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Can You Make Money Processing Refunds for HUD?

[Note from Joe 7/17/08: If you read the discussion in the comments section below, you’ll see that Darlene was at one time offering her book for free. She is no longer doing so. Visit her at to purchase it.]

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How I Learned about Mortgage Refund Processing
I first heard about mortgage refund processing by reading a job ad on Craigslist. Can you really make money as a refund tracer? By getting refunds for people who paid too much for their mortgage insurance? Hey, I’m a helping kinda gal, and if I could make some money by helping, well that would be just as cool as helping people without getting paid. Maybe cooler!

I wrote to the email address listed and received a reply with more information. The reply said that I could become a third party tracer and would have to pay for software, lists, and a manual, and to visit to learn more. Uh-oh. Of course, that’s not a “job” at all because real jobs don’t charge you to work. I felt a little deceived, but was intrigued enough to click the link.

It led me to a presell page that told me a little bit more, but was really just trying to sell me the software, which costs $39.95. The web site left out some important details, though, that were in the email:

  • It doesn’t say that I would need to buy lists of names and refunds for at least $20 per state.
  • It doesn’t say that I would need to buy a manual of instructions to learn exactly how to get people their refunds and get paid.

How is Mortgage Refund Processing Supposed to Work?
I had no idea what mortgage refund processing was until starting on this path. So for those of you who are also wondering, here’s a quick introduction. If you take out a mortgage without a down payment, you are required to buy mortgage insurance so the lender still makes its money back in case of default. The insurance premiums are tacked on to your monthly mortgage payment. When the home is sold or refinanced, you may be eligible for a refund of some of your premiums if your loan was through HUD or FHA.

The problem is that people move and HUD/FHA loses track of them, so they don’t know they have a refund coming. That’s where tracers come in. Tracers (which is what I would be) find those people, let them know they have money coming, help them collect it, and keep part of the money as a fee.

My Experience
So I contacted the guys at I’ve Tried That and became a Secret Agent. They bought the software, I downloaded it, and am here to report the full results to you.

    It’s not “software.” The product you get for $39.95 is actually something like an e-book designed to be user friendly, with buttons to click through. It’s like a help file. Here’s the definition of software: “The programs, programming languages, and data that direct the operations of a computer system.” Word processing programs and Internet browsers are examples of software. This e-book is not.

    What’s in it? The ebook is basically about 4-6 pages long repeating everything that is already stated on the website with a few more procedures, a contract template, and a HUD application template. That’s it!
    Here’s what the “software” tells you to do:

    1. buy hud lists (at a minimum of $20 per state)
    2. make contact with claimant (no instructions on how to do this, no letter samples)
    3. agree with claimant that you will be his or her tracer, sign contract (template of contract provided)
    4. process applications for contract (one template provided)
    5. get paid/collect your money (no instructions on how to do this)

    The e-book does not mention how you can contact your client, but when you get to the end of the e-book, you get an offer to purchase the manual for only $24.99 in which all these instructions will be given to you. Hello! What was the $39.99 for? Junk. The manual is not even sold through eaglesoftwareservices. You must contact another company or send Eagle a money order so they can place the order for you. (Yeah, right. I’m all over that). The manual is available all over the ‘Net for free. If you want to see it, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you a link.

    Not Just Eagle Software Services
    Upon further research, I found that several other websites are offering the manual up front, such as They sell the manual for $49.95 and their “startup kit” for $16.95. Which I think is what eagle sold us—a start up kit. Other companies are selling the entire kit for $79.99.

    In Search of a Cheaper Manual
    On eBay I found two people selling manuals. For one, the bid starts at $2 and the other has a Buy-it-Now price of $14. Then I actually found the text of the manual online, but it is missing one valuable piece of information: how to get paid. I figured out that you have to somehow collect the money yourself, but I went to another website in which they talk about another method of getting paid by having the refund check sent directly to the tracer, but they are selling their info for $49.99. The manual is available for free at I downloaded the info and made it into a PDF file.

    The Bottom Line
    Can you make money as a mortgage refund processor? Maybe. It’s legal, but there are big hurdles you should know about:

    • You will be competing with HUD-sponsored tracers who will do what you do for free.
    • You will have to hide the source of the money from your potential client, or he’ll just go directly to HUD himself and get his money without you.
    • Those owed refunds can do it without you—you’re not necessary.
    • It only works if your client doesn’t know who owes him money.
    • You will have to spend some money to get started. Maybe a lot of it.

    As far as Eaglesoftwareservices goes, this is not a good buy, in my opinion. Everything in the e-book is already stated on their website, except that the sales page “forgets” to mention that you must buy the HUD lists and that you need a manual with the more detailed instructions. Plus, Eagle’s “software” is just another marketing strategy because when you get to end of the e-book they make you offers on other products you can purchase. Oh, and the e-book also comes with re-sell rights, which means that you can build your own website and resell this book yourself. I suspect that’s how Eagle came across it. They are just reselling the e-book because they don’t even have the manual themselves.

    Eagle advertises “bonus material” that comes with your purchase. What a waste! It’s just another e-book showing you how to start your own mail order business. When you get to the end of this one, you get an offer to buy another e-book/software to teach you to make your very own software to sell ebooks. And you get more offers, more offers, more offers.

    I believe there is money to be made here, but Eagle’s product is not worth buying. Money Wasted. Stay posted, though, because I am going to dig through the manual and try to make contact with clients and see what happens.

    Da Fanster
    (this post will self-destruct in 15 seconds. No, really: it will!)

137 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Processing Refunds for HUD?”

  1. Hello Darlene:

    I’ve read and heard everything but what you have to say! Could you please email me your information on how to get started with this biz?
    Thanking you ever so much in advance.

  2. Hi Darlene,
    Please can U email me all the information on how to get started in this business. I want to start doing this full time, I am currently a licensed realtor but have not done a loan or sold a house in two years. I am happy to have found your link.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I have not been on this board in a very, very long time so i apologize to everyone who’s sent me messages. Unless you put your email address in your post, we’re not able to send the information you requested. Please send all requests (negative or positive) to us directly at and I will respond to all your questions and concerns. Thanks,


  4. Hi Darlene.I was wondering if you could email me those step by step instuctions.I would really appreciate it.I’ve invested in this program about four months ago and unfortunately paid
    89.90 for a 10 page booklet.Long story short.I,ve read the book step by step in their way of doing this proccess and it seemed alot more difficult to work with than that meets the eye.I’m
    glad to have stumbeld on to your blog here.By me reading your
    short example of your way of approching this matter seems to make alot more sence, as well as successfull.I’ll look forward to your e-mail.thanks

  5. Darlene or someone can you give me a contact number to hud to find out if a refund was given out in the past.i got a letter in mail to fill out that i was getting money back but had to have x-wife fill it out also gave it to her to do so she said she would sent it back to hud i never got it back she said she did not also i think she got it but never told me. can someone please help

  6. Darlene, Thank you for the research you did on the mip refund business. I have been thinking about doing it for a long, long time. Now is the perfect time. I was about to purchase a couple of the manuals/listings that you mention were scams. I think I will definitely be purchasing your manual very soon. I am interested in finding out how to get a state recipient listing from hud without having the case number or a specific name or the first couple of letters of the last name. That’s how I was looking up listings in their database. It takes forever and you never really get anywhere. Also, would you consider doing one-on-one mentoring or an instructional dvd manual? Some people (such as myself)learn better when the methods are demonstrated as well as read. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  7. Thanks for the information,My work is very slow and I’m getting
    very concerned.I very interested on how to make income on this subject.Can you please send me so more info,

    Thank You very much for digging into this, If you need my help just email

    PS I allready got scammed this.{allmost$89.00 It was an ad in the paper. co name capital

    All the best

  8. I have bought Eagle Software Services software over 5 years ago and did great from it and I still do. Especially with the fast unlimited customer support and training they offer which is great. I think I will share this information with the company and see what they think. There is no problem with others profiting on the idea as you are but it is funny that you complain about the price and offer a “free” manual then you jump boat and start charging a price for it. Then you see how hard it is to offer support and then you jump boat and stop offering the same type of support. It is funny how easy it is for people to complain on the Internet while no one gives credit where it is due on the Internet. Anyways Good-Luck

  9. Hey Everyone,

    Is anyone sucessful at the business? If you are I would like to talk to you. I am thinking about doing it myself. It is a challenge to talk to someone via telephone, about the business. I need a little coaching, via telephone, I have not been sucessful trying to locate a tracer that I could actually talk to. If anybody know someone, that I could talk to, please give me contact information.You can email me the contact # @


  10. Hey just wanted to let everyone know that my blog was deleted because I had affiliate links up on it but I did manage to make a forum of all the leads that I do have. You can find the forum with job leads at:
    Hope my research helps all of you.. And for those who keep asking.. I cannot send you Darlene’s document. I believe she copyrighted and well due to that I am not allowed to send you the manual she initially sent out. Sorryyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  11. Hello,

    I would like to recieve the manual so that i can start this business thank you very much i f you would like to recieve some gasoline vouchers to give to those whom you contact to close the deal or get more of your money upfront let me know and i will help you with this.

  12. Some one from Hud Tracer called my home.Not sure still about all of this,but have been out of work..Needed to start something soon.Thank you for your homework.Please email me your booklet as well.Looking forward to seeing just what this is…Thank-you again…

  13. what is the average income for a tracer. I’ve been doing this since April and haven’t seen good results. I’ve tried many different methods, and I still don’t get many responses. Is it because of the economy maybe?

    have a good day!

  14. HI Darlene
    I copied your email address down but wanted to know if I have the right email? I see that you are listing two. I would be interested in learning about this opportunity and working from home. I am a stay at home mother actually at this time on maternity leave. Please email me at
    I really cant afford the fees involved and the eagle services site did not look really informative at all. Could you give me the info on your site ebook or other information on how I can get started.
    Thanks so much

    CHristine DEE

  15. Hello! I came across this blog when I was researching a link that was given to me regarding processing mortgage refunds. In this blog I also saw that people here are looking to supplement their income and looking to work from home.
    If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, you may be able to do just that-work from home and be your own boss. This job requires you to change locks and clean house etc. You will actually have to work. The guidelines will show you where to get the work and how to do them. You will be working on foreclosure and bank owned properties and it DOES NOT involve buying and selling. Please go to to find out more.

  16. Just a reminder that our interactive ebook now costs only $17.00. Customer service via phone and email are no longer provided, all faq’s are posted and responded to in our Google group so that all can benefit from the inquiries, concerns and questions. To purchase our 9-chapter interactive ebook, please visit


  17. I am intereted in getting acopy of the manuel and then who is good to go through to get the listings etc. L (great website and the blog works for me

  18. hello everyone, well i decided to hold off for awhile before i purchase anything to do with hud trasing. i know i am never going to be rich, i can accept that. i just want to make enough money to pay the bills and have a littke fun. but anyway if there is anybody that is making money at home from a program they purchased and is doing well could you please contact me. thank you all and have a great DAY. (

  19. don’t do it. they sell the same thing eagle services does. the only one so far that is ligit, but is does cost more is Darlene’s r book. The link is posted above. Also if your curious what they are selling its a manual you can get for free at one of the above links. The manual at least gets you started in the right direction if you can’t afford darlen’s book right away. I would also sudgest reading all of the comments on this page there is a lot of helpful information. Good luck!

  20. i am new to this group, i am so happy that i found it. can anyone tell me about UNITED REFUND SERVICE? i am very much thinking about buying there course. will they do what they claim. if so its a great course. hope to hear from someone soon. thanks everyone and have a great day r.c.d. please feel free to contact me at my email address

  21. There is a way that you can locate people on the list for free but its long and tedious. As far as I know the fee for the list is legit but the list may be outdated.

    Here is how you can locate people.
    1. Go to the site on FHA refunds
    3. On name type two letters to get a list of people by using 2 letters of the last name that you’re looking to get results for. For example, you can type the entire last name Smith, but since you dont know which last name you want to search for just type SM and click search. You will see a list of all the people with last names that start with SM.
    4. Now you look for the refunds you want process. Have plenty of FUN. This can take you an extremely long time to do as these will not be sorted by state.

  22. Darlene or anybody else that can answer this question:
    When it comes to the list of names you can get, is it a scam to pay for these or is it and unavoidable expense. Because I have so far only seen a fee for this but I would hate to spend 50 bucks to find out I could have gotten it for free. Thanks!

  23. To the I-purchased-or-got-Darlene’s-manual-for-free folks:

    In doing my own research and looking through this forum, it seems like there is a lot of interest in a position that has the potential to be so lucrative! I know I’m interested! Has anyone who purchased the manual (or who got the manual for free prior to her charging) found it to be promising? And is there anyone out there who would be willing to share the free version (or the purchased version if you’re feeling generous) she put out prior to “going live”? Like most of you out there, I don’t have the money to shell out to purchase her manual off of her website. Any help would be awesome…and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  24. Darlene.
    Would you be able to e-mail me the infor on how to start on this. I already paid the 39.99. But, would like any other FREE help I can get. I have a very stable job as a RN. Its actually for my parents, who are on disability and struggling.

    Thank you

  25. Hi Darlene,
    I just had my third baby and would love to find a way to stay home with my children. I have been researching this type of business for a few weeks now and would love to get any information that I could from you. Thank you, my e-mail is

  26. Darlene, forgive me for being a late-comer, but I looking to get in the Hud Refund Processing business as well. I’m currently a (full time) loan officer in GA and if you’re well versed in the real estate market, you understand why I’m trying to find something else to supplement my income. If its not too late, please send the instructions for getting started and if there’s any kind of fee associated, please advise. Thanks again Darlene. My email address is

  27. Hilary, i’m really sorry you feel that way. As i said in many posts, i’ve been doing this business for over seven years. Whether you purchase my password-protected interactive ebook really won’t make a difference to me either way because most of my income is from assisting property owners get their refund. Just recently i’ve begun showing others how they too can be successful 3rd party tracers through my step-by-step instructions, and, providing support. Not to mention, this is what i do full-time now. So I’m not just someone selling information, Hilary, i’m actually doing this business. As a matter of fact, I still provide email support to several of the posters here – FOR FREE – when they have questions from when i did allow free access to my instructions. Your choice to purchase my material is your business, however, my business of being a successful 3rd party tracer and teaching others how to do the same will continue to flourish. Best of luck to everyone in whatever opportunities you choose.

  28. For anyone who is interested in seeing the EagleSoftware e-book. The Fanster is now selling it herself. It somes with resell rights so you can sell it yourself too. I however will be selling it at the cheap price of $2.99.. woo hoo.. E-mail me if you want it.

  29. Hilary, good points made.. that is why I made contact with Ivetriedthat, so that this post would be available to anyone looking to purchase any form of information on this business and as you can see from my review, all the free information is here for you. I like alot of people am a stay at home mom and do not have the resourses to spend money online to get a business going. Thanks to IveTriedThat though I have been able to find real job leads. I plan on starting my own blog eventually to get the links up and all the information. I will be glad to send you any of the leads that I do have. Currently I am taking customer service calls from home.

  30. Seems like Darlene was just another money hungry seller PRETENDING to help others.

    I have been around the industry long enough to know her technique is very common for a product launch for informational products, baiting with some information for free, gathering testimonials, and upselling for a much greater fee. ($170?? are you nuts??) What the heck is a “live” version?

    It is even comical to see a lot of testimonials gathered from this page and she pasted it on her purchase page, verbatim. (Has anyone agreed to this?)

    A lot of people here NEED the money and somewhere to start, you should be ashamed to take advantage of that and people’s trust.

  31. Da Fanster tried to add this comment, but has had trouble. So here it is:
    “Hey Guys, I have been getting e-mails to send out that Darlene’s document. Unfortunately I cannot as the document does not belong to me. Please take your time to read this review as you have access to all the free information that I was able to locate. Here is the link to the free manual one more time:
    Yes, the manuals info is quite old, but you can defenitely use it as your guide. Is Darlene’s document good and worth it? Im sure it is and it is updated with the methods that she is currently using today, but for those of us who cannot afford the spend money is best you use the free ebook at the link attached. I hope this helps all of you and I wish you all success.

    Da Fanster, Secret Agent”

  32. Megan, version 1 was free for some time. As posted on 4/15, i stopped allowing access to the free version once i started working on version 2 for retail.

  33. Hey everyone, I just completed the manual just an hour or so ago. I got some of you on the email i just sent out, i’ll catch up and add those of you who’ve signed on here since my previous post on 4/21.

    Just want to add, thanks to everyone for being patient while i was in the midst of moving and writing. I’ll be in touch more regularly again.

  34. Hello, hello everyone. Just a quick note that i’m in the process of relocating into an office space and i haven’t been online in about two weeks. Once i’m all set up and reconnected, i will respond to everyone first thing.

    I do want to say again that i’m no longer offering the free version 1 of the manual, as of April 15. With packing and moving, version 2 is long overdue, past my initial release date. I’ll keep everyone posted on when it’s available and how to access it. Thanks,


  35. Darlene,


    Please send me the mortgage refund instruction that you spoke about if you, of course, have not gone live yet. I am a 24yo mother who has been on crutches for over a year and am looking for a way to make extra money from home. I, like so many others, learned of this oppurtunity from’s posting on Craig’s list and (thankfully) found your blog instead. I think it’s awesome that you have saved so many people from being scammed AND offered the info for free. If you did being to sell the book, please let me know how I can purchase it. I am very anxious to give this opportunity a try. My e-mail address is


  36. I love doing research and live in a large area where many in-person contacts could be made. If you still have version 1 available – please send it to me. jaglady17[at]comcast[dot]net When version 2 is available for sale – I think those who have used your information should go back and purchase (that’s only fair – don’t you think? )
    Thanks for your research and honesty in sharing your step by step methods. Often these ‘scams’ are based on solid concepts, but they leave out the details.

  37. Darlene,
    What a relief to know that you took the time to research this and bring it up to date. If you haven’t gone ‘live’ yet, send me a copy of your program. I bought my manual for $79.99 and followed their format, but had a few questions before I sent any letters out. Thanks again.

  38. Darleen,
    I am interested in the information also and was wondering if your could please send me a copy also? My E-mail is markandjess11 [at] hotmail [dot] com


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