What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

That phrase for me, sums up everything in Internet Marketing training right now. There are so many new products that are shouting out that they can teach you how to make money online, so many they appear every day.

The thing is, they are not teaching you anything new. Instead it’s just a rehash of existing techniques and learning.

Yes, it’s good to have different opinions and viewpoints on a subject, but how many ways can there be to tell you how to set up an affiliate site?

This week’s product review, Laptop Income Formula, proudly states that “This is the Ultimate All-in-One Guide to making money online like you haven’t seen before.”

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I have a hard time believing that, so of course I had to buy it and check it out.

The Pitch

Other than the above statement, the sales letter reads almost like every other out there:

  • It gets you agreeing about how you are tired of buying products with no success.
  • It explains that the author too was once in your shoes.
  • It explains that you don’t need pretty much anything to do this.
  • It makes sure you know that the product is worth much more than it’s selling for and why it is selling for so cheap.

Well, if the sales letter is anything to go buy, this isn’t going to be anything we “haven’t seen before”.

Purchasing Laptop Income Formula

The core product costs just $9.97 and incredibly it does not have any upsells.  This tells me that the author is either very new to selling his own products, marketing in general, or perhaps, just maybe, she doesn’t feel the need to upsell anything as his product can stand by itself.

The members’ area is a single page site with access to two downloads: a PDF guide covering the training and a large (341mb) zip file containing videos and PDF transcripts.

If you are a regular reader of I’ve Tried That you may know that I am not a video training fan and I love reading, so I was impressed that there would be transcripts of the videos.

I was going to give May a big gold star for this, but it turns out that there were no transcripts. Instead there were 3 PDFs containing related but different content.

The Product

The core e-book is 81 pages long including fluff, and contains 6 chapters which cover getting an online business set up.

Chapter 1

This chapter makes up about a quarter of the whole e-book and discusses how you can make money online.

I thought that it would just be all about affiliate marketing, and while that is included the chapter covers other possibilities too.

It talks about the importance of being an expert with whatever you are going to do and explains various ways to make money: sites like fiverr.com, eBay, drop shipping, writing services, graphic design, and membership sites and so on.

Depending on your own preferences, this could either help and spark an idea or get you thoroughly muddled up and leave you without direction.

Chapter 2

Niche finding is the name of the game in this chapter.

IT covers the basics of finding a need, seeing if there is a market and drilling down to find a narrower niche.

The training provides info on how to do some basic market research and making sure there are associated products.

This is good because it’s so easy to pick a niche that looks good but turns out it might be hard to work with for one reason or another.

Chapter 3

This section covers the basics of buying hosting, domains and setting up a WordPress site.

While this doesn’t need to be that detailed, I did find the part on domain purchasing to be exceptionally weak – it didn’t even list the common mistakes that happen with domain purchases and how to avoid them.

In fact the whole chapter is really more of an over view than training as such.

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Chapter 4

Sometimes when you read through training it becomes clear that the author hasn’t got the readers best interests at heart. Not so here, because May has decided to include a section on planning. Specifically content planning, but the fact that any sort of planning training has been included is great.

Most marketers that fail, do so because they had no plan to stick to and as such they lost focus on no only their goals but also the path.

It focuses on getting you to think about your content as far off as a year away and to also consider other forms of media than just the written word. As well as that, it discusses email list building and on page SEO.

Chapter 5

Covering the most important part of any website, traffic, this chapter outlines several ways in which you can get visitors to your site.

Nothing is new here, just the typical things like link building, forum posting, social media etc.

Once again some of the advice is not quite enough. For example the author talks about the potential for getting someone to build your email list, like a Fiverr.com gig, and mentions you should discuss how they will do it in case the wrong people sign up.

That’s great but she could have explained why, and why using such services is a risk, but she doesn’t.

Chapter 6

The final chapter covers sales and sales techniques. A few pages are not going to cover everything in detail but May manages to provide a decent overview of techniques such as copywriting, call to actions and A/B testing.

The other training

The product comes bundled with 8 videos ranging from 5 to 30+ minutes long. These videos do complement the written e-book quite well.

As mentioned earlier, the transcripts seemed to be missing, but you do get 3 e-books instead, 2 of which were quite long but seemingly by a different author, and one was just a very short overview e-book.

Laptop Income Formula star model
Used as part of the video training.

The Bottom Line

Is the Laptop Income Formula new and exciting? Does it contain never before seen techniques? Is it “like you haven’t seen before”?

No, it isn’t.

That being said it is a pretty good foundation course in setting up an online business. It doesn’t focus in any one area so you are not limited to just PPC or just affiliate marketing. Instead it gives idea on how to achieve things, but not really the specific training on how to do them.

For example if you take the Call to Action section. It tells you what they are but not really how to implement them effectively.

If you are new to online marketing, then this is a good overview product. If you have any experience, then while you might find some nuggets in here, it can be safely skipped.

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