Whether I am just getting better at looking for them or whether there are simply more available, there seems to be an influx of Internet Marketing systems, products and guides aimed not at people just entering the online marketing arena, but at those of us who are already creating and managing our online businesses.

Marketers Influence is the latest of those, and its particular angle is looking at persuasion and influence techniques.

Looking at the sales page this is obviously not one of those products that are promising to make you $32,593 per day, but rather a product that is designed to take what you have and improve it via the use of different marketing techniques.

My initial thought that this information may already be freely available via libraries and academic resources, as it is likely to pull in traditional marketing techniques.

To find out of course, I picked up a copy.

The Sale

Regular readers will know I like to review a sales page and the sales process itself, it often provides a key glimpse as to whether a product will be scammy or not.

Marketers Influence sales process is fairly straight forward; pick up the e-book for $17 and one upsell of 12 training videos for $47. There were no down sells and the sales page was a fairly standard long for sales letter, strangely devoid of big promises and hype.

You also get a few bonuses thrown in:

  • PulseHover WP Plugin (with $27 upsell to Pro).
  • Coaching Webinar – Wasn’t available at the time of my purchase.
  • Influence & Persuasion Checklist – a miserly 2 page, large print memory aid.
  • Business Start Up Guide –  a short 31 page e-book designed to provide quick and basic data on setting up a business. However it was mainly a quick guide to setting up a WordPress site with a bunch of affiliate links thrown in.
  • Other “free” bonuses leading to various mailing lists.

The Product

Weirdly, this e-book comes in two parts and therefore two separate PDF files. I can only assume it’s a nefarious plan to extort money from the unwashed masses, or perhaps just a marketing idea I have yet to figure out.

Either way, in total you are getting 163 pages of content more or less, which is above average when it comes to internet marketing products. However, the font is large and the line spacing is generous so in reality you could easily shave off 30 or so pages by having written it like a normal book or website.

Influencing Language

The main purpose of the e-book is to teach about different aspects of the psychology of marketing, specifically when it comes to language, because most of your content will be written or spoken.

Leah, the author of the e-book, breaks it down into several different sectiosn which do tend to build upon each other.

I found some of the initial part of the book a little hard going, as it seemed a little dry and boring and read like a college essay, so I was concerned that it would carry on that way.

Thankfully it didn’t. Leah used more examples and slightly less dry language to get the points across.

The basis of the concepts she discusses is something called NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) or in my own terms, how things influence people.

She covers a variety of different areas, including:

Pain points

A section where she discusses the age old marketing technique of pushing people’s emotions when it comes to something they have a problem, such as acne, weight loss, a lack of website traffic, etc.

Customer profiles

This section interested me as I think a lot of people forget that they are selling to other people and finding out exactly who they are selling to can make content more focused and targeted and thus lead to better conversions.

This section though, is an example of the main flaw in the e-book: it simply isn’t detailed enough. I got the gist of having to research and create a profile, but there really wasn’t any advice about how to do this.

Unconscious preferences

Here Leah explains about how to use different words within content to unconsciously appeal to different audiences, those that are visual in nature, auditory in nature and those that rely on their feelings more. It was an eye opener as I expected someone who was in the sound group to be more open to videos, but as well as that different words appeal to them more.


Here she explains different ways to build a rapport and therefore trust with your visitor.

There are various other methods listed to help the visitor feel comfortable and therefore buy, and Leah explains how you can use all of them in conjunction to build up the users trust and interest, allowing your copy to lead them into a sale.

Another segment was about “Embedded Commands” which is really just the use of emphasis: bold and italicized words. These are commonly used by marketers, but it was interesting to see how they should be used, especially the negative ones.

What did you think of?

What did you think of?

Round two!

The second part of the books, felt a little bit like odds and ends had been thrown in together.

Don’t get me wrong, there was some useful information, but it seemed like it was just a bunch of articles thrown together.

After going through the psychology and raising interesting ideas in book one, she goes on to mention how blogging is a good idea, as if her target audience had changed.

Further on though, there was some decent discussion about headlines and different principles you can use to formulate headlines and copy, such as AIDA – Attention Interest Desire Action.

There were also some mini interviews with other (famous?) internet marketers. Though I had never heard of them, which to be fair could just be me, the differing viewpoints was a nice touch.

The Bottom Line

Is Marketers Influence a scam? No, it isn’t. You get some value for money out of it.

It won’t appeal to everyone, but if you want to learn a little bit more about the minds of your prospects then it isn’t a bad starting point, Leah seems to know her stuff.

The problem for me was a lack of detail in some areas, about how to apply some of the teachings. Mostly it was fine; make certain words and phrases bold, push emotional buttons etc.

The part two was a little flimsy in places though.

I just can’t shake the feeling that there could have been much more added to both parts. Perhaps, I should have bought the upsell? Maybe the webinar that hasn’t been launched yet will fill in the gaps?

It’s hard to say, but I one thing is for sure, I did walk away with some insights about things I already new and also with some new knowledge as well, so there is definitely some worth in the product.

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