One of the most common questions we get is about online surveys. Is this one legit? Is that one a scam? The problem is that we just can’t keep up.

There are so many companies and Web sites willing to:

  • Sell you survey info
  • Sell you lists of companies that pay people to take surveys
  • Sell you an ebook about getting rich from online surveys
  • Set you up in survey business to make easy money

We just can’t keep up with them all! They’re all beginning to look very much the same. All I really know for sure is that Survey Savvy paid me more than $700 in 2008. Some people make a lot more. It’s one of our recommended survey companies. But there can’t be only three good ones!

So that is where we need your help. We know that out of the thousands of people that read posts here, some of you have to be pulling in a little change with surveys. If all of you who have had a little bit of success will help us by calling out the good companies, we would be grateful. And so would everyone else who lands at I’ve Tried That after searching for online survey information.

So speak up! But here are the rules:

  1. You have to have made enough money to cash out. Some companies have high limits.
  2. You have to have actually received the money you were owed.
  3. If your site was not free to join, include that information.

You can also tell us how much you made. And don’t lie! This is a “I tried it and it worked for me” thread. Call out your survey company so everyone else can join you in pulling in that extra pizza money.


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  • Tara

    I’m a member of well over 30 survey sites but I have a few favorites. I just joined Opinion Place Surveys about a month ago and it’s been pretty nice. I’ve made $8.75 for four surveys and none of them took more than 15 minutes, so it’s been alright. It’s one of my favorites now.

  • Katrina Lynn Aldan
    Katrina Lynn Aldan

    Hi! How do you register with Pinecone, I don’t see a signup page. Please let me know and can I sign up if I’m not living in the US.

  • Jenn

    I tried SurveySaavy and Lightspeed Panel for over one year. Don’t waste your time! The surveys are long, technical difficulties are never responded to, and there isn’t a payout in the end; at least a legitimate one. And one can very rarely qualify for the “sweepstakes.’

    Pinecone is EXCELLENT to work with, however.

  • Joanie Batten
    Joanie Batten

    I’ve been a member of MyPoints for 4 years and really love it. Just clicking on the link w/advertisement sent to you (takes about 3 seconds), you earn points (most are 5 points). The points add up quickly and you choose the gift cards you want to receive in exchange for points accumulated. No purchase is ever required to accumulate points and yes it would take about 3 months before you have enough points to get a gift card to say Wal-Mart (this is from personal experience). However if you make on line purchases the points really add up quickly. They have a huge list of participating restaurants, stores (brick ‘n mortar as well as online) to choose from when cashing in your points. They do not offer cash though.

  • dustin

    How do you register with pinecone. I didn’t see that option at their website?

  • lesley

    I’m actually trying to get back with Pinecone. In 2006, I uninstalled IE and they weren’t supporting Firefox so I advised the proprietress of my technical difficulties. Really nice and receptive about it, but said she needed to work on that even if it would be no time soon. Then I had no time and she cut me from the list. It’s a shame because I was signed up from 2000/2001. I remember the steady $5.00 checks. A couple I forgot to cash and she used to say you could send the expired ones back for a new one, but my guess is, that got too popular. I agree with the previous posters – very hard not to qualify – and I got to try an amazing amount of in home products. I hope she’ll let me back into that club… :)

  • Wii

    I am from the UK and my girlfriend uses Online Opinions and GfK surveys. She recently won a prize draw at GfK and got £400 worth of Amazon vouchers. She makes about £600 a year from these types of sites and although it isn’t much the prize draws are an additional bonus.

  • David KING
    David KING

    I have always found that there are not enough surveys to make the amount of money that they say that you can make.

    that’s why i do my own thing.

    survey’s won’t make you even 6-figures a year.

    if you are making 6-figures from survey’s let me know where it is because i sure haven’t found one!



  • Rachel

    I have used Zoompanel for many years. They pay in items which is very good for me as I do not tend to buy myself things…I have gotten a lot of neat things from them, including a rocking bread slicing knife! I highly recommend them.

  • Renee

    I also like Pinecone.

    Keep trying with Zoom Panel. I didn’t like them at first. You get points for merchandise not cash. But they send me surveys very regularly and even if you don’t qualify, you get a few points. I’ve found out that the surveys don’t take that much time and the points add up pretty quick. That’s where I get DVDs from.

    Lightspeed gives me surveys pretty regular and you can exchange the points for cash through Paypal and you get it pretty quickly.

    Epoll gives points for gift certificates. I get lots of Mcdonalds certificates from them because I like just the regular cheeseburger on the dollar menu so those certificates go a long way for me.

    Both My Survey and My View both work pretty well for me and you can get cash from them.

    I don’t have much luck with Greenfield although everyone else seems to. I seem to get bombarded with only the sweepstakes surveys. However I did just get an online interactive survey with them a couple of days ago and I’m waiting to see if and when they pay on that.

  • Jean

    I, also, have been with Pinecone Research for a few years. They have my vote over anything else. I’ve tried a few others and nothing. Pinecone pays $3.00 per survey and an entry into a sweepstakes. They used to pay $5.00 per survey and no sweetstakes entry. I preferred the $5.00, but $3.00 is not bad and they pay very quickly and only once in 4 years have I not qualified for the survey they sent. They give you about 2 weeks to complete the survey with a reminder in between so you don’t forget. You can stop and restart a survey if you get interrupted. Only problem is that there aren’t very many surveys, maybe a couple a month.

  • Rebekah

    I’ll second Pinecone Research – I use the paypal for my Woot! shirts.

    harrispoll used to do or cash. Now that I’ve got 7000 points, I can *almost* get a sterilizer for a nursery I will never have…

    I just got a $5 check from Nielson & an gift certificate but they’re few and far between. ask me about rebates and I’ve done way better.

  • Jess

    I’ve been registered with five different survey companies for the last two months, and here’s how they stack up:

    Pinecone Research – Completed two surveys, paid within one week ($3 per survey) for both.

    SurveySavvy, American Consumer Opinion, HotSpex, and ZoomPanel have all sent me surveys, but I have rarely qualified for them and have not accrued any money I could cash out.

    Pinecone Research is obviously my favorite. The surveys were interesting, not too lengthy, and payment was as quick as USPS mail could handle. Thumbs-up!

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