Have you ever been in the following position?

Awesome website name?tick
Superfast hosting?tick
Website set up?tick
Amazing content written and scheduled?tick
Quality images adorning content?tick
Social network accounts prepped?tick
Thousands of targeted visitors?tick

Wait! Where the hell are the visitors?!

I’m sure you have been there, I know I have. You can have the best website ever known to mankind, but without visitors it will be for nothing. Without visitors you will earn nothing.

Then you scrabble to get people to find and love your site. You start pushing out content daily, tweaking your SEO, firing out tweets like there is no tomorrow.

And yet still no traffic, or worse, tons of traffic but nothing targeted so no one buys through your affiliate links.

This sort of situation is very common place, which is why the internet marketing product field is strewn with e-books, seminars, infographics and the like all shouting at you that you suck and that if you buy them your traffic woes will be over.

Explosive Website Traffic is one of the latest of these products that promises it will help you get all the traffic you will ever need.

The Pitch

Explosive Website Traffic’s sales letter is a typically generic online marketing pitch.

It includes the common place marketing techniques of making you feel bad about your situation and positioning itself in your mind as your one true saviour.

Bold and underlined text helps re-enforce this on you.

Its promises are typically wild, such as getting your first lead and sale within 20 minutes, or earning thousands per day as a result of this system.

It states, of course, that a monkey could use this system to earn money, not even a trained one at that! (Disclaimer: it might not say that precisely, but you get the drift I’m sure).

As usual it also includes proof of earnings which prove precisely nothing.

Purchasing Explosive Website Traffic

The product itself is a front end off or loss leader, and is on a dime sale between $7 and $10 dollars.

Once purchased, you are shoved into a short funnel; one which is selling the authors previous works.

You can get 10 of his various products for $27 bucks or decline and use the downsell to get 5 products for $17. Or you know, just decline that too.

The Product

The product itself is an e-book that comes with 2 bonus e-books. Perhaps the bonuses are from a marketing stand point, to add perceived value.

To me they are there to make sure you don’t swear as badly when you realise the core e-book is only 16 pages long including 6 or 7 pages of crap: a disclaimer, into, a contents page (can anyone else say “filler”?).

The e-book is broken into 5 sections, which will guide you to getting all the traffic in the interwebz to arrive at your websites front page.

Section 1

This single page section was surely something written for the sales page but left out because of space and then used to fill up the e-book because it has zero point in being in the book itself.

All it says is to imagine that you are on a beach and making money from there.

Section 2

This section of filler content broadly outlines the 2 core traffic methods of free and paid. It then suggests using forums as a basis for generating traffic, and that helping people will eventually help you get sales.

Section 3

Another single page section that tells you will need certain tools: a lead page, a stopwatch, a computer (*sigh*) and patience.

Section 4

This section appears to be the actual process required to generate the free traffic.

The crux of this whole system is forums. Really. I’m not lying.

The author is basically saying to find some forums in your niche, sign up to them, participate (i.e. don’t just spam) and add a signature with your site link.

If you have had any exposure to internet marketing then you will know that this system is nearly as old as the internet itself.

Does it work? Yes of course it can, but it is certainly not a quick way to generate traffic, which the author does admit.

This sort of system can certainly generate targeted traffic as well, especially if done right.

Finding forums in your niche is usually possible, and becoming part of the community allows you find out about other issues (i.e. opportunities) that your fellow community members might be having.

Section 5

This is a conclusion and can be skipped.

The Bottom Line

If you have more than zero experience in internet marketing you can probably skip this product. It doesn’t teach anything new, though I suppose using forums might be new to you.

The training itself is OK, but nothing fantastic, but it will be sufficient to learn how to add a forum post.

Overall I wouldn’t really recommend this product, it’s not a scam, but it is regurgitating years old systems (that admittedly can still work) that you can no doubt find all about as a small section within another product.

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