Quick Summary of Home Profit Makr

Rating: 1 I'd give zero if I could!

The Good: None whatsoever. This program has no redeeming qualities.

The Bad: It's a system based on lies to get you to deposit money into a brokerage account that you'll either lose or can't withdrawal. There is no secret trading program that can guarantee a binary option win and the testimonials are made up.

The Bottom Line: This "system" lies to you from the get go and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Home Profit Makr Review

Have you ever heard of open source software? No? Well open source software is where the developer allows the code to be seen and used by anyone and everyone. Most often they also allow anyone to contribute to the code as well.

A great example of this is WordPress – anyone can use the WordPress code, so long as they follow some basic guidelines.

As a WordPress fanatic I’m very keen on the open source scene, I think it’s great and can help people learn new things and push boundaries.

This is why when I came across Home Profit Makr, a new Binary Options system, I was intrigued by their statement that this is open source.

Home Profit Makr opensource

The Pitch

Home Profit Makr’s sales page contains a short 4 minute video that describes, well honesty it doesn’t describe anything!

It states that it is a world’s first, and that it was developed in Silicon Valley. Weird thing is it doesn’t say what it is or who developed it.

The video continues to explain how it was funded by crowdsourcing and obtained $1,223,431 dollars back in 2014 to create a new way of helping people earn money from home.

The website it showed looked very similar to Indiegogo, but the campaign was not listed. In fact after a long time searching the internet I could find no references to this crowdfunding achievement.

This leads me to believe that the creators of Home Profit Makr are being less than honest.

Home Profit Makr crowdfunding
Above: A fake crowdfunding campaign designed to look like Indiegogo.

Home Profit Makr real indiegogo

Above: A real crowdfunding campaign from Indiegogo.

After mentioning this fictitious crowdfunding campaign, the video then states that the early adopters got early access and made a ton of money from it:

  • Anthony  made $3,422 in a month
  • Holly made $9,270 in a week
  • Sophie made $22,500 in 28 days

Well, if the Indiegogo campaign was fake, why should you believe that these people are real? You shouldn’t, because they’re not.

The next part of the video really got me worked up. As mentioned I’m a fan of open source, so when they said that they can only accept another 300 people my initial reaction was “OK, where can I download the code, I can host it myself”. After all, that’s the point of open source – giving anyone, anywhere access to the code.

Well unsurprisingly there is no mention of being given access to the code anywhere on the site. It was missing, just like all the legal statements that they should show to you. You know little things like FTC regulatory statements, risks involved with the system, and other mandatory statements.

The video also mentions that you only have 5 minutes to sign up or else you lose your spot. This is completely false, as I signed up at least 15 minutes later with no issues. It’s just a typical scarcity tactic employed to make you rush through the process without looking too closely at the obvious flaws.

I’m also yet to find the mysterious Home Profit Makr community they allude to, but seeing as the crowdfunding campaign was fake, I assume this community is too.

What is Home Profit Makr

If you haven’t guessed by now, Home Profit Makr is nothing but a façade and scam. It is in fact just a front to get you to sign up to a Binary Options broker.

Binary Options, in case you’re not aware, are a type of financial trade (normally currencies) and are considered to be a very high risk endeavor. They are also highly profitable, at least for the affiliates that promote them. For actual users the profits vary but most often it’s a struggle to break even without both an incredible understanding of the markets and a lot of luck.

And that is all this so called crowdfunded, open source application is: a front, just to get you to hand over your cash to a broker in return for a commission to the affiliate.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing special about this system, there isn’t even a system. No funding, no software. The only thing you will get is a bunch of lies and the probability of an empty wallet.

I would recommend that you steer clear of Home Profit Makr, it’s just a scam.

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