I started my Build a Niche Store review about a month ago, giving myself the month of February to make back my investment. How I did will be revealed in a little bit, as I wanted to offer a little background information about the software first. About The Software Build a Niche Store (or BANS […]

Here is the third follow-up on my Build a Niche Store review. This week has been fairly slow and I haven’t given nearly enough attention to this software as I had liked. In fact, I haven’t done any work on the site since the last update. However, I did manage to pull in yet another […]

Way back in June of 2007 , I’ve Tried That declared war on data entry jobs as they’re pitched on the ‘Net. I’m ashamed to say it’s been a rather uneventful war. We looked at a few companies but got tired of it because they were all the same schtick. Meet the new Rambo in […]