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Can Jason White and Take Surveys for Cash be Trusted?

If you’ve taken an online survey or two, you’ve probably come across the work-at-home program ‘Take Surveys for Cash,’ which is presented by Jason White. On this website, Jason claims that he will help you “discover a weird trick” to make a full-time income by taking online surveys.

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I think that 2013 was the single biggest year for “this one weird trick” online advertising. I saw just about everything advertised through the ‘weird trick formula,’ from belly fat reducers to miracle eye creams.

Apparently, Take Surveys for Cash is stuck in 2013 (although the site’s been around since 2010).

In any case, Jason shows you a video, supposedly of himself opening up a check from Survey Savvy, for the amount of $500. Jason claims that this is a check he received “just for taking a two hour survey.” Jason also shows you his Paypal account of $31,381.90 as yet more proof that he is earning big bucks with online surveys.

If you input your information on the program’s sales page, you are directed to a second sales page. Here, Jason claims that he has helped his family and friends earn over $1 million.

Take Surveys For Cash

Meet the “king” of online paid surveys

Jason White, whom we never really see, is motivated to help you earn a good living by taking online surveys. How? Jason has, as he puts it, a “secret trick” that helps you locate high-paying surveys that you pre-qualify for.

In exchange for helping you out, the Take Surveys for Cash program merely asks that you pay a $39 one time fee. Even better, if you try to leave the checkout page, your fee is eventually reduced to just $12. I’ve even heard of some crazy promotions where members sign up for just $1.99.

Is the Take Surveys for Cash program worth your time and money? Here is what I learned about this program:

Red Flag #1: The ‘weird trick’ is publicly available information.

When you purchase access to the Take Surveys for Cash program, you are given a list of survey sites that are already available online. Survey Savvy is just one example, but other survey sites include Inbox Dollars.

There is absolutely nothing secret or tricky to finding these online survey sites. The only thing that the Take Surveys for Cash program has done for you is compile a bunch of survey sites on a single destination page.

What else do you get with your payment of $12?

Take Surveys For Cash1

The first checkbox denoted here is a joke. You won’t get better paying surveys simply because you suddenly pre-qualify as a U.S. resident. To qualify for lucrative survey assignments, you need to do far more than be a resident of a certain country.

The second checkbox simply provides a database of publicly available information.

Those “step by step instructions” involve Jason telling you how to input your personal information into the forms, which is not difficult or tricky (unless you can’t see the form, like on your mobile phone).

Finally, the “free gifts” that Jason notes at the bottom is a common tactic used by survey companies to have you input your personal information so they can contact you about buying their products and services. In exchange for making those purchases, you are given “free gifts.”

Red Flag #2: There are up-sells and cross-sells.

Once you enter the Take Surveys for Cash members area, you are inundated with up-sells and cross-sells. That’s doesn’t mean that you have to buy anything, but it does mean you should be aware of these sales offers. Luckily, the Terms & Privacy area of the program informs you to expects up-sells and cross-sells:

Terms & Privacy

The Take Surveys for Cash affiliate program also gives away key pieces of information regarding what’s actually in this program- and how much those additional products pay out to motivated affiliates:


When a work-at-home program offers affiliate commissions, you can bet that some affiliates will be out there promoting it. Sure enough, I found several “review” sites promoting the Take Surveys for Cash program- yet not a single traceable member review of this survey.

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Red Flag #3: Limited time left until…dooms day.

The Take Surveys for Cash website has existed since 2010. Back then, Wayback Machine shows that this program had “limited” spaces available to new members:


Interestingly, when you go to the program’s 2016 page, there is the same exact message about how Jason has “room for only a few more people.” Is it possible that, in the space of six years, Jason still hasn’t filled his quota? Or is this message a more likely attempt to create the illusion of scarcity?

The Bottom Line

Filling out online surveys can make you money; however, that money will never be in the amounts that Jason advertises, nor will you receive it every week like clockwork.

A good survey might pay you $50 for an hour of your time- and that’s only after you spend another half hour successfully filling out the pre-qualification survey. Other well-paying surveys might require that you participate in an online or in-person opinion forum.

One recent online survey paid me $125 for 4 days of logging into an online forum and spending 30 minutes/day answering questions about my shopping habits. Another online survey has led to me participating in an in-person, in-town “class.” In exchange for my two-hour participation, I will earn $50.

Such money is great, but it’s not going to replace my day job.

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  1. It is nothing but a big scam. They offer a guarantee if in two months no paid surveys have been received, but when one claims they do not even respond. They are thiefs.


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