Tammy writes about her experience with fromhomedataentry.com:

This company is totally a scam, and unfortunately I completely fell for it in a desperate time of need. I purchased the premium package for $60.00. After I purchased the packaged which was 300 assignments and then 100 assignments it stated that you could not cash out until all of the assignments were completed. I did a little research and didn’t find anything really out there.

Little did I know, it was because the company was brand new, so not enough time had elapsed for all the complaints to come in. I contacted them via email and they indicated I could request payment twice. I spent hours upon hours completing the 300 assignments and then requested payment. They indicated that it would take 6 to 8 weeks because they would have to submit each assignment to each company whose website you reviewed.

I then decided to do some research again and that is when I started hearing of the stories and the “infamous” letter that you would receive that basically states that you did not do the assignments properly and the companies refused to pay. I also checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and not only did they receive an F rating, but it also stated that if you gave them money you should contact your local authorities.

In any event, after I sent an email to them inquiring about whether or not I was going to get paid or get this “infamous” letter, I, of course, received that “infamous” letter within the hour. I am so mad, I could spit nails! I have been bantering back and forth with them. Visit my blog, as I have posted my emails to them and their responses back to me. I have yet to receive a response to my last reply.

I will not rest until this company goes out of business and stops scamming people. Not only do they take your money, but you end up wasting your precious time. My blog is tlondon.blog.com. Another great site to check places out is ptcinvestigations.

I feel so foolish that in my moment of desperation I failed to notice the obvious signs that should have raised red flags for me. I guess I just so wanted to believe that there was in fact at least one legitimate company out there that you could work for and make decent money. So far, however, that hasn’t been the case.

So please people, don’t fall for it. Don’t be enticed by their little “scam free” seal, as anyone can purchase that seal for $39.95. Don’t become another statistic of yet another person who put their faith in a company that is only out to hurt and scam you. These people are downright criminal. I wish there was a way that these sites could be policed in some fashion so they can stop getting rich by being criminals. It is just so frustrating.

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  • Sadart Abukari
    Sadart Abukari

    The other time those freaks sent me a message stating they are short of work for the other packages except PACKAGE C, if I could remember correctily. I just searched for the email but noticed I have deleted it. Anyone who is serious about making money online should stay away from these useless scammers. I just checked their website and noticed they are still out there scamming people.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Yeah they said they were scam free verified and registering with the bbb, what a crock. They have had thousands of complaints already. They will never get Certified with the BBB. If you paid take legal action.

  • Sadart Abukari
    Sadart Abukari

    Stay tuned for an update on fromhomedataentry.com scam from me next week or two. As a crazy programmer, I am just too tight on numerous projects that I don’t get just the little time to comment about these scammers. Hopefully, I will try to make time for myself to write a web application which will post automatically to the thousands of scam report websites and blogs I have in my list. Stay tuned.

  • Kristi

    I too was scammed by this horrible website. The thing that’s really frustrating is they preach on their page that this is to help out families. So all of us moms that have only a small amount of time to make a little extra money is stolen from us wasting time on their stupid assignments.

  • Ronnie

    Thank you for helping me avoid this garbage i filled out the assignments and started to buy more but decided to look at scam reporrs and didnt like what i seen so thanks for writing this

  • Kiran

    Don’t lose hope . I was scammed by them too. But i was determined to get back my money n’ i did . What you need is your plimus purchase receipt.

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