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Beware of Kyle Waitley, Credit Report America, and Rent to Own Scams.

The latest scam to hit craigslist and inboxes across America could cost you your identity. The scammer operates under the name Kyle Waitley and he promises you a list of very cheap foreclosed homes for a mere $2 and a credit check.

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First Contact

Below is a sample email Kyle Waitley sends out to unsuspecting victims. It’s possible you may have received a different, yet similar email, but the overall gist is the same. The main point of the email is to get you interested in fixing your credit and finding a new home for cheap.

Subject: who wants to go Rent 2 Own home shopping with me this weekend?


Friday is here and I want to know what kind of home you’re interested in…
– ranch
– 2 story
– condo/townhome
– big yard
– etc…

We’ll the National Forclosure list has all of the above PLUS some!

All you need to do is pay $2 bucks (THATS IT!) to access the list and
start shopping for your new home below…


It’s only $2!!!

Look if you’re not willing to invest $2 bucks into your future then
I can’t help you… seriously

What I do is real… I give you the option of picking out your very
own home and having us buy it and RE-SELL it to you on a Rent to Own

And the only way to pick out these homes is from the National Forclosure
list (we CANNOT buy full priced properties… doesn’t make any sense
and the private lenders we use won’t allow it)

The listing service I personally use (and recommend) is below…


They have the…
– largest selection
– most pictures and information on each deal
– constantly updated
– and only cost $2 bucks to get full access!


After you pick out a few properties that you want more information about
email me the direct links of the homes AND your phone number.

Make sure the subject line reads… “Kyle here are my homes”

Now start this weekend off right and get on over to…


Email me back,
Kyle Waitley

ps – I have 3 early showings today so I may not be able to get back to you
until a little later

Clicking through on one of the many URLs ultimately leads you to a site that wants to run a credit check on you to make sure you qualify to use the list of homes Kyle offers. The credit check is supposedly free, but they need to charge your credit card $1 for verification purposes.

Handing over your credit card and private information to these people is a bad idea. Aside from potential identity theft, there are a lot of consumers warning that multiple unauthorized charges are appearing on their credit card statements ranging from $2 to $35. The victims claim that having these charges reversed is proving to be quite difficult.

Experiences with Kyle Waitley and Credit Report America

The following statements are from others who have personally dealt with Kyle Waitley and Credit Report America.

Here is my experience with Kyle Waitley (an alias) and Credit Report America…

Credit Report America’s site states, “Your credit card WILL NOT be charged during the FREE trial period. However, a refundable ONE DOLLAR activation fee will be made because valid credit card information is required…”.

They did attempt to get me to sign up for other services such as credit card monitoring but I declined all of them.

Once I accepted the “free” offer, I checked my bank account and I was NOT charged $1… but there were TWO successive charges to my bank account, one for $2.95 and one for $29.95. I placed the order for my FREE credit report Sunday evening… there shouldn’t have been ANY charges on my credit card except for ONE $1 ping on my account. I should not have $32.90 on hold due to these people.

I called the company at (800) 712-7224 and the girl who answers the phone is trying to tell me that my card has not been charged and that the two charges are only pending. Right… funny they don’t tell you THAT in their disclosures, do they? I told her what she was failing to understand is $32.90 is a hell of a lot more than the $1 that they’re hawking on their site. I canceled my account and called back and spoke with ‘supervisor on staff’ Steve who stated he was shocked and that he would find out why that happened. I’m still waiting to see if these charges clear or if they come through on my account.

I’m one of those Americans who is trying to clean up my credit and own a home… you know, the American Dream. Too bad that people like these have to turn it into the American nightmare. When I saw the charges on my account, I shot off an email to good old Kyle… guess what? I haven’t heard ANYTHING from him. Nope. Quiet as a church mouse! Yet prior to me ordering this credit report? I was getting 2-3 emails PER DAY from him.

An attempt to get in contact with Kyle:

I checked out an ad in CList for “rent to own your own home”, and automatically got sent to Kyle Waitley’s website. He outlined a 4-step method to become a home owner while “repairing bad credit” in the process. With each step’s email, he also sent an auto link to a credit score site, where you get a “free trial” for “only” a dollar, supposedly refundable. I emailed this guy FIVE times, saying I already know my credit score, i don’t need to join this club to obtain my credit score. He never answered any of my mail. This sent up a red flag to me, because to obtain a credit score, you have to use your ssn. The way he writes is unprofessional. No business-oriented person would speak this way. But I did NOT proceed with his pitch. Chalk it up to woman’s intuition.

Known Contact Information

  • Aliases: Kyle Waitley, Tim Roberts, Jeremy T. Blunt
  • Business Names: Credit Report America, CoastWest Holdings Ltd., CreditReport America, YouRentYouLoseHomes, RentToOwnHomeSearch
  • URLs:
  • Possible Email Addresses:,
  • Possible Contact Number: 1-800-712-7224

Remember, that there is no quick-fix for credit repair. It takes time to fix a poor credit history. Don’t let someone lead you to believe that it can be fixed overnight.

Have you had any experience with Kyle Waitley or Credit Report America? If so, leave a comment below.

78 thoughts on “Beware of Kyle Waitley, Credit Report America, and Rent to Own Scams.”

  1. I just keep getting emails from someone named Brad from and the emails sound exactly the same way that you guys made mention and everyday there’s 23 emails in my inbox over and over and over I’m so glad that I read this website thank you very very much… I’d like to say that I’m sure this is not a single person this is probably a computer software program that sens emails to whoever and wherever and butts on anyone willing to bite the bullet which is probably why your answers your questions are not getting answered.

  2. He is still here in Arizona on CL, as Matt Weiss, so glad I found this website, did not give any info as my gut told me this is a too good to be true deal. After reading many posts, hope this idiot gets burned!!!

  3. Not sure if any one posted this info but when I unsubscribed I got this contact info for Matt Weiss

    Matt Weiss
    (512) 827-0505 ext 5100

  4. Attention all Kyle Waitley is now Matt Weiss pulling the same rent to own scam as usual, Do not answer or send any information just delete every time you get contacted. Do not waste your time.

  5. He’s also in Panama City, Florida as Matt Weiss. I get at least 1 email a day but have become so skeptical of just about everything now days that I make sure to check it out before committing. Thank God I did. What I don’t understand is these posts started over a year ago and he is still at it. Why can’t this slime ball be caught and put where he belongs?

  6. Same scam still operating in Boston as of 1/3/11 under the name Matt Weiss, . The email says:
    © Copyright 2010,, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
    National Office – EZ to Own Homes Inc
    14030 Peach Grove St
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

    They don’t send you a list of rent-to-own homes. They just try to strong arm you into getting a credit score trough their affiliate program. Then, when you get charged the $29.99 previous posters are talking about, they take a cut of that from the credit score reseller. Just sleaze!

  7. It seems everyone here on this site has been affected by “kyle” or “Matt” … They are both the same person Jeremy Blunt . I know Jeremy personally. We went to the same high school. Let me tell you all that he is getting rich off of people just like you. He drives a caddilac and lives in a nice condo, and that is just on the surface, who knows what else he has that all of us can’t see on the surface. You people fund his extreme lifestyle which is party life all the time, expensive vacations and so on . I’ve been with him during this time and he actually brags that he gets paid to do nothing and all that. He lives in St.Francis , WI in a condo right by the lake …that’s lake Michigan . His home town of cudahy is just miles away . He grew up on swift avenue in cudahy , wi ..good luck all

    • Yea I’m from Cudahy too and know him. It’s sad that this is what he does. I know at one point he had a website how you can read his totally free book on how to make money for $1 donation…I just put 2 and 2 together, he was probably charging those cards for more than a dollar. It’s sad cause he’s a cool dude in person. At the end of the day we all have to answer to God though and pay for our mistakes

  8. I too live in minnesota and found the matt weiss rent to own add on C/L. I signed up on the GovT Auction site and sent matt my list of homes. I later received an email back saying that he was going to make sure the homes where still available. This was over 3 weeks ago. Before this I would receive 3-4 emails a day from matt and since I have not heard a single word. I sent him an email today stating that I am going to report him as a scam to the Better Business Bureau.

    Steve- I will send you a copy of some of the emails he sent me.


  10. He is posting in the Spokane WA area as Matt Weiss – same email scams… I recommend that if you want a rent to own – lease purchase or owner contract you contact a local LICENSED realtor who can help you. The deals are out there and if you get a good realtor that will work hard to find you you what you want it can work.

    DO NOT FALL FOR THE MAT WEISS of the world!

  11. “This is my BLONDE OMG moment”!!!! I have been had too but Thank God for only $1.97! I did give the Gov’t Auction my credit card no to charge the $1.97 and I checked my bank statement and it was for only $1.97. However after getting all those fake e-mails from “MATT WEISS” about the houses and never answering any of my e-mails back I too got suspicious. So my son and daughter-in-law suggested searching the web for the address that he had listed :

    National Office Real-Freedom-For-You Inc

    6871 So. Birdsong Dr
    Oak Creek, WI

    and “LORD AND BEHOLD” there it was with the “SCAM” notice!!!!!
    We live in Decatur, Alabama and we also had gotten e-mails from that Robert James guy and a few others but Thank God I did not respond to any of them!
    But poor ole Matt is gonna be feeling real sad because “THANKS TO ALL OF YOU AND YOUR INFORMATION” he will not get another penny from us because we cancelled our debit card and also reported him to the BBB!!!!

    SOOO!! Please everyone be aware of this pathetic little fool because he will be caught in time and the Good Lord knows where to find him even if we can’t at the present time!


  12. I almost fell for this! It sounded great but i could not find any info on them from the bbb. I did find you

    Thanks so Much

  13. Well, he is Matt Weiss and thank God I never gave my personal information! I now get them from him and someone named Robert James. People need to get a life! He is in Arizona too, watch out zonies!

  14. Hi everyone :) My husband and I are looking for homes and this is not the first time we are buying a home. ‘Matt Weiss’ is in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Craigslist too. I would not have given one thin dime to him myself, but not everyone is able to avoid the scam.

    I have some ideas……I do volunteer work online, own several websites myself and do the work with a friend who has several and everything is on his dedicated server. My friend and I co-host multiple radio and live shows online. All of our time is free for what we do, and we do incur costs for domains, software, server, etc., but it is to increase awareness for a good cause. We do shows on any unrelated topic also, and can get this a lot of exposure on the net. We also have many online forums on the server :)

    So, basically, I am thinking that we could go ahead and do a show about ‘Matt Weiss’, provide his stuff via screen shots, etc. and our shows are archived and auto post to hundreds of locations. We would be happy to provide our time and exposure on the net to help.

    We have a huge online presence and following and would be happy to go ahead and do a show and get his ‘scam’ info all over all of our sites too.

    We would be happy to give our time to create more awareness and our time is free.

    We have done shows on other topics before, and whether it is for our cause or another topic, such as this….we provide well researched facts and our opinions.

    Just say the word and we’ll do it….it would be our pleasure to expose him. Our primary cause has to do with criminal justice anyway.

    I am purposely NOT putting ANY of our sites or anything in this post, as I am not trying to promote what we are doing…which we dedicate our time for free and incur the costs for everything.

    This is about trying to help this cause. To be honest, we can do shows and post anything anywhere we like…..but this is a very nice website and I respect the owner that is doing good in the world like we are. That is why I am sort of asking first. :)


  15. Wow I started to fall for this scam….I founf it on I emailed “Matt” and after 5 emails and still not one of them was from a real person, I googled the email address. This is such a waste!!! Too bad people cant be honest any more. what ever you do dont sign up for the “government auction” websites that are suggested. There are free website that are legit for government foreclosures. BEWARE!!!

  16. same thing. Matt was Kyle before. I have received several e-mails after going on Craigslist. This guy is a “TOTAL CON” Thank God I never sent this guy my personal info

  17. In my opinion:
    After ALOT of research the below company is the company scamming Americans coast-to-coast on Craigslist.
    And, DO NOT let them fool you that somebody else is “Kyle” or “Matt” or:
    …this the company behind this entire scam: Research shows this company facilitating all the Marketing (Craigslist auto-posting real estate scam ads) and the behind-the-curtain company coordinating the receiving of victims credit card payments:
    385 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 412
    Yardley, PA 19067

    Scammers Telephone: 888.602.5375
    Scammers Fax: 215.579.1668

  18. I also found this guy on CL Los Angeles. Again under Matt Weiss:

    We buy these forclosed homes (that a buyer picks out) and
    than re-sell the home to them on a “Rent to Own” basis.
    Well now it’s YOUR TURN to pick out a a few forclosed
    homes and let us go to work for you!
    – You need at least $1,000 down PLUS first months payment
    – A steady job for the past 90 days
    – And a TRUE desire to own your own home
    YES… you pick the home out and either myself, our
    investors, OR are list of private lenders will finance
    the home for you
    This is how we make a living, so we do sell the home to
    you at a higher price then we bought it for.
    We still give you TONs of equity so still you get a GREAT

    House Value – 150,000
    Purchase it for – 65,000
    Our 7% fee – $4,550
    Sell it to you for – $69,550
    Monthly Payments – $500 to $600 a month
    This is how I lay out EVERY DEAL before you say YES or

    National Office Real-Freedom-For-You Inc
    6871 So. Birdsong Dr
    Oak Creek, WI

  19. You can sign up for government auctions and foreclosure alerts, free. Go to or You can also find the number to report tax fraud at Kytle Watley is committing tax fraud if his business is not legit and not registered anyplace.

  20. Kyle Waitley is now Matt Weiss. They were or are conducting this scam in Pennsylvania via CL. I am now in San Antonio, Texas and they are here via CL conducting the same scam. Don’t fall for it!!

  21. Matt Weiss is Kyle’s current alias.
    I began receiving the emails after clicking on a link somewhere about foreclosures.
    I am debt free and currently have a credit score of 740, so I really didn’t need any help with that, along with a 20% downpayment. I NEED help with
    the whole “job forever” thing the banks are demanding since I am an artist and not employed anywhere. No lender will touch me in this current economy because I cannot state an average monthly income and because my buyers are not repeat buyers and often are “passing through” and really don’t want to be contacted by my lender for all their info simply because they made a small $150.00-$500.00 purchase. So when I emailed this info several times to “Matt” AKA Kyle and only got MORE come on form letters, I KNEW it was B.S.


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