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Beware of Kyle Waitley, Credit Report America, and Rent to Own Scams.

The latest scam to hit craigslist and inboxes across America could cost you your identity. The scammer operates under the name Kyle Waitley and he promises you a list of very cheap foreclosed homes for a mere $2 and a credit check.

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First Contact

Below is a sample email Kyle Waitley sends out to unsuspecting victims. It’s possible you may have received a different, yet similar email, but the overall gist is the same. The main point of the email is to get you interested in fixing your credit and finding a new home for cheap.

Subject: who wants to go Rent 2 Own home shopping with me this weekend?


Friday is here and I want to know what kind of home you’re interested in…
– ranch
– 2 story
– condo/townhome
– big yard
– etc…

We’ll the National Forclosure list has all of the above PLUS some!

All you need to do is pay $2 bucks (THATS IT!) to access the list and
start shopping for your new home below…


It’s only $2!!!

Look if you’re not willing to invest $2 bucks into your future then
I can’t help you… seriously

What I do is real… I give you the option of picking out your very
own home and having us buy it and RE-SELL it to you on a Rent to Own

And the only way to pick out these homes is from the National Forclosure
list (we CANNOT buy full priced properties… doesn’t make any sense
and the private lenders we use won’t allow it)

The listing service I personally use (and recommend) is below…


They have the…
– largest selection
– most pictures and information on each deal
– constantly updated
– and only cost $2 bucks to get full access!


After you pick out a few properties that you want more information about
email me the direct links of the homes AND your phone number.

Make sure the subject line reads… “Kyle here are my homes”

Now start this weekend off right and get on over to…


Email me back,
Kyle Waitley

ps – I have 3 early showings today so I may not be able to get back to you
until a little later

Clicking through on one of the many URLs ultimately leads you to a site that wants to run a credit check on you to make sure you qualify to use the list of homes Kyle offers. The credit check is supposedly free, but they need to charge your credit card $1 for verification purposes.

Handing over your credit card and private information to these people is a bad idea. Aside from potential identity theft, there are a lot of consumers warning that multiple unauthorized charges are appearing on their credit card statements ranging from $2 to $35. The victims claim that having these charges reversed is proving to be quite difficult.

Experiences with Kyle Waitley and Credit Report America

The following statements are from others who have personally dealt with Kyle Waitley and Credit Report America.

Here is my experience with Kyle Waitley (an alias) and Credit Report America…

Credit Report America’s site states, “Your credit card WILL NOT be charged during the FREE trial period. However, a refundable ONE DOLLAR activation fee will be made because valid credit card information is required…”.

They did attempt to get me to sign up for other services such as credit card monitoring but I declined all of them.

Once I accepted the “free” offer, I checked my bank account and I was NOT charged $1… but there were TWO successive charges to my bank account, one for $2.95 and one for $29.95. I placed the order for my FREE credit report Sunday evening… there shouldn’t have been ANY charges on my credit card except for ONE $1 ping on my account. I should not have $32.90 on hold due to these people.

I called the company at (800) 712-7224 and the girl who answers the phone is trying to tell me that my card has not been charged and that the two charges are only pending. Right… funny they don’t tell you THAT in their disclosures, do they? I told her what she was failing to understand is $32.90 is a hell of a lot more than the $1 that they’re hawking on their site. I canceled my account and called back and spoke with ‘supervisor on staff’ Steve who stated he was shocked and that he would find out why that happened. I’m still waiting to see if these charges clear or if they come through on my account.

I’m one of those Americans who is trying to clean up my credit and own a home… you know, the American Dream. Too bad that people like these have to turn it into the American nightmare. When I saw the charges on my account, I shot off an email to good old Kyle… guess what? I haven’t heard ANYTHING from him. Nope. Quiet as a church mouse! Yet prior to me ordering this credit report? I was getting 2-3 emails PER DAY from him.

An attempt to get in contact with Kyle:

I checked out an ad in CList for “rent to own your own home”, and automatically got sent to Kyle Waitley’s website. He outlined a 4-step method to become a home owner while “repairing bad credit” in the process. With each step’s email, he also sent an auto link to a credit score site, where you get a “free trial” for “only” a dollar, supposedly refundable. I emailed this guy FIVE times, saying I already know my credit score, i don’t need to join this club to obtain my credit score. He never answered any of my mail. This sent up a red flag to me, because to obtain a credit score, you have to use your ssn. The way he writes is unprofessional. No business-oriented person would speak this way. But I did NOT proceed with his pitch. Chalk it up to woman’s intuition.

Known Contact Information

  • Aliases: Kyle Waitley, Tim Roberts, Jeremy T. Blunt
  • Business Names: Credit Report America, CoastWest Holdings Ltd., CreditReport America, YouRentYouLoseHomes, RentToOwnHomeSearch
  • URLs:
  • Possible Email Addresses:,
  • Possible Contact Number: 1-800-712-7224

Remember, that there is no quick-fix for credit repair. It takes time to fix a poor credit history. Don’t let someone lead you to believe that it can be fixed overnight.

Have you had any experience with Kyle Waitley or Credit Report America? If so, leave a comment below.

78 thoughts on “Beware of Kyle Waitley, Credit Report America, and Rent to Own Scams.”

  1. I think he is now under the name Matt Weiss and using the email address:

    This would actually be a good business if someone had the resources to fund it. Thats why I was interested… it actually seems legitimate. but the going to church thing… the 4 steps… the not responding to emails… I sent listing numbers to homes I KNOW are foreclosures without signing up… and I have yet to hear back… its been a week.

  2. I ended up on his spammy mailing list quite some time back on an old email address, he was advertising investment type and rent to owns/info on ebay which I signed up for. Just thought I’d add that as I’ve just found out about his being a scammer through unrelated research and haven’t seen any mention anywhere of anyone having first found him through ebay. Hope someone nails the scumbag.

  3. I am a Realtor in CA and a long time client of mine asked me about this guy and his system. My client already knows that he does not need to pay for any listings of any homes but was interested in the rent to own aspect. He forwarded one of Kyle’s emails to me, which seemed just a bit “off”. It appeared to me that he was trying to taking advantage of people and charge them for something they could access absolutely free thru a Realtor or even on their own from the internet! I subscribed to the emails to get more info and immediately saw that it was a scam trying to take advantage of peoples life issues to make money. Did a little more research, found this site and am referring my client to it immediately. I also will be letting my corporate office know since his initials (for one of his alias’) is KW and my co’s name is Keller Williams (KW). We have a great reputation nationwide and would not want to be associated with this criminal. For anyone wanting to buy a home, go to a professional Realtor who will give you great guidance and be paid by the SELLER of the property, not the buyer.

  4. People like this should be dealt with like back in the old days. I was almost suckered in but when I had no
    Returns from my emails I sent him but would get one a day with him trying to get me to go to the site for
    Home and a trivia Queition site came up I was done then goggled his name and found this site THIS site is AWSOME
    I am sorry to all the people that lost money to this scum bag and happy to the ones there were saved from
    Him because of this information on this site

    Thanks BZ in WI

  5. Ok,

    Something about this Kyle Waitley guy has been bothering me. His most recent email talks about his partner who is running which is Kyle’s overflow from his current lease to own program. I went to the site. There is no address, phone number or person to talk to. I emailed HLE with a couple of questions and got such a rude, unprofessional and curt reply that I started to really research both Kyle and this new site that he is sending people to now.



  6. Actually, when you think about this idiot and what he’s attempting to do,
    there are unfortunately many people out here grasping at straws and he’s
    found (apparently in his mind) a successful way to turn a profit at other’s
    I, too, almost went for the program,but never got further than reading
    about his going to church, having cookouts, etc., until my wife said this
    morning “wonder if he has listings in suchandsuch?”.
    Well I had deleted all his e-mails, so I googled and got your website as
    I looked for his name. Thank you very much.
    He will get his comeuppence sooner or later – or crawl back under that
    rock. My advice is find a realtor, a local bank, and be honest about your
    situation – both to yourself and them! There are, believe it or not still a
    lot of good people/businesses willing to help you get to where you want
    to be. It may take some time and perhaps it should, but obviously for the
    quick fixers like Kyle – it only works for them…

  7. I found out about the Kyle Waitley scam almost immediately after filling out his interest form; so, I never gave him any personal info beyond my email address on the form. However, the multiple emails per day I receive from him can’t be spammed; in other words, I don’t open them, always flag them as spam, and they still arrive like clockwork.

  8. Iwas thinking of moving to Indiana from Minnesota & when I went on C’sList in Indiana I got his website gave. My E-mail when I decided I might stay in Minnesota & started looking he was here 2 he sends me like 3-4 emails a day & 2 day it was actually from a kevin.BEWARE. I couldn’t get linked 2 his site so I emailed him & asked him 2 call he never did just continued 2 receive emails this guy needs 2 b put away.needs 2 b caught 2many people r suffering w/the economy the way it is & r tryin 2 have high hopes 4 tha future. Its scumbags like these thateveb take us down further in time of need if we allow it let’s all work 2gether & catch this fool

  9. So glad i googled Kyle Waitley, My husband and i were planning friday to use our tax return for the $2.00list and then $1,000 toward renting to own with this scam loser. Can’t believe he is still trying to get people to fall for this its sad. We were so happy we have been driving around googling foreclosure houses in the area we want to buy=( All to be let down. I’m just glad we didn’t give any ssn or money to this Kyle Waitley. It sounded to good to be true and it is. Thanks for everyone writing on here this is very helpful, Glad i found this before it was too late.
    Cheers, Dumpster Doll

  10. Ditto for Kyle Waitley in Washington State, found on Bellingham CL.

    Think about it…this person is going to make 7% on the sale, but forces
    a buyer to pay $2 for a list. Why not pay the $2 himself, post the
    “listings” on his own website ?

    Also, if there’s any musicians on this site, beware “Omari Taylor” also.

  11. Wow! I almost fell for this “shiesty” deal. If his link hadn’t taken me to the foreclosure sign-up that offered 7 day free for $1.95 and then $34.95 dollars if you don’t cancel and required a credit card number. I had been seriously thinking about it if you could use a PayPal account — might not be, but feels safer to me. He also made me pretty skeptical, which is what prompted this search, when all of his emails started to include a reference to going to church, getting home from mass, etc. It just sounded like he was trying to hard to sound trustworthy. Thanks for having this site available.

  12. I agree RGrif, it is a group…Probably and offshore group who can’t and won’t get caught. Common sense tells me that the “Governmet” website is not that at all but rather a site set up by the scammers to appear as such. Those who were sucked in and gave their payment will never see a refund. Suck it up as a loss. All of you who run across the ads on Craigslist need to file a complaint as FRUAD with Craigslist! They (Craigslist) will hopefully listen. I have been filing complaints daily with a C&P of the fraudulant ads listed. If enough people file complaints they (Craigslist) will take action.

  13. I just fell for it and on a day I am off. So, after submiting my information, I was un-able to log in and view the homes, so I called the toll free number on the login page and I got someone who told me Kyle was a ‘scam’. I called my bank and cancelled my credit card immediately and I wish I could lay my hands on the bastard. BEWARE! Isn’t there a gorvenment agency that can track this manace and put him where he belongs? SOMEBODY .. HELP.

  14. So if there arescams like these out there everyone hows of why can’t they trace who is collecting the money.It seems veryy simply the charge your credit cards, then the money gets transferred into the SCAMMERS account. What the big deal find the account and find the scammer. Now in a court of law you guy would all testify, so why can’t they do this?

  15. Spent the time to use the look up and chase down the domain hosts for his mail server, the website that actually hosts the GOVT auction site and the one that hosts his private log in. All the information is not disclosed because the sites are purchased through a third party and not disclosed to the Registrar. I contacted each one of them about what is going on and informed them that I am giving everything I have collected to the FCC and the FBI. this violates interstate cmmerce laws as well as Federal Fraud laws. Will they bother with it? I don’t know. I can only hope that if I spoon feed them, they might have time to chase the “people” down. this isn’t one guy. It is a group. And in no way is any of this legitimate.

    Good luck to all.

  16. Anyone who did give their cc information should contact your cc bank and dispute it immediately. You will get absolutely NOTHING in return for the charges other than recurring charges to your card. This is a SCAM & FRAUD! He will not answer when you send in your property requests as there are NO properties…They don’t exist. There is NO hope for this fraud. Take action immediately or he will drain your account.

  17. I’ve given him my email but was never asked for my SS #. I paid the two dollars and was then charged $34.95 but that was stated that the initial $2 was for the first week. So, I haven’t been led to far astray.

    I’ve been wondering if this was too good to be true and well, it appears I had the right feeling. Oh well, back to hoping. I’m glad I took the time to check my gut feelings.

    Thanks for the info!

  18. I contacted the GovT Auction site, actually and told them exactly that! they “said” they were unaware and forwarding my concerns. when I pointed out that there is not one place on their website denying this guy, and that made very suspicious, they responded that they were forwarding my concerns to the “correct department.” I also told them I was telling veryone I could find on the internet my beliefs. I don’t have the ability to investigate the emails, but I know that the authorities could. It isn’t that hard to really trace back.

    Craig’s List is just as responsible. Everytime you see one of his ads take the time to report him to them. they’ll pull it. they did in Jacksonville after I conplained. It came back again, so I did it again. And they did it again. stay diligent to protect others that just want an opportunity to purchase a home and own the dream.

  19. The “Government” site is a front for his credit report scam. Once you enter your email it stays there and you will get tons of spam. To get your email out of his system go into cookies and delete anything to do with this website and do the same in your temporary files. Also run a spyware like SpyBot Search and Destroy (free) and this will clean up any registry entries from his site. DO NOT give any personal or credit card information. He will make several charges and the only way to stop it is to contact your card company and have a new card issued. This guy is a SCAM and FRAUD!!

  20. I just received another email from kyle waitley this morning,and this one stated how he was getting ready to go to church and just wanted to try again to get me to sign up for his “foreclosure list”. I responded by stating that “he needed to pray for himself, as he is nothing but a scam artist and loser!”Googling has provided insite into the fact that he is posting on craigs list all over america and the different aliases he uses!!!WHAT A LOSER!!!

  21. Thanks so much for the info on this site. I have been receiving emails from Kyle Waitley. I tried to get this foreclosure list onfo from the website and lucky for me the site would not take my debit card for whatever reason!! I had also received emails in the past from a Tim Roberts,which according to this site is one of his alias names! This guy needs to be caught and put in jail! People like all of us that are in need of a second chance are being taken advantage of by losers like him. This craigslist ad was posted on the Minneapolis Minnesota site. Sounds like he has been operating all over BEWARE!!!!!

  22. Yea, me too. Gave my email and have tons of spam. Glad thats ALL I gave. He is still doing ads in C/L here in the San Diego area. I really had my hopes up because I SO badly want to get out of this small apartment and thought this was a way out. What tipped me out was I wrote a email to him with Hers my homes in the subject line as he has asked. Never got a email back. So then I thought to Google him and found this place. Thank GOD I did. I am sure there are places one CAN go to and score on a rent to own. Ill post back with the info when I do find one. Good luck all….


  23. glad i found this site. was going to put information on his web site
    i was trying to find a house so my family could be in one state again not here in oregon and in indiana.

  24. WOW!! Here I am getting my hopes up…good thing I googled his name and found this site :-) Hes on the New Jersey Craigs list also…people like this S**K! Meanwhile, here we are with bad credit trying to improve ourselves and hes living like a king with with the peoples money who fall for this BS.

  25. Jacksonville here- I’ve been getting these emails for months off a CL posting I looked at. They still pop up.

    Has it occurred to anyone that “Kyle” might be a funnel for the govt auction site that he sends everyone to. Maybe stop chasing the myth and start getting to the root. that’s what I have begin working on. They have been aware that he sends them to the site for quite some time now, and yet have nothing on their website with disclaimers to protect themselves….
    They phones me right off the bat when I thought about registering with them, and called every day. But now I am afraid to let them charge my card. Any thoughts?

  26. thanks for the information ad in Madison WI on craiglis, i almost fell for this scam i am glad I didn’t all that was given was my email, i have since reported it as spam, i am glad i came across this site. Thank you !!!!!!

  27. Kyle watley is Jeremy Blunt? Isn’t Jeremy Blunt an alias of Delbert Blount III? He was arrested in TN about a year ago, for financial scams and frauds.

  28. More Info:

    Known Contact Information
    Aliases: Kyle Waitley, Tim Roberts, Jeremy T. Blunt
    Business Names: Credit Report America, CoastWest Holdings Ltd., CreditReport America, YouRentYouLoseHomes, RentToOwnHomeSearch
    Possible Email Addresses:,
    Possible Contact Number: 1-800-712-7224

  29. I looked on Peoplefinders and there is NO listing for a Kyle Watley under “people in Business” but there’s a Kevin Watley listed approximately 15 times with 15 business that are different but most have to do with land, financeing, and homebuilding.
    There’s no info otherwise. No state, no other people in business or affiliates.
    That’s unusual. Most business’s listed have other business’s associated with them and a state listed as to where they are. Maybe he changed his name to Kevin, or is using the name Kevin.

  30. Where does HE live? Is it impossible to find his real name? He must be operating out of an office someplace.
    With VOIP phone and mail service you can be anywhere and look like you are anywhere else.
    Is this a registered business anyplace?
    Surely the government would be interested to go after this criminal. It’s doubtful he’s paying tax on his ill gotten gains.

  31. He is still posting ads on CL Orange County, CA as Kyle Waitley. This guy is a SCAM!!! If you do take the first step, which is to enter your email at his first link, you will receive tons of spam emails from MLM bull****. So he obviously also sells your email info to MLM sites. There is also “BEWARE” posting on Org Cty CL about him.
    Here is one of the Beware postings:
    Here is a recent ad from “Kyle” (12/7/09):
    Don’t know why the Feds or local authorities have not caught up with him yet. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!!! Total FRAUD and SCAM!!!!

  32. This time he used his name as John Sensor and put his ad on CL here is california. Unfortunately, I fell for his scam and lost 212.00.
    This guy or guys with their rent to own scams should be all put in jail!!!!!

  33. Glad I didn’t fall for his scam. Little disappointed though, want to buy another house.
    I have found it is always best to stick with private lenders in you oun area. private lenders that i have used in the past tend to stick to lending within their driving distance of where they live.
    if you have found your way here i would like to tell don’t give up, persistence will pay off in the long run and there are private investors that do lend lend out there money….just keep looking and keep asking.

  34. He is actually still using that name! I got an email today from someone on behalf of Kyle Waitley ( I saw the ad on Craigslist and was curious so I went to the website and put in my e-mail address. Now, the reason why red flags went up for me from the very beginning is the fact that I know that it is illegal to sell Rent to Own homes in Texas. I was interested in this and after doing research found out that it had become illegal after people were being taken advantage of and ended up paying way more than the houses were worth, or never closing at all. So I decided to research the company and see what was said about it and then I came to this site! I am glad you have written this because too many people are getting scammed by this guy. There may be alternate ways of buying homes in Texas similar to rent to own and maybe people have really found ways to do rent to own but as far as I’ve heard, its illegal! So be very careful.


  36. It looks like Kyle Waitley may have moved to Ga, changed his name to Watley, and begun again.
    If you know what he looks like, see who is pictured for Ledico Realty Services in Memphis TN run by Lynn Cassell.
    KJC, Inc might be another possible business ‘KW’works out of.
    I hope you all find the swindlers and press charges.
    It’s very easy to run a corporation from one place and appear to do it rom other states with voip phone systems, mail services which give the appearance of street addresses wherever you’d like them to, and a computer. You can even hire a registered agent to coordinate it all. Check out “The Corporation Corporation.”
    With an R/A in another state, the swindllers need not be served at all. By the time you realize their address is way off, they’ve been ‘served’ (ie warned) and dissolved, only to start right up again under a diferent name. Don’t let them get away with it.
    If you gave them any personal info, they are probably utilizing that as well.
    Always go to and find the state the business is registered in and verify they have registered, at least.
    The BBB isn’t helpful, imo, but if the grade is anything less than A plus, I’d steer cleer.
    You can go to and check for criminal records and bankruptcies, liens, and judgements. Aka’s are a free bonus.

  37. I’m really glad I found your site today, otherwise I wouldn’t have had an
    ‘OMG’ moment reading about “Kyle Waitley” and his scam! Thanks for writing and warning people! At first, I was very interested in getting info on local foreclosures, and I paid the $1. But red flags were being waved all over the place. The listings were terrible. There were only 3 homes within 150 miles of me listed as bank foreclosures, and I kept getting emails from Kyle saying “send me the addresses of the houses you like!” I wrote him mentioning I didn’t like any of them, and how about updating that list so I don’t have to go to Siberia to find a house? I emailed him 3 times, but never heard from him. I found out doing a search of my own, there were 127 foreclosures within a 5 mile radius of my home, so Kyle wasn’t very good at this if he could only find 3. So I knew something was wrong with his business, because he had no intention of buying foreclosures. Nothing was professionally done. So you have to wonder how he was making money? I would never give out my Social to him for the free credit check, but it never occurred to me that he might add additional charges to my bank card! He’s faster than David Copperfield, and seems to be working on the art of misdirection! You can’t trust anybody! I’m going back to check my bank statements and make sure he didn’t add a little more profit for himself. Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for your investigations!

  38. i found out about this looser from the people at government auctions they told me to google him lucky for me he never contacted me. all i ever get is is stupid emails telling me how dumb i am for renting, so any one who finally ends up here hopefully you didn’t give him your social security number or the 1000.00 dollar deposit he wants the phone number he gave me is from dallas texas so don’t waste your time with this looser get back on track and deal with someone that is legit .

  39. unfortunatley i did fall for that scam. I tried to email him, it said no such address. then he charged me 35 bucks after the 2 bucks cause he didnt say how long before i had to cancel just said do nothing. well LIVE AND LEARN

  40. I had a feeling this was to good to be true. Now a day you can’t TRUST NO ONE.!! that’s a shame that some people do that to other just because they know that some people can’t afford to get a home,if it’s not rent to own. I do THANK GOD THAT I DIDN’T SEND HIM THE PART FOR THE CREDIT REPORT. THOSE THINGS I DO ON MY OWN!!. To other please be careful.I called up the company and was told that this person KYLE WAITLEY HAS BEEN DOING THAT ALOT. AND THEY ARE LOOKING INTO IT. anyway God Bless you and keep posting this scam programs. Have a Bless day. Ms Mari

  41. Thanks so much for this info! I get e-mails from this guy all the time and I almost fell for it! Glad I did my research first.



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