There are three words that strike fear into my heart when reviewing internet marketing products: “copy and paste”.

These innocuous sounding words are usually a prelude to a marketing system that is designed to get people suckered into a funnel and spend cash, while usually being given an unworkable system in return.

Cut and paste system’s generally end up wasting people’s time and money, as well as shattering a dream of being financially independent.

This then is my frame of mind after reading barely 3 sentences of the sales pitch for Push Send Profits 2 by James Canzanella.

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push send profit 2 copy and paste

The Pitch

After a dubious start, the sales letter for this product doesn’t really get much better.

It incorporates all the usual tactics for getting you to part with your hard earned cash. It focuses on your lack of success at online marketing and tries to push your fear of failure buttons.

It also provides amazing proof of earnings which as always prove nothing.

While the initial pitch suggest a pure copy and paste system, the info further down makes me feel like there might be some weight to the product but there’s only one way to find out.

Purchasing Push Send Profits 2

The initial purchase is on a dime sale, and I picked it up for $7.50 though it should cap at $9 bucks.

After that, of course, comes an upsell. This is also on a dime sale and will cap at $47. The upsell if for 10 more email templates and a survey squeeze page.

After that is a downsell of the same product for (max) $27.

There is also mention of signing up to a membership site at $27 per month, but as I declined the first upsell I was kicked out of the funnel so I cannot confirm this.

The product

The core product itself consists of an e-book. You also get an e-book containing your email templates, there are 2 videos and a squeeze page download.

The core e-book is a 31 page book, including the usual fluff of contents and disclaimer.

The book covers 6 “hacks” to improve your mailing list emails. These in themselves are fairly useful, though if you have studied email marketing at all you will already know a few.

He also threw in 4 pages worth of headline ideas, which is nice, but could be considered as filler content and 5 pages worth of “catchphrases” to help you appear more personable, which is blatant filler content in my opinion.

It also covers a variety of email methods. To be honest, this was quite interesting though obvious once you look at it. It’s interesting because I don’t think I’ve seen any other training lay it out like that, they generally focus on just one method (referred to as the “Lifetime Profit” emails in this training).

push send profit 2 lifetime email diagram

While not all of these are suitable for everyone, the author does at least offer the various options.

The rest of the short e-book refers you to the video training.

The first video is called Multiple Angle Profits and goes on for a full hour.

The video goes through some of the email templates that have been provided and breaks them down as to what each part of the email is intended to do and how to use and change the emails.

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It’s a good breakdown and anyone who struggles with email marketing could benefit from this as it goes into a fair amount of detail.

The second video has the same name as the product and is 30 minutes long. It was quite disappointing.

I was expecting something to cover and expand on the email side of things, but it was 30 minutes of him making comments on the Warrior Forum.

I get that the point was to improve your reputation and spread your signature around (and thus the link to your squeeze page), but it was a very underwhelming training session.

Some Concerns

I had some concerns about these emails as they come across as quite markety (yeah I know that’s not a real word) and a little bit spammy.

They obviously work though, because I see these types of email being fired out on a daily basis and if they didn’t work then people wouldn’t use them.

I really wanted to hate these emails, but the reality is that structurally they are sound and merely require your voice to be added to them.

The Bottom Line

If it were not for the bolted on videos I would dismiss this product out of hand as a very thin product with limited training, especially for newbies.

However, the videos, especially the hour long one, certainly added enough depth to the product to take it out from being a scam and into the not bad region.

While I really don’t think that this product is suitable for a complete newbie, it should be fine for anyone with some existing experience in setting up and using a basic website and autoresponder.

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