Let me give you a bit of personal history. (It will be brief, I promise!)

About two years ago I went through a major reorganization of my life. A huge career change meant that there was a period of unemployment with all the stress and money problems piling on me like bricks.

Like so many of you, I turned to the Internet to generate some income. Also like you, I found TONS of trash sites and garbage claims and didn’t know how to separate the junk from the good stuff.

I found Steve’s old site, saveandmake.com (which is now a proud part of I’ve Tried That). It pointed me to jobs that provided that much needed boost in income.

I don’t do those kinds of jobs anymore because I make as much money and more blogging as I did with those jobs. It’s a part time income for me. This is all Steve does, so he earns a full time income online.

I’ve Tried That’s Mission

Our focus since starting this blog a year ago has been twofold: exposing scammy claims and pointing to legitimate things. Exposing scams is a bit easier than finding legitimate programs. It’s a simple numbers game: any schmuck can throw up an affiliate marketing “how to” site and charge you for access, and many have. Real opportunities, though—things that do what they advertise —are rare by comparison.

That’s why we have focused on telecommuting jobs as legitimate money-making ventures. If you know where to look and learn to sort out the garbage, you can find real jobs and make some money relatively quickly.

Creating an Online Income

Finding jobs online is relatively quick money. You use skills you already have. You trade time for money. It’s predictable pay, and when you stop doing the work, you stop getting paid.

An online income is different. You usually have to learn new skills and the money is not predictable. You might put in a lot of hours and make nothing at all. However, it can be bigger money than you make with a job. AND you keep getting paid after you quit working if you do it right. To create an online income, you need a web site (or several), you need traffic (or visitors to your site), and you need a product, even if that product is your own writing—your outstanding blog content.

Our posts this week will shift away from telling you what not to do and instead look at something we believe you can do. It’s blogging. If you don’t have a blog yet, now is a great time to start. (See this post featuring Blog Mastermind for links to simple videos that explain how.) If you do, we hope you’ll learn something from this week’s posts, too, about how to make money as a blogger.

Why do we think you can do it? Because we do. And there’s nothing much that’s special about us, except for maybe Steve’s Afro. But you don’t need an Afro to make money blogging. Posts we wrote months ago still make money for us and they’ll continue to do so, even if we stopped working on this blog today. That’s the beauty of an online income.

Check out this free report about blogging from Blog Mastermind. It gives you the outline of the system you need to know to make money with a blog. The report’s author, Yaro Starak, makes between $10,000 and $35,000 per month with his blogs, so he knows what he’s talking about.

If you like what you read in the report, you can sign up for his Blog Mastermind mentoring program, and learn all the details directly from him. Blog Mastermind has been closed to new members, but it will open its doors again soon. We’ve done a Blog Mastermind review previously and I’ve taken this course and highly recommend it. Blog Mastermind is a must-join program for those new bloggers wanting to break into blogging for money.

So right now, look into blogging for money by following the links to Blog Mastermind above. You might decide it’s not for you, but you might also learn an awesome way to generate an online income.

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  • Joe

    Glad to hear it, John. Here’s to hoping you can learn all you need in order to make an income online if that’s your goal.

  • john

    I got the so much of knowledge from your blog. This blog is very interesting,inspiring and helpful for me a lot. Thank you for giving personal experiences.

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