I saw Instant Profits Silos not long after I had written an article about the basics of Siloing your website.

Barring the silo reference, the main thing that caught my eye about this product was its pitch. It suggests that you can start making money from a website created using this guide in around 3 days.

Normally a new website will barely be indexed in 3 days let alone ranking and pulling in traffic.

Therefore I had to pick this up and see what the fuss was all about.

The Pitch

I am seeing more and more beautiful looking marketing sales pages, and Instant Profits Silo is one of them.  The lack of overdone highlighting and bad imagery, combined with a very professional layout put me at ease straight away. I think any marketer can learn from this that a decent sales page doesn’t have to be ugly.

While the pitch goes in low, it suggests that you can make $600 a month for 2 hours of work setting up a site.

This seems too good to be true, especially when you take into consideration some of the things you allegedly don’t need:

Instant Profit Silos Skills Needed

Purchasing Instant Profit Silos

The product is sold by JVZoo on a dime sale, maxing out at $27.00.  Surprisingly there is one upsell (which is also on a dime sale) that will provide you with 3 extra videos and a template that will supposedly help improve your silo sites profits.

The product

The core product consists of 10 videos and 4 supplementary PDF files. The videos are in bite sized chunks ranging from just a couple of minutes up to around 14 minutes long.

The quality is pretty good, both visual and audio are clear. The only issue I came across was an inability to make the videos full screen. For the most part this was no issue, but sometimes I had to squint to see the screen shares for things like Bing Ads.

The videos lead you from choosing a niche and keywords, through to creating a basic site.

The core principle of Instant Profit Silos is to create mini-sites.

Now if you have been in the internet marketing game for any time, you will know that mini sites are a contentious subject nowadays. Lots of people say they no longer work, others say they still can work.

I think the main reason why they may work in this context is that the author is completely disregarding organic searches and solely relying on PPC (Pay Per Click – basically paid advertising) via Bing.

In fact, the author goes as far as to advise that duplicate content simply isn’t an issue here, and discusses how to cannibalize the affiliated products sales page for use on your own site.

Using PPC is certainly an effective method, though if done incorrectly it can possibly cost you more than you earn from it.

The silo aspect of the product is perhaps misleading. What you are in effect doing is setting up mini sites under one domain (thus the silo) but as siloing is an SEO benefit and there is no SEO applicable here, it is merely an easier way to collate your mini-sites so you don’t lose track of them.

The Bottom Line

While the sales page wowed me, the product itself was a little underwhelming.

The ideas outlined are old school but with a twist, as advertised, and it certainly is an interesting take on using mini-sites.

The actual training was OK. It covered everything needed, but not always in as much details as I would have liked.

Will this system make you money? Possibly, though PPC has a risk element associated with it, so there is a chance you can lose money from it too.

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  • Ras

    Great write up. I think you missed the point of the silo for this type of strategy. It has nothing to do with SEO as you mentioned but it is more about getting a good quality score for Bing ads. The silo helps show that the site is relevant to the ad. The higher the quality score the lower your PPC amount.

    It may be old school but it seemed to me that is all about Bing PPC. The assumption is that you should get at least one sale per every 50 clicks. Which is why the formula $25/50 = .50 per click. If you go over that amount you have a greater chance of losing money. Stay within this formula and you may possibly not lose as much as go over.

    I did find it lacking in detail information as well. As mention ed in the program it is a simple straight forward formula. He mentions more over and over again that the point is not to try to rank the site. It is not needed with this type of strategy.

  • Greg

    Love the review, thanks. It’s nice having a real review, especially from one the WA bloggers which seem to downplay everyone else’s program. I did not get that from you and it is appreciated.

    Silo? Obviously the name is for keyword aspects only. That alone should tell you something, especially since they state no seo as a benefit.

    Be Blessed,

  • Michael Way
    Michael Way

    At last – a genuine review by someone that has actually seen the product!!


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