and they are
mostly our competitors as a secret shopper and shop with them to know more
about their sales and stock , cost sales and more details as provided by the
company then report back to us with report. But anything you buy at the shop
belongs to you. All we want is an effective/quick job and reports.

Forward all your details to


First Name:…..Middle Name:…..
Last Name:…..
Street Address:…..
Home Phone:…..Cell Phone:…..
Gender::…..Marital Status:….. Age:…..
Nationality:…..Current Occupation:…..
Have you done this job before?:…..E-mail Address:…..
Alternative E-mail Address:…..

Time: 24 Hours daily by e-mail.
Certified Marketing Services Inc
Mr Jefferson Marvin®

Scam Email #2

ESTICO GLOBAL OIL AND GAS COMPANY is giving you an employment to be our agent in a financial transaction. My former agent (Mrs. Deborah Silvia) in U.S.A just died from “Breast Cancer” last two months ago. We do have a lot of clients in U.S.A who buy our product sand they make large payment into our late representative (Mrs. Deborah Silvia) Retirement Account. This is the account our entire customers uses in making payment of my goods purchase.

My company is looking for a representative who can receive payment from our clients for Six months, since our representative passed on, my companies are unable to collect payment from clients and base on the charges Western Union Money Transfer collect that is why we are not using western union money transfer. My company wants to take you as the company representative over there.

We received your detail from (Retirement Account) customer’s list and the company chosen to use you. You
are entitling to 10% of any payment made to your account as our agent and I will introduce all my customers all over United States to you as soon as you accept to be our representative, because we deal on Oil and Gas Products and it will do you and the company a great deal if you agree on this because our payment
are on pending due to the sudden death of our representative.

Please try and get in touch through this email Asap so we can give you all the necessary information needed.

Have a nice day.

Yours faithfully

Dr. Jose Greg Jr. (Sale Manager)


Scam Email #3

Dear Job Seeker,

Shoppers Anonymous Services has selected you as a Mystery Shopper for our organisation. You will earn $200 as our mystery shopper. Your employment packet will include funds for your evaluation which would come in form of a cashier check/ money Or a credit card to process aswell as instructions attached giving you details of your first assignment.The form of payment like we stated are in the form of either a money orders/cashier checks which would be delivered to your residence via one of the various courier service in a certain amount which you would be required to cash a your bank,deduct your survey fees of $200 ,and have the remainder funds used for the evaluation you would be required to carry out as our mystery shopper.

Get back with the following details below if interested

Full Name:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:

Can You process credit card payment? Yes/No

Or better submit your resumes or c.v.

Thank You

Simpson Collins
Head Of Projects
Shopper Anonymous Services

Scam Email #4

Subject: Aramco Jobs Apply Now
Reply to:

Aramco Overseas Company UK Ltd

26th Floor Centre Point
103 New Oxford Street
WC1A 1DD, London
United Kingdom
Web site:
We are currently hiring agents on our company due to vast economic growth, and we will be very glad if you can be our representative in your region and earn 10% of every payment made through you to us, for more information view our website, and the reply to this email address for more information with the details required below.

Full Names………..

Contact Address…………

Phone Numbers………..



Abdul Ali.
Aramco Overseas Company United Kingdom

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