Whether you want to work from a beach or want to see what this wide world has to offer you, there’s usually a small catch: how can you afford it?

The old way was to save up as much money as possible, make sure you have an open ended return ticket and head home when your cash runs out.

That doesn’t need to be the case though, as there are tons of opportunities both on and offline that can keep cash coming in so you can extend your trip for as long as possible.

#1 Teach English (or Another Language)

Wherever you are in the world, someone somewhere wants to learn or improve their second language skills. Most often you’ll find that teaching English is what people want, but if you know more languages than just English there are plenty of opportunities for those too.

Most people will be happy learning from a native speaker, which is great because things like TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificates are generally a con. This is because there is no formal accrediting organization behind them, so pretty much anyone can issue one of these certificates, for any price.

That being said, a lot of countries don’t realise this so if you can afford one, it may be beneficial in the long run regardless of the lack of any formal oversight.

#2 Become a Travel Blogger

Writing and blogging about your experiences is a great way to earn a side income. Lots of people want real and honest opinions about countries they want to travel to. This can be both a general overview, gotchas and problems that may not be initially obvious, great and bad places to stay, eat and work and more.

A travel blog can be monetized with adverts, and you never know, maybe this side gig could lead to further adventures such as writing a book!

#3 Become a Blogger

Just because you are traveling the world, it doesn’t mean you have to write about it.

You can write about pretty much anything and earn money from it.

The great thing is that most countries have some internet access, and even if it is a bit sketchy you can still store articles locally, upload them when you can and schedule them for future release.

Affiliate marketing, email marketing and adverts all work to your advantage, bringing in money while you’re sightseeing.

#4 Become a Vlogger

Want to show people the world you’re visiting? Or maybe you just hate writing! Having a vlog (either on your own site, or via a service like YouTube), is an easy way to start building a following and therefore income.

Plus, you don’t even need any expensive equipment; everyone has a phone with a camera nowadays.

The hardest part of this is when you’re visiting places with crappy internet access – video files are big!

#5 Work on Cruise Ships

Working on a cruise ship is a good option if you want to work in exotic locations, but don’t want to rough it as much.

The pays OK, though the hours are long and free time is a premium.

Most cruise companies such as Royal Caribbean have job opportunities directly on their websites.

#6 Resort Work

If you’re visiting a tourist location, check out the local resorts. Staff turnover can often be high so picking up a temporary job is usually easy.

Resorts have a variety of positions from cooking and cleaning, to bar staff to front desk work.

#7 Become a Farm Hand

Farm work is often hard work, with long days. That doesn’t mean it’s not a viable option. As a general farm laborer you will need to be strong and have plenty of stamina. Having some experience with things like woodwork, mechanics etc will always stand you in good stead but even if you’re just handy with a hammer it helps.

If you’re looking for something which gives you time to explore, why not check out WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)?

They offer opportunities to go work on organic farms throughout the world. You work for a set number of hours a day (about 4-6) and in exchange you get room and board. That leaves you plenty of time to go exploring.

#8 Pick Fruit & Vegetables

Some farmers in your host country aren’t looking for general workers, but instead looking for people to help bring in their crops.

Picking fruit and vegetables is back breaking work, but can pay you by the basket/box or offer roam and board, or maybe even both.

#9 Work in Hostels

You may be planning on staying in a hostel but what about working in one? Hostel staff turnover can be high (and unreliable) so they are often happy to pay a small amount for desk duty or cleaning. Some may offer free accommodation in lieu of cash.

#10 Become a Photographer

While traveling from country to country you’re likely to be taking photos, I mean what better way to help remember your fantastic journey?

Why not cash in on this to help fund your continuing adventures?

You can sell you photos to stock photo agencies, travel blogs and travel magazines.

The only things you need are an eye for a decent photo and a quality camera (and insurance!).

#11 Street Performances

If you can mime, play, sing or dance, then busking is always an option!

Just make sure you check the local laws on street performances so that you don’t end up being fined or even imprisoned!

#12 Freelance Work

One of the best things about being an online entrepreneur is being able to work from pretty much anywhere.

Taking your work on the road is especially easy nowadays so that you can do graphic design in Milan, web design in Sydney, support work in Bangkok and writing while in Peru.

Even if you don’t have your own gigs already, you can check out job listings on sites like Upwork.com

#13 Micro Job Sites

If you’re not keen on taking on big jobs while abroad, or you have different skill sets you could try micro job sites like Fiverr.com. These jobs are usually much quicker and therefore you have less commitment, but they obviously pay much less as well.

#14 Be an Au Pair

One way to get started abroad and get paid for it is to become an au pair (a nanny).

The benefits of this sort of work are triple: you get paid, get accommodation and get to live in a foreign country!

There are horror stories behind jobs like this, so it’s usually a good idea to use a trusted agency like GoAuPair.com.

#15 Tour Guide

Being a tour guide isn’t as hard as you think. Sure there are plenty of agencies, but there are usually no set laws surrounding this job. Of course you need to have a solid knowledge of the tour area, plenty of stories and a good sense of humor.

#16 House Sitting

That’s right; people will pay you to look after their house! Generally though, most house sitting gigs are done in exchange for the accommodation (you may even need to chip in on utilities). Still, it’s cheaper and better quality than paying for a hotel or hostel every night.

Check out MindMyHouse for more info on this.

#17 Bar and Restaurant Work

The old favorite or backpackers everywhere! Most tourist places have a large number of bars and restaurants so finding a gig isn’t hard, even without experience.

The pay is usually not that great and hours can be long, but it can help pay the way to the next place.

#18 Teach Dance

If you know how to tango, or you do a mean rumba then you can make money by teaching locals and tourists how to dance.

Depending on where you are, you may need to hire a place, or you could just teach people in the street or a courtyard. Working with local restaurants and bars is also an idea as both you and they benefit.

#19 Teach Sports

Similar to teaching dancing, if you are skilled at a sport you can help coach locals and their kids.

#20 Sell Arts and Crafts

There are a couple of options here. Firstly you could create your own goods and sell to tourists, or secondly you could purchase locally made products, and sell them for a markup on via eBay.

#21 Work on a Yacht

Working on a yacht is much different from working on a cruise ship. You’ll need to wear many more hats to begin with and be a team player as well.

Finding yachts to work on is made much easier by using The Crew Network, a site designed to match up crew and boat owners.

While you will get to work in and visit many new and exciting places, be aware that you won’t be in control of your destinations.

#22 Correct Menus, Signs, and Text

This one is perfect for you grammar Nazis out there! Most restaurants and businesses in tourist areas offer menus, signs and other documentation in English, but sadly they usually get some things wrong.

These errors can be embarrassing and may even lose them some business, but you can help.

Offer to correct their grammar and spelling for a nominal fee of $5 or $10. You’ll be surprised how many will take you up on this and there can be a lot of businesses that need your services.

#23 Volunteer

Volunteering not only helps you get abroad and see new and exciting places, but it also helps others too.

There are a lot of different volunteer organizations out there who will send you to Africa, Asia and beyond.

They will normally also provide bed and board for you as well.

Volunteer Match, Global Dental Relief, Go Overseas, and Projects Abroad are all good places to start your volunteer search from.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to visit a specific country, travel the world or just work abroad, there are many different ways you can earn money to help support your lifestyle while over there.

The key thing to remember is to keep your options open and look for opportunities. As well as that, try to have a few different income streams so the loss of one doesn’t hamper your travels too much.

Happy traveling!

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