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Top 20 Ways for Kids to Earn Money Online and Off

If you’re intrigued by how other kids earn money online and in real life, and want your own kids to learn from the success (or failures) of children their own age, this post is definitely for you.

The internet has provided income opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, beliefs, profession, and age. Young or old people can get a slice of the pie, as long as they’re willing to learn how.

Even reading stories online of 10-year-old CEOs building businesses from the ground up can burn a fire in your kids and inspire them to follow their footsteps.

But as parents, I understand that you’d want to learn the ins and outs of such opportunities first, before showing them to your kids. And that’s totally okay.

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Before I share you the list, be aware that:

  • When I say “kid,” I’m talking about school-kid age to pre-teens (about 8 to 12 years old). If your child is already a teenager, maybe my post about online jobs for teens would be a more appropriate fit.
  • The following list of money-making side jobs no longer include house chores or any tasks paid by you (the parents), or any member of the family. I only included jobs for kids that they can make independently (or outside of their family).

10 Traditional Ways Kids Earn Money

I wanted to kick this list off with a mix of traditional and new-age ways kids can earn money.

1. Lemonade Stands

Lemonade stands may seem so cliché, but they still work. And your kids are old enough to do the squeezing of lemons, setting up shop, and selling the drinks.

You can always turn the classic lemonade stand into something more.

Just ask “Me & the Bees Lemonade” owner Mikaila, who began her bottled lemonade business at 4 years old. She won an investment on Shark Tank.

2. Pet sitting

Like errand jobs that require you to travel around the city, walking the dogs on their own may not be safe for young kids.

However, pet-sitting is perfect.

The owners can just drop off the pet at your house and your kid will be responsible for it throughout its stay.

Your kids can charge depending on length of stay, how demanding the pet/s are, and other pet-related errands are included (giving baths, giving medicine, etc.).

3. Wash cars

Bring out a sign at your garage. Send out flyers throughout your neighborhood. Then wait for customers to line up.

Washing cars is great exercise too, so if your goal is to keep your kids off gadgets during their school breaks, then this gig can be a lucrative activity.

4. Kids Earn Money with Lawn Care

Kids will be able to build discipline and strength by cleaning gutters, moving the lawn, shoveling snow, raking leaves, and providing a wide range of lawn care services.

Take photos of the lawn before and after working on it.

Use these photos for your website or Facebook page. Giving proof to how well you can maintain lawn, even if you’re younger than 10 years old, will be the key to your success.

5. Sell Candies, Cupcakes or other Sweets

Everyone loves sweets. And if your kid does too, he/she can embark on a cooking or baking journey and sell these sweets to classmates, family or friends, and even around your local community.

Zollipops was developed by then-7-year-old Alina Morse and her dad as sugar-free, acid-free lollipops,

Shipping can be expensive, so if the business is still small, stick with the local market first. In fact, you can still succeed even if you stay in your neighborhood forever. Look at Mr. Cory and the cookies he sell without a storefront.

He ships them to customers and even introduced a cookie subscription, which sends cookies to customer’s doorsteps each month.

6. Become a Tech Support to the Elderly

Your 8-year-old kid is probably more tech-savvy than you.

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They’re most likely more knowledgeable than their grandparents when it comes to using smartphones or the computer.

Their generation is hooked on technology, so why not take advantage of this?

Set-up a tech support business where kids can help seniors send emails, upload photos, check Facebook, perform tasks like data entry, teach them blogging, introduce them to games, and so on.

7. Start a Fashion Business

If you create loomband bracelets, beaded necklaces, handmade earrings and other DIY jewelry, you can start a fashion business and sell the items at your school, local markets, or online.

This also goes for kids who have an eye for fashion.

  • Moziah Bridges took the lack of bow options in the market to heart and created his own with Mo’s Bows.
  • Brandon and Sebastian Martinez developed their own line of socks called Are You Kidding

8. Sell Your Own Brand

You can sell almost anything you want, as long as you believe in your product 100%.

Good examples of super-young entrepreneurs are:

  • Asia Newson – Known as the youngest Detroit-based entrepreneur, Asia began selling candles at age 5. She now leads her own company, Super Business Girl, and trains other youth on how to succeed in business.
  • Sisters Lily, Chloe, and Sophie Warren – Launched their beeswax-based skin care products under the brand “Sweet Bee Sisters” while they were 8, 6, and 4 years old.

9. Market Your Skills

Do you have a special talent you want to share to the world?

10-year-old twin sisters Amira and Kayla make up a DJ duo that caters to children’s parties for 4 to 9 year olds.

They’re kind of a big deal, deejaying at New York Knicks Games, Kids Rock! New York Fashion Week and other events.

10. Rent Your Stuff Out

Unlike grownups who can rent their homes, extra rooms, garage, and other properties out to strangers, kids are not yet ready for such big responsibilities.

However, they can start small by arranging the garage for items to rent out or setting up a neighborhood library where they can lease books for a minimal fee.

The Reality of Becoming YouTube Stars, Influencers and other Internet Sensations

Ask any kid who has been exposed to the internet about what he/she wants to be when they grow up, and more than half of these kids would answer “YouTuber” without batting an eyelash.

The successes of YouTube stars are truly awe-inspiring.

Who wouldn’t want their kid to be the next Ryan’s Toy Review or his idol EvanTubeHD? These two boys are the stars of the most popular kid channels on YouTube and they earn millions of dollars each year. Just by unboxing toys, playing with them, and reviewing them in front of the camera.

Sounds pretty easy to replicate, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Evan and Ryan have several things in common:

  • They were the brains of their own channels (even if the parents joined in on the fun after awhile). You can see that the kids wanted it 100%
  • They are naturally gifted on camera. They are adorable and have excellent communication skills.
  • They are relatable, good-mannered kids. (If I were a parent and saw my kid watching these two, I wouldn’t have any issue with it. But if I see my kid watching YouTubers who tantrum as their skit, or embark on crazy pranks, they’re probably blocked for good).

Not everyone’s kids can be the next Evan or Ryan.

And the sooner parents like you and I understand that becoming popular on YouTube doesn’t come overnight (or happen to everyone), the easier it is for us to decide if we’re going to allow our kid to star on his/her own channel.

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This is the same as influencers (kid models on Instagram becoming brand ambassadors), game-streaming stars or other internet sensations.

10 Ways Kids Earn Money Online

  1. Take Surveys Online – There are legitimate companies around and they actually like to know what people think. Surveys are usually categorized by age groups, so if there are surveys that target kids, they’ll definitely have the chance to participate and get paid. Doing this can bring in $50 to $100 a month.
  2. Sell a Subscription – People love subscriptions, especially if they’re receiving something from the mail. A good example of this is the Top Secret Science Club (owned by 8-year-old L.A.-based kid named Max), which ships out science kits each month. A kit includes a chapter of a story, and other science projects that kids can enjoy.
  3. Turn Your Crafting into a Business – Whether you make paper dolls, origami, wooden projects, and other crafts, Etsy can turn these items into cash. It can also help kids develop their creativity and time management skills, since orders come with a scheduled shipping and you should be able to ship out your products on time.
  4. Launch a Design Firm – You can start selling t-shirts, mugs, prints, and other products with print-on-demand companies. Kids see differently to adults, so let them create designs with their own ideas and insights.
  5. Sell Photos – If your kid is a budding photographer, he/she can get paid for the work by licensing photos to stock photography sites like Shutterstock or iStock. You can also check out apps that pay for photos.
  6. Sell Slime – Samantha Zumwalt of “Samantha Slime Shop” makes and sells her own range of slime online.
  7. Become a Tester – Some kids earn money through jobs like product testing. Test websites, test video games, test Amazon products, and so on.
  8. Solve a Problem with a new product – You may think that the world has run out of problems to solve, but you’d be surprised at how many inventions are still created today. For example, Lacrosse player Rachel Zietz wasn’t happy with the equipment available in the market, so she designed her own products and sold them on Gladiator Lacrosse.
  9. Become a motivational speaker – Caleb Maddix is a motivational speaker who began as early as 12 years old. Today, he owns “Apex 4 Kids,” the world’s first ever relatable, entertaining, and powerful personal growth for kids.
  10. Build a Website – Juliette Brindak Blake was only 10 years old when she launched the website “Miss O and Friends,” Today, it’s a safe place for kid, tween and teen girls, providing age-appropriate content with a safe messaging system.

It’s not easy for kids to earn money

Some kids earn money online, while others prefer to do it old school.

However, since we’re talking about younger kids, parents like you and I still need to guide them to whatever money-making opportunity they plan on embarking.

They don’t have to be CEOs of a company, or internet stars, but exposing them to jobs or businesses at an early age can be an exceptional training for them.

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