Quick Summary of Copy The Pro

Rating: 0.2 It's a professionally produced scam.

The Good: The slick Hollywood-style videos make you think you're watching Shark Tank.

The Bad: This is yet another binary options trading scam, which is actually brought to you by the creators of the Artificial Intelligence app.

The Bottom Line: Don't fall into this shark tank. Stick with our #1 recommendation for generating an income online instead.

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Copy The Pro Review

There are a number of techniques used by binary options scams to convince you to sign up to their trading system and fund your account.

Some binary options scammers tell you that you’re entering a ‘secret society’ of elite traders. Other scammers focus on one stock or commodity, such as gold, wheat or oil.

Then there are the binary options scams that sell you on ‘foolproof’ trading systems based on the trades of expert traders.

With Copy The Pro, you have the latter approach- Brad Christian is the example par excellence of a well-known and successful binary options trader whose trades you can emulate and profit from. Here’s a screen shot of Brad himself:


Who is Brad Christian?

The many customer video testimonials that are provided in Copy The Pro claim that Brad is a well-known trader who’s been profiled in the news. However, when I searched on this guy, nothing turned up on places like LinkedIn or popular news sites like The Wall Street Journal.

Copy The Pro states that Brad Cristian is a ‘top professional trader’ with 3729 followers who are all part of his shark tank. These shark tankers are shown several times as they execute and profit from the trades that Brad sets up. Obviously, the ploy here is to have people think that Brad is an entrepreneur who is operating a start-up business akin to those portrayed in the reality TV show “Shark Tank.”

Admittedly, Copy The Pro features some well-done videos of near Hollywood quality. In fact, the sales video is called a “film” and is supposedly produced by a studio called Big World Films.

young money

You’d easily be fooled into assuming that you were watching a reality show here.shark tank

In the screen shot shown above, Brad is “interviewed” by Olivia Stills. Here, he states that he is a “mathematician and economist” and that “trend recognition is my big secret.” The Copy The Pro app, which inputs and distributes his trades to his shark tank testers, has a greater than 80% success rate.

But it’s not just physical trends that Brad recognizes and capitalizes on- he also spots psychological trends.


How does Copy The Pro work?

On one of the sales videos, Brad teams up with Olivia to show the audience how the Copy The Pro app works. She funds her account with $1,000 and then Brad shows her trading account on a large screen. Of course, Olivia chooses Brad as her trader, stating that he’s “one of the best traders around.”


Brad tells Olivia that she will now be copying his trades via the Copy The Pro app. Olivia need do nothing more than copy Brad’s trades and watch her money grow. Also, all the money she makes will be hers to keep until she withdraws the funds into her bank account.

What’s the real reality behind Copy The Pro?

Reality #1: The traders are stock photos.

On one of the sales pages, you see the following picture of the “top traders” you can choose from after you fund your trading account:


However, upon performing a quick image search of “Chris Ferguson” and “Robert Dunwell,” I found both their images on Shutterstock, as noted here and here, respectively. “Sarah Phillips” and “Adam Patel” are images sold through Dreamstime, as noted here and here, respectively.

Reality #2: The security and news seals go nowhere.

On the Copy The Pro sales page, you see the following security and news seals:


As seen with numerous other binary options trading scams, the seals mean nothing because you cannot click on them and see the actual security certificate. The news seals also link nowhere. This is a simple copy and paste operation here, nothing more.

Reality #3: Copy The Pro is listed on Clicksure.

If you haven’t yet been introduced to Clicksure, it’s an affiliate network filled with shady products that don’t make the cut for networks like Clickbank. On this site, you find the following listing for Copy The Pro:


This explains why Copy The Pro has a full page of “positive” reviews on Google search, and also why all those positive reviews contain affiliate links.

Reality #4: It’s the same scammers from the Artificial Intelligence app.

On the Copy The Pro affiliate page, Brad tells you that Copy The Pro is produced by the same people who are behind the Artificial Intelligence app.


We already know that the AI app is a well-produced, Hollywood style binary options scam. Now, it looks like the producers have created a second professional-sounding binary options scam.

Reality #5: Your account requires $600.

When you finally get through all the “documentaries,” Brad tells you that you’ll need to open an account and fund it. The broker that I was directed to was Bee Options. On its funding page, I was instructed to deposit a minimum of $600.


Summary: Don’t copy this scam.

If you want to try binary options trading as an investment strategy, there are plenty of SEC-certified brokerages that will help you in that endeavor. However, the Copy The Pro app will not help you place winning trades. In fact, it’s doubtful that Copy The Pro is an app at all. Steer clear of this well-produced attempt to take $600 or more of your money.

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  • Gross

    Last Updated:5:28:20 24-9-2015
    Copy The Pro Trades History
    Asset Position Amount Entry Rate Closing Rate Payout Profit Date Status
    SILVER Put € 25 14.7828 14.792 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-23 20:00 Lost
    SILVER Call € 25 15.1572 14.815 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-22 20:00 Lost
    OIL Call € 25 46.299 46.19 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-22 20:00 Lost
    GOLD Call € 25 1137.561 1133.4 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-21 20:00 Lost
    GOLD Call € 25 1133.276 1133.4 €42.5 €17.50 15-09-21 20:00 Won
    SILVER Call € 25 15.1302 15.199 €42.5 €17.50 15-09-21 20:00 Won
    OIL Call € 25 46.809 46.76 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-18 3:00 Lost
    AMAZON Call € 25 539.2281 540.615 €42.5 €17.50 15-09-18 20:00 Won
    OIL Put € 25 45.236 45.45 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-18 17:00 Lost
    APPLE Put € 25 113.866 113.73 €42.5 €17.50 15-09-18 15:30 Won
    EUR/JPY Put € 25 136.302 136.312 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-18 15:30 Lost
    SILVER Call € 25 15.3032 15.308 €42.5 €17.50 15-09-18 13:30 Won
    NZD/USD Put € 25 0.63887 0.64339 €0 €0.00 15-09-17 19:00 Lost
    USD/CHF Call € 25 0.9723 0.97208 €0 €0.00 15-09-17 17:00 Lost
    SILVER Call € 25 14.8602 14.882 €42.5 €17.50 15-09-17 10:00 Won
    AUD/USD Call € 25 0.71684 0.71684 €25 €0.00 15-09-16 9:15 Tie
    EUR/JPY Call € 25 136.174 136.116 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-16 23:30 Lost
    NZD/USD Call € 25 0.636 0.63676 €44.5 €19.50 15-09-16 21:00 Won
    COCA COLA Call € 25 38.9581 39.075 €42.5 €17.50 15-09-16 19:00 Won
    OIL Call € 25 47.059 47.055 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-16 16:45 Lost
    SILVER Call € 25 14.7212 14.726 €42.5 €17.50 15-09-16 13:15 Won
    USD/ZAR Put € 25 13.38263 13.37806 €42.75 €17.75 15-09-16 11:00 Won
    USD/JPY Call € 25 120.53 120.553 €43 €18.00 15-09-16 11:00 Won
    AUD/USD Call € 25 0.71312 0.71295 €2.5 €0.00 15-09-15 23:30 Lost
    NZD/USD Call € 25 0.63576 0.63556 €0 €0.00 15-09-15 21:00 Lost
    Bilanz von Brad Christian.

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