I’m pretty stoked cuz I just cashed out my 2nd $50 payment through SurveySavvy. It’s not much, I know, but I’ve only taken one or two surveys for them. The rest of that $100 was completely passive. All I’ve done is promote it through this review of SurveySavvy. (If you’re unimpressed by $100—and who could blame you?—Steve makes much more than I do through SurveySavvy.)

We’ve tried other survey companies, but haven’t had as great of an experience as we’ve had with Survey Savvy. So if you’re going to try paid surveys, definitely go with Survey Savvy. But let me be very honest with you. You’re not going to make a living, part time or otherwise, by filling out surveys. I couldn’t qualify to take their surveys to save my life! You’ll make some cash only if you have a way to promote it, such as a blog or Web site with a steady stream of traffic, and have a sizable group of referrals. (Steve edit: There is no such thing as financial freedom!)

If you have those things and can build a down line over time, you have nothing to lose.

Click here to sign up with Survey Savvy.

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  • Lori

    I have been working on the surveys and have not gotten paid.

  • Joe

    Kathleen, “referrals” are when other people sign up for surveysavvy using your member link. You then get a small credit for each survey they do.

  • Kathleen Viens
    Kathleen Viens

    I can’t say the same thing. I’ve taken surveys from them and never made much. I’ve made more money from other sites that pay more and don’t want you to sign up for offers. I don’t like those kinds of sites. What do you mean by referrals? I never did that. Maybe I should.

  • Glen

    I have been a member for a bit. They keep me in fun money or money to buy small things under 50 bucks. You are correct they are one of the better survey companies out there.

  • Joe

    I get surveys often, but my problem is qualifying for them! They aren’t interested in my opinion. Have you filled out your member profiles? The more they know about you, the more surveys they’ll send your way.

  • janice

    I dont know about anyone else but I cant remember the last time I got a survey to complete from them. Any one else having this problem???

  • Work At Home No Scams
    Work At Home No Scams

    Congrats! I’ve had the same success. I don’t get many surveys from them either but the referrals add up fast and where I’ve made a killing! The other great thing about surveysavvy is that they have a satisifactiory listing with the BBB so they’re actually legitimate and they do pay!

    I just wish their frequencey of surveys were as good as Mysurvey or Pineconeresearch.

    Eddy Salomon

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