Quick Summary of Survey Money Machines, Survey Momma, and Survey Sheep

Rating: 2 Most are over-hyped websites that make outrageous claims about potential earnings. Other sites redirect you to MLMs and other work-at-home opportunities.

The Good: Interestingly enough, the fine print at Survey Money Machines is refreshingly honest about how much money you can truly make with online surveys. Survey Momma links you to a useful Facebook group composed of real survey takers.

The Bad: The hype surrounding survey sites and how much money you can make mislead you into thinking that online surveys can replace your job. Other survey site aggregators result in you being inundated with phone calls, text messages and junk emails.

The Bottom Line: While you won't lose money with these online survey aggregators, you will lose a lot of time by filling out surveys and trying to qualify for surveys that pay more money. Plus, your inbox and voicemail will be inundated with spam and other "opportunity" messages.

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Survey Money Machines, Survey Momma, and Survey Sheep Review

Here at I’ve Tried That, we’ve reviewed survey sites, survey site scams, and surveys themselves as a means of making an online income. We’ve definitely examined this work-at-home opportunity because it can be a source of extra money if you have a lot of spare time on your hands. Having said this, there is also the ‘caveat emptor’ portion of survey sites, especially those that have you pay money before you can access their private member areas or ‘secret’ lists of surveys that pay $100 or more per completion.

That is why we approached the following survey aggregator sites with due caution. In this post, we review three survey site aggregators and what they actually offer. Incidentally, all of these aggregator sites are free to join and use.

Survey Money Machines

This survey aggregator site can be located through Google AdWords ads such as the following:

work from home

work from home surveys

When you go to the site, you encounter a familiar story: Hailey Gates is a single mother of three who makes an impressive side income by taking online surveys. And when I say impressive, I mean up to $300/day.

If you know anything about online survey sites, you know that this claim is heavily exaggerated. The site also promises that if you don’t make $25-$150 in your first hour, Hailey will write you a $100 check.


The truth about Survey Money Machines

There is no way that survey sites will have you earning $300/day. That kind of money is reserved for people who attend live, in-person focus groups. Even then, the focus group might only pay out $60-$100 for an hour or two of your time. You simply won’t be working all day in focus groups.

Luckily, Survey Money Machines doesn’t charge you to join. Also, once you get past the splashy and overhyped sales pages, you learn the real truth about how much money you’ll make with online surveys:

My Opportunities

How does Survey Money Machines make its money? It has you signing up to its survey sites as a referral. Once you start taking surveys, the aggregator site makes a commission from any offers you complete.

As for the $100 you are promised from Hailey herself, this money is “paid” out to you in the form of bonus cash that the survey companies tack on to your account once you sign up. Keep in mind that most survey companies require that you achieve a certain monetary threshold in your account before you are able to cash out.

2. Survey Momma

This site is also an aggregator that has you signing up to various survey companies as its referral. You are directed to the website via AdWords ads such as this one. Again, the possibility that you’ll be making lots of money in just minutes is overhyped.

survey momma

When you go to the website, this is the screen that you initially see:


The truth about Survey Momma

Survey Momma provides you with a list of survey sites including Harris Poll Online, Smart Panel, MySurvey, Ipsos, etc. These sites are offered to members without any hype or sign-up/membership costs.

There is also a community link that takes you to the Survey Momma Facebook group (which currently has 213 members). This group is actually quite useful and informs you which survey sites pay the most money (as opposed to points or sweepstakes entries) for your efforts.

That’s the good side of Survey Momma.

The not-so-good side is the blog, which is filled with cross-sells to other income-generating opportunities like Real Estate Mogul, survey companies, etc. and another survey site aggregator called Paid Survey Update. There are also loads of ads scattered about the site and its “blog” posts.

3. Survey Sheep

This survey aggregator also starts out with some hype- though admittedly, it doesn’t go as far as Survey Money Machines or Survey Momma. Bing search shows the following ad for Survey Sheep:

survey sites - Bing

When you click on this ad, you are taken to the following form page:


The truth about Survey Sheep

Despite its stock photo-laden sales page showing models holding wads of cash, Survey Sheep does offer actual lists of survey sites that you can sign up for and even profit from online. I found the following survey sites available once I signed up to Survey Sheep:


The site also offer a link to online surveys that teens can complete, a concise but helpful FAQs section, and an Abous Us page.

That’s the good side of Survey Sheep. The not-so-good side is the fact that, when you start clicking around on the survey links, you are invariably directed to non-survey sites. For example, when I clicked on the link ‘Work at Home Moms’ and filled out my information (including my phone number), I was directed to this page:

Networking marketing

Within minutes, I was getting a phone call, voicemail and text message from Robert Mallery, who had information for me regarding my “application” for work-at-home opportunities. Ugh.

In my opinion, a survey company aggregator should not be trying to cross-sell MLMs and other “opportunities.”

The bottom line with survey aggregators

Survey site aggregators aren’t all bad if you are scouting for new survey companies and/or wish to know the going opinion of a given survey company. However, my all-time best recommendation for looking up and learning about survey sites is via a review website called Survey Police. This website posts user reviews of survey sites, how much they pay, how they pay, and more. Best of all, you’re not being redirected to non-survey “opportunities” that result in people calling and/or texting you.

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