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Beware of TekCollect

Ah, the old bait-and-switch. This week, it’s a company called TekCollect, or TCI and they operate They’re advertising a Sales Rep job with a “base pay” starting at $75k with a chance of earning more depending on performance. There’s just one problem, there is NO base pay or benefits, and you have to pay $330 upfront for training materials.

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Here is the current job ad that’s floating around…

Tek-Collect, Inc. seeks highly motivated Sales Professionals to Fast Track into Sales Management. First year earnings range from $75k to $150k. Second year earnings well into six figures. Senior Sales Managers enjoy mid to upper six-figure income.
TekCollect provides business owners with comprehensive accounts receivable management, collections and customer retention services. Our persistence, professionalism and pricing are unparalleled in the industry. And our service is completely Web-based for the most convenient, real-time account management solution available.
Tek-Collect, Inc. leads the industry in providing businesses with innovative, strategic and economical cash flow management systems
We specialize in collections, accounts receivable management, and customer retention services
More than 30,000 companies nationwide rely on Tek-Collect’s Sales Associates to expertly manage their cash flow
Our diverse client base includes financial institutions, health care professionals, utilities, retailers, universities and service providers
Tek-Collect is endorsed by many state and national associations within the financial industry, medical profession, trade organizations and more.
Recent association endorsements have prompted an immediate need for skilled sales and management professionals to call upon and service their membership.
We are currently interviewing sales candidates who are assertive, goal-oriented and proven successful at building, developing and maintaining client relationships. While other sales organizations are down-sizing, we are growing like never before
Commissions, Monthly Residuals, and Monthly Bonus are excellent
Comprehensive training is provided locally, and ongoing sales education and coaching are supplied to ensure your success
This is a full-time executive sales position with flexibility, autonomy, high income potential and rapid career advancement. We are committed to helping the most driven, dedicated sales professionals develop a profitable, long-term sales career.

And here are a few actual experiences with the company…

TekCollect Report #1

Anyway, in addition to what you said I’d like to also mention they are perpetrating this scam by using legitimate on-line job boards such as Career Builder, Indeed, and Monster to seduce candidates with their claim of a “$75,000-$100,000 base pay” Sales Rep job. There is NO base pay, not even a draw. This is a 100% commission Independent Contractor sales position with NO benefits. As for the job itself, be prepared for business owners/CFOs to lie about their finances (which ruins your chances to fit a program around their actual outstanding receivables, thereby killing the sale and/or your potential commission), and to get them to show you their A/R books is like pulling teeth! Then trying to convince them to pay an up-front fee to collect money they’ve already written off as bad debt is the textbook definition of a tough sell.

By the way, I never got my “refundable training & materials fee” back, and my guess is 90% of the frustrated and broke sales reps they sucker into this scheme never do either… they are either terminated (due to sales inactivity) or quit because they’re not making enough money long before they’d meet the accounts sold requirements for the alleged refund. And, as you said, when you’re gone TCI keeps the residual income from YOUR few sales, and you have effectively wasted your time AND paid to bird dog/prospect the market for them.

TekCollect Report #2

This company uses illegal bait & switch tactics to attract help by stating that they hire full time employees and pay a base salary of $75k-$100k. They actually do not hire any full time employees — they only hire 1099 subcontractors and instead of giving any kind of base they insist on a deposit from the candidate of $350 to get started. They also say that they are looking to move people up into management roles and that’s also a 1099 experience. This company cannot earn my trust by lying about their positions available. I use this rip-off report every time I even think about applying to a company, now.

TekCollect Report #3

The contracted agents of TekCollect Daniel Campbell and Peter Klaver fraudulently and purposefully misled our company to believe that they would recover money owed us due to bad checks in a timely fashion and under “any circumstance”. When the above reps were asked direct and specific questions to clarify the contract and money back guarantee they flat out lied to gain contract signature. They Assured us that we would recieve our money back if TekCollect did not collect 400% of our $3600.00 investment. We specifically asked for details of the program with the reps and were assured that we could use any checks up to six years old and we could expect money to be collected within months. With their so called clarification of the contract they then pressured us into signing the contract.No funds have been collected by TekCollect. When I contacted Tom Cie, Dir. of Client Svcs he said and I quote “I don’t care what my rep said to you” when I explained the above issue of misrepresentation and our displeasure with the lack of performance of TekCollect

And there are hundreds of similar complaints posted around the web. This particular thread at is well worth the read if you’re still even remotely considering working for these guys.

My advice: stay far, far away.

21 thoughts on “Beware of TekCollect”

  1. Talk about a shady company! I had a collection account with them that was cleared up in 2011. They are still reporting it as owing with all 3 bureaus. I sent letters to each bureau and got it removed. They got it put back on. They were able to do this because their bill was tucked inside another companies’ bill under a different name so the fact that it’s paid can be easily confused if they want it to appear so! They are SCUM!! When I call, they just laugh.

  2. This company sounds a lot like another Columbus Oh company that I worked for 15 years ago National Revenue Corp. (NRC). Same service, same ads, some of the same people listed in management, same crooks, new name!

  3. I came upon this thread because I received a phone call and did a reverse number look up. As it turns out many many people had received calls from that number and most of them, including me, had answered and were met with silence or background noise or heavy breathing. As it turns out, “collection agents” were making phone calls so they have records that the promised calls were made, but they weren’t actually saying anything or attempting to collect the debt in any way! Now I’m worried because I don’t know what bill of mine is in collections. I want to make it right, but I was given no real info thanks to tec collect!

  4. I agrre 100% with Joy, Sue and Kim. I too had bought into TekCollect and ended up losing more money to them than they actually collected. I calculated that they collected 1% of the accounts I submitted to them. I put out so much money for the start up fees and their computer maintenance fee. I truley regret using them. People dont be trusting like me …. just listen to what is written in the reviews. Too much negative reviews here means this company is very shady!! Dont do it!!

  5. I applied not knowing but then I researched this company to find several bad referrals. And NO, they will not run out of suckers any time soon because they will continue to run adds in small towns and then later change the name but not the scam. I suggest for all job seekers to research all companies and on read the reviews of the company. try to find out as much about the company that you can, because this is also a way to get ID info from you and later they can send you a fishing email to get more info from you to steal your ID. first your name and address, then later a weird friend request and so on, so DO your research.
    YES they emailed me an interview request and I declined. REMEMBER If it might be too good to be true.
    Good luck fellow Job seekers!

  6. Tek-Collect and CAP360 are the same. Tek-Collect has switched the hiring name so you can pay $500 for training. I worked for Tek-Collect and CAP360 for over 2 years. I was mislead about what was the company doing. Tek-Collect and CAP360 takes advantage of the public and is run by convicted felons who use you to rip off business people.

    They get company to put out good things on the internet which are false to continue the hoax. Are you honest? Are you law abiding? Are you one who goes to church and prays to God? Then your good conscious will not allow you to do this sales job. You will puck at night knowing that you took money from a business person and knowingly ripped them off,

  7. My husband works with TekCollect in Saint Joseph, Missouri. He is an honest, hardworking man who enjoys meeting new people and the feeling of accomplishment he gets by being able to help them with their accounts issues. He has so many happy clients that the stacks of business cards are difficult to keep organized. My husband is an excellent salesman, and he makes a good living. In order to be successful at his job you need sales experience, determination, and you have to genuinely want to help people. My husband is always calling his clients and checking in with them. Just because you worked with a less than excellent salesperson, doesn’t mean that the job or the company is a scam. My husband have several dozen referral letters and thank you letters from his clients.

  8. We used Tekcollect for our collections and now regret it. One of our clients that was put on tekcollect over a year ago has just told me she never received a phone call or any kind of mail from them …. she didn’t even know what I was talking about when I mentioned it to her. They claim that phone call were made and letters were sent ….Hmmmm something wrong here!! And this is not the first time this happened. Please people you are better off doing your own collections… dont sign up with them!! What is sad now is all the collection work I am doing myself … Tekcollect get to profit on it!! NO FAIR!!

  9. I interviewed with them and right before I was going to sign their contract I asked if there were any fees. Only then did he mention fees. Not once during the entire group interview did he mention fees. I could have been out $500.
    Their corporate office is really just a Regis rental. The whole point is to get your fees.

  10. I would like to thank you all for the posts here. I was just about to apply for this company when a gut feeling made me google it. THANK YOU!

    From now on before you give you personal information and apply somewhere simply google: “Working for ABC reviews” it helps. There are people out there that will give you their honest opinion and advice about businesses.

  11. I could write a paragraph of my own, but suffice it to say all of the above negativity is true. We wasted nearly a year hoping this company would collect funds for us. Not one cent was collected. Once fees were paid and our signature was on the dotted line, our rep disappeared into oblivion.

  12. Jerry-

    I’m not quite sure what types of “sales” jobs you have had. Although I do not have your “20 years” sales experience, I have never held a sales position that did NOT have a good base salary and benefits. The reason why REAL companies offer this is because they want to attract the best talent, not to attract “lazy people just looking for a pay check”.

    I have no personal information about Tek Collect or any opinions about them. I came across this thread while researching the company as I had noticed them on career builder.

  13. Anyone that is looking for a sales position and has been in sales for any amount of time knows that when it is said in a job listing that has a range of pay means commission based. Commission based means 1099. Personally, anyone that is complaining about this has never worked in any type of sales position, or has only done retail. I have done sales for almost 20 years and have NEVER had a position that offered anything worthwhile as a base salary. The reason for this is because…well most people are just plain lazy and are looking for the steady pay check and not willing to put forth the effort to succeed. While it is great to have these type of people in the world (they tend to work well serving those of us that put forth an effort) they should all know by now that there is no legal way to get rich fast and should not dream of doing just that. ANY PERSON THAT IS SUCCESSFUL HAS BUSTED THEIR BUTTS TO BE WHERE THEY ARE! simple work and the money follows….maybe next time you will actually apply or look into something that fits what you can actually do.

  14. The company I work for actually bought into the TekCollect concept of paying an upfront fee of $110/debtor with a minimum of 100. That is $11,000 up front. You can not track what collection activities TekCollect does. Never hear a word from the company until they place your debtor in the secondary phase…which is when they say an attorney gets involved. This as well is not true. I have also called some of our customers who we put into tekcollect only to be told they never received a phone call…only a letter.

  15. well thanks for the heads up up guys.
    here is thier add that seems to be very much in line with you guys said.
    i guesss they are not honest

    Sales – Sales Management (Sales and Marketing) Apply Now
    Report this job

    Sales – Sales Management (Selling and Marketing)
    Sales – Sales Management (Selling and Marketing) Summary

    Do you enjoy engaging with people, problem solving, sharing ideas, and helping them achieve measurable success? Do you prefer managing your own work, client base, schedule and hours? Then perhaps being an independent Outside Sales Rep (Account Manager) is where you should be! Your mission in our organization is to visit a variety of local businesses, consult with owners and executives, and conduct solution-based presentations that deliver results. Bring your enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and winning attitude, along with any direct commissioned, outside sales, sales manager, account manager, selling experience, and other marketing experience to TekCollect.First-class product, phenomenal training, high commissions, no travel and fast-track career advancement, it’s all here for an Outside Sales Rep (Account Manager) with TekCollect.

    Sales – Sales Management (Selling and Marketing) Responsibilities

    Conducting needs-based consultative meetings with prospects including business owners, presidents, VP’s of Finance, CFO’s, and other C-level decision-makers
    Using sales and marketing presentation materials, with countless customer testimonials and substantial case studies validating customer savings
    Reviewing accounting, accounts receivables, and cash flow for efficiencies to be gained
    Closing sales, establishing new accounts, and providing new clients with initial training using our highly interactive, web based product
    Identifying prospects using extensive resources supplied to you such as leads from current accounts, business directories and 100+ national associations, as well as your networking efforts
    Using MSOffice, primarily Outlook and internet to accomplish your work
    Working to build knowledge, skill set and growth potential with help from your Manager, fellow Account Managers and our supportive training and development team


    Sales – Sales Management (Selling and Marketing)
    Job Requirements

    Our independent direct Outside Sales Reps (Account Managers) come from a variety of work histories and professional backgrounds. Marketing experience or an interest in finance are pluses, but not essential. What’s most important is a willingness to learn, desire to achieve and drive to excel. Additional factors that can jumpstart your immediate success:
    High School Diploma or GED is required; additional education is a plus
    Any direct B2B selling, sales manager, commission based sales, and/or marketing experience is a plus
    Basic computer knowledge
    Excellent verbal communication and strong presentation skills
    Discipline, organization and the ability to work independently
    Strong work ethic, confidence and coachability
    Depending upon the position, a bonding and materials deposit may be required in the amount of $395*
    Able to work from home office or to use a local office, it’s all up to you!


    Uncapped commissions, residuals and bonuses; full commissions paid for renewals!
    First year income potential upwards of $75,000! You control your earnings
    Quick, one-call close sales cycle, with weekly pay-outs
    Personal freedom to manage your own schedule; no evenings, weekends or holidays
    Excellent referral business and ongoing reorders
    Extensive resources provided to you to secure customer leads
    Automated dialing system capability from your home computer, providing you direct coaching from your Sales Manager! No one in our industry has this!
    Custom built intranet providing a seamless link to client data, personal sales and commissions, management, and ongoing communication
    “Earn While You Learn,” 1 Week New Hire, paid Outside Sales and Marketing Training; Continuous learning and rapid advancement into management!

    This is an extraordinary career opportunity with the independence, flexibility and maximum income potential you desire, with the seamless support, training and stability you need. We give you all the tools you need to succeed. All you have to do is use them.

    What do our Reps (Account Managers) have to say?
    “I made 6 figures here 3 times quicker than any other company!”
    “I love the freedom to see who I want, when I want – I love the flexibility.”
    “I was promoted into management after just 1 month. Now three years later,
    I’m a Vice President!”
    “This position has it all… Great money, great people, and a great product that’s second to none.”
    “We’re a family, friends, who like to have a lot of fun and make a lot of money!”

    Take Charge of Your Career –
    APPLY today with TekCollect!

    Apply Now
    Report this job’s Advice

    For your privacy and

  16. Reading this makes me understand just how shady the world is. These type of salesman give all salesman a bad name. Lets see if they are smart enough to answer my questions with out spin selling. I’m a firm believer in showing people how stupid and bad they are at business and sell under all the condition I’ve read so far.

    I’ll follow up with was said maybe even link to docs.

    Thanks for notifying the public about them.

  17. I just went to an interview today for this shady company. Their add online says Starting Salary $75k + commissions so I applied right away, total mistake.

    After driving for 20 minutes to their “office” I was told that several other applicants were going to be joining me for a “group orientation”. I saw “Boiler Room” before and we all know how that ended for everyone. Then I was asked to fill out a 10-99 form and an application. I thanked the lady for wasting my time and went home.

    I’m 34 years old and have been in the sales, recruiting, interviewing, business development and international business world for over 13 years… yet I was treated like some kind of uneducated idiot that can be easily fooled by a “successful” business woman wearing a $40.00 outfit. If you ever get called by these people instantly block them and RUN!

    Do not sign anything with this company and do not listen to any sales pitch they give you. I should have listened to my gut from the minute I got there but I had to see for myself to be sure. TekCollect can suck it!

  18. We were sold their collection process by a slick person who didn’t cover what their true fees were!! They began the process and some accounts. Was told that the fee would be a certain amount up front with no other fees..(ever). Then i get a another bill for 50% of what the said went into Phase 2???? No notice of what was happening, just got a bill, that said if i didn’t pay TekCollect is going to sue me unless I pay 2517.90 right away???
    Very deceptive company and sales people!!!
    Please do not…sign anything with this company.

  19. This is so disheartening, i thought i found a program that was simple and really found a way to cost effectively improve receivables by using per unit fee structure that would proffitable for Tekcollect as well if they were guaranteed X amount of accounts. Shit, i really hoped i had found a way to add value for my clients and make a few extra bucks, i didnt think i would make as much as they claimed in there presentation but enough to deposit a check in my kids college fun every month but more importantly i wanted to help my clients solve an existing problem therefore seeing me as even more valuable. Well looks like i came close to getting fired by all of them and destroying a reputation that took 2 years to build, the product seemed simplistic and had a common sense approach. They didnt get my $395 for licenseing, because i didnt have it to give.
    You know if folks like these guys would spend the same amount of time building a product that accomplished what they said instead placing all the effort on screwing people like me and the poor guy that i talked into signing up with blinders on, they could make moore money, what a joke. Maybe i should stay quite and show up to the “how to rob people with a pen sales class” and simple deliver a good oldfashioned ass whipping, i know I’d feel better. Thanks for the heads up, i feel silly, should have known better. Good luck to all the people working hard to do the right thing and make buck.p

  20. Very helpful information on the TekCollect Company.

    I am following my “gut” and not joining this company.


    Brian L. Speidel


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