Data entry is very much like the internet version of a factory or production line job, there is nothing wrong with it, but it tends to be repetitive and low paid. That is why when I see data entry jobs being advertised in the manner of, I get very suspicious.

You see, it suggests very strongly that you will be able to earn, $200 – $1000 dollars per day from data entry. Let’s look at that a bit closer, say $200 a day as a minimum, that’s $1000 a week, $4000 a month or $48,000 a year. Sounds great! And the creator of this site suggests you only need to work 15-30 minutes per day! That would be $400 or more per hour for data entry.

Yeah right.

Who is going to pay you that amount? It is ludicrous to believe that a data entry job, a modern day low paid job, will net you more than a doctor per hour.  (

Something Rotten in the State of

Reading through the rest of the sales page, you find the standard spiel of a scam:

  • Testimonials with no evidence of the original person.
  • Checks for vast amounts, but which cannot be confirmed it came from data entry work.
  • Wording that preys on hopes and desires.

The author continues to suggest that this is not a quick rich scheme, yet states that you can make $50k in a month… Continuing with the failed attempt to cover up yet another get rich quick scam, the author goes on to say:

You NEVER have to create your own products or services.
You NEVER have to make any complex websites.
You NEVER have to stock any inventory.
You NEVER have to sell anything.
You NEVER have to collect and follow any leads.
You NEVER have to deal with the customers.
You NEVER have to stick to any set working hours.
You NEVER have to send spam to anyone!

So WHAT do you have to do? Where’s the work?

Apparently it is writing out Yahoo ads.

Now, here’s what I don’t understand. There is an art form to a well-crafted advert, and these things cost the advertiser money for every click.T they need to be able to recoup that loss in a targeted sale. While I mean no offense to you, why would someone pay a person who likely has no knowledge of advertisements or the business’ industry, to write their adverts for them?

“Each of the forms takes just ten minutes to fill out. Imagine how many forms can you complete per day and how much money you can make.”

Hmm, ok so lets say you work really hard, no lunch, no toilet breaks, no Facebook and work a solid 18 hours a day. That means you will write 108 adverts a day, which based on the earnings assumptions made would mean each advert would net you $1.85 – $9.25. Although according to the “income calculator” 108 adverts will net you $5400 or $50 per advert! What?!

This is a Scam!

supposed earnings from data entry
Simply typing online? There is nothing simple about Pay Per Click advertising.

This is not a normal data entry job like you would think. After signing up you are basically suckered into a PPC system. PPC equals Pay Per Click and it is a system where you create adverts to be displayed on search engines. In this case, features Yahoo’s advertising network, but features screenshots of Google’s AdWords network from around 2007.

If someone clicks the advert they go through to your website, but you pay Google for the click. It is a good way to get traffic to a website, but if you don’t know what you are doing it can become very costly, as you pay for the clicks regardless of whether a person stays on your site or more importantly clicks through to the affiliate site and makes a purchase from the vendor which earns you money.

Trust me, my first foray into PPC and I spent $100 in 5 days and earned a big, fat ZERO in return. You are also required to purchase hosting via their affiliate link and create a website as well.

This is far removed from data entry.

The wording is too sales like, the value on the checks is unable to be confirmed, the estimated earnings are ridiculously high in comparison to what it is advising you to do. What is the cost? Trial pay, a system to sign up to other company’s services and products in exchange for free access or $47. It is always advisable to avoid things like Trial Pay as though it seems a cheap way to sign up; in the long term it can cost you more.

The Bottom Line

What is the real cost?

It could be high. If you don’t pick the right product, don’t word the advert right, don’t pick the right keyword, and don’t have the right content on your site, you simply won’t make money.

You will lose money. 

This product does not do what it promises, which is simple data entry, but instead it will hook you in on that promise and make money from you instead. AVOID!

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