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30 Online Jobs for Teens That Beat Mowing Lawns

You no longer have to mow lawns or babysit after school to make money as a teenager. Online jobs for teens have completely changed the game.

Today, if you research on how to make money online as a teen, you’ll can easily get overwhelmed with just how many options are available. 

The internet has given anyone (women/men, introverts/extroverts, disabled, young/old, and everyone in between) a chance to earn honest and legit cash in the comfort of their own homes.

You’re lucky to be a teen at such an exciting time, and if you still can’t believe the availability of online jobs for teens, here’s a comprehensive guide of opportunities you are free to explore.

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Two Types of Online Jobs for Teens

Anyone who is serious about learning how to make money online as a teen should know there are two routes they can take.

Part-time or even full-time jobs

This type of opportunity is like traditional office-based jobs.

From admin jobs to IT, writing, research, customer service, and a whole lot more, it’s impossible not to find a job you like.

The best thing about online jobs is that you can commit to part-time or full-time only when you’re available, so these would work for teens still attending school.

Create a Passive income

Passive income is the dream of many online workers because they essentially work on one project and wait for it to earn income each month.

There will be less or (in some cases) no more work involved in the future, but earnings will continue for as long as the project is live.

This could be anything from a blog with AdSense, affiliate marketing via Facebook, an ebook or podcast and so on.

I recommend learning both of these money-making opportunities and trying them out at the same time.

Just choose one from our 25 recommended ways of earning money while you sleep, and check out our ultimate guide of online jobs for teens (below), so you can decide which ones will work for your schedule, skills, and interest best.

30 Best Online Jobs for Teens That Pay

30 Online Jobs for Teens

Start with something you’re interested in, before exploring the rest of the jobs I’m going to list below.

Note that I chose only work-at-home jobs known to have flexible work hours (part-time, per-project basis) and entry-level positions with very minimal requirements, which should be perfect for teens aged 12 and above.

1. Stream your Video Games

This job will definitely make gamers think about their hobbies in another light.

You can stream yourself playing video games and people will sit there and watch you play.

Develop your online personality and grow your following and you can make some serious cash.

2. Become an Instagram Influencer

This isn’t technically “a job,” but it can be for the right teen.

If you’ve got mad makeup skills, a voice that catches the attention of people, or any other talent, you’d be surprised at how quickly you can build a fan base.

As an influencer, you are paid to promote products at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts for each post, campaign, or ad.

3. Test New Products

Did you know major brands like Nike, adidas, Red Robin, and so many more pay people to test out new products before they hit the shelves?

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Companies will mail you upcoming products and pay for your opinions on them. Most of the time, you get to keep what you receive as well!

4. Perform Data Entry

You’d need to be a fast typist with research skills. No education or specific experience requirements are needed.

Pay is by project or per entry.

Plus, you’re free to work only on your down time.

5. Answer Surveys

I know what you’re thinking, “not another post mentioning paid surveys…”

While surveys can get a bad rep online, there are some legit opportunities out there. I narrowed down a list to 5 of the best and highest paying survey sites to join.

6. Become a Virtual Assitant

As a VA, you’ll perform day-to-day admin tasks, such as answering emails and calls, scheduling meetings, researching and more.  Pay starts at $3 to $10 per hour.

7. Transcribe Documents

If you’re good with words and can type fast, there are legitimate transcription jobs for your taking.

Those who are bilingual would have twice the opportunities and with higher pay as well.

8. Assist with Customer Service

Part-timers can handle emails, calls, online chat, text messages, or other communication channels of companies from around the world.

These are home-based jobs with an hourly rate of $8 to $25.

9. Write for the Web

If you’ve got flair for words, there are plenty of writing opportunities available for you.

You can find work as a blogger, copywriter, ghostwriter for a book, recipe, and so on.

Teens with advanced writing skills can even work as a proofreader. Pay rates would vary (some are paid by the word, others on a per-project basis).

10. Help Manage Social Media Accounts

Instagram influencer in the woods

Out of all the online jobs for teens, social media management would come out naturally to anyone from this generation who love interacting on the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook accounts of entrepreneurs or companies. Many of these positions are part-time (and can be performed virtually anywhere in the world).

You do have to be aware of pop culture, industry news, and the  target audience to do this job well.

11. Online Tutor Your Peers

Do you love teaching your classmates or younger siblings? The great thing about the internet is that it allows you to connect to people from all over the world. You can get paid to tutor homework, or teach people with subjects you’re passionate with.

Some websites require tutors to have degrees (or teaching license), many tutoring positions don’t have strict requirements. You can earn as little as $5/hour or up to $25/hour, depending on the subject you’re teaching. What’s awesome about these jobs is that you can tutor with just your mobile phone and a Skype app.

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12. Teach English

Don’t have a specific topic you’re good at? You can still teach online if you come from an English-speaking country and know the ins-and-outs of your mother tongue. There are tons of ESL companies today and most of them pay by the hour.

13. Offer Coaching

For home-schooled teens or those with a more flexible school schedule, coaching (either for fitness, personal development, or any skills-based coaching program) is a great way to earn money on the side. How cool would it be for a teenager to become an online fitness coach to fellow teens in need of losing weight?

You can do this as an employee for coaching sites (and earn by the hour) or create an online business (and control your earnings).

14. Perform SEO Work

Age is only a number when it comes to the Internet and skills we can master related to the web.

One category of jobs that were only created recently involves SEO (search engine optimization), so if you’ve always been interested in Google and the search engine giant’s algorithms, and the methods of bringing websites to the top of search engine results, you’ll find that the SEO industry is filled with online jobs for teens to adults.

15. Graphic Design

Kids in school are taught photo-editing programs as early as kinder, so it wouldn’t be surprising for teenagers to be masters of Photoshop or any other software preferred by graphic designers.

The online jobs for teens as a graphic designer know no bounds; you can create digital flyers, posters, infographics, ad banners, website logos and content for social media. Payment for your work depends if you’re working by the hour, per-project or by item.

16. Draw Cartoons

Teens with passion for animation also have amazing opportunities to earn from home and you can actually get paid to draw.

While these jobs are paid per order, you can commit to as little or as many as you can, and draw caricatures, cartoons, illustrations, anime, portraits, and so on for a fee.

You can check out the going rate for artworks similar to what you’re offering from places like Fiverr.

17. Sell Your Photos

Not only will teens with a love for photography be able to master their skills, they can also earn money along the way.

Do it as a freelancer first, so you can control your time and workload, but you can find local photography gigs from family portraits to product photography.

Some companies like Obeo hire people to document real estate properties.

18. Try Your Hand at Calligraphy

In the past, teenagers practiced their letterings and calligraphy to battle boredom.

Today, teens will be able to use their calligraphy skills to sell wedding invitations, posters, home décor, and other artwork. You can sell your services over at

19. Write Closed Captions

Earn anywhere from $10 to $75 an hour when you transcribe texts for captions or subtitles of videos, TV shows, movies and other video content.

There are several companies that hire closed captioners regularly… make sure to check if they hire part-time before sending in your application.

20. Lend Out Your Voice

Ever think of your voice to be at-par with those you hear in commercials?

Explore the world of voice-over and learn how voice talents earn through companies like or

Note that these sites get a huge chunk of your earnings, so if you prefer to receive 100% income, you can start freelance voice-over gigs on Fiverr.

21. Create Music

Aside from voice-over jobs, there are plenty of online jobs for teens available to the musically-gifted.

Whether you’re good at singing or rapping, playing the ukulele, writing lyrics, or composing original music, you can earn as much (or as little) as you want.

Writing jingles, for example, can get you anywhere from $20 to $500, while a music score for a company’s ad can go as high as $1,000 or more.

22. Produce Videos

If you’re deep into video-making during your free time, you can turn this hobby into a money-making one.

Because people just eat videos up, companies are using this medium for everything beyond ads; think product releases, announcements, company news, and so on.

Teens with 3D animation skills could also launch a career in video production. Considering 10-second videos cost $50 to $500 each, that’s something definitely to think about.

23. Answer Questions Online

For those with a natural love for solving problems, learning new things, and finding answers to various questions, research is a field you’d likely thrive in.

You can dedicate your downtime to answering questions online or providing a more customized service such as those offered on Fiverr to solve school-related problems, police questions and so on.

24. Plan Vacations

You don’t have to travel far to get a gig as a tourist guide.

Teens can still provide online travel guide services by creating itineraries for future guests, or selling local tours.

If you know your way around town, you can even suggest specific tours, such as food trips, kid-friendly tours, or any other off-the-trail tours.

25. Develop an App

Of all the online jobs for teens available today, creating apps or games is often at the top of teens’ wish list. And this isn’t surprising at all.

If they have the coding skills, who wouldn’t want to earn up to $65,000 a year as a home-based game developer? Or a lifelong commission for mobile games?

There’s a ton sub-niche in software programming too, so there are plenty of career options to choose from once you’ve gotten serious with this industry.

26. Conduct Family Tree Research

Had fun finding out all about your roots when you had to make your family tree in school?

What would you say if you can do this as a part-time job and get paid $25 to $100 per hour?

27. Run Quality Assurance

Quality assurance jobs don’t require much experience, but you do have to be detail-oriented.

QAs in the software development industry are paid $10 to $15/hour. You can start at Crossover for a chance to work part-time as a QA.

28. Help People with Their Problems

If helping people comes out naturally to you, you can be someone’s “shoulder to cry on.” You can just listen to people’s problems, or give life/relationship advice.

Teens can get $5 to $10 an hour as an online counselor, which can grow to up to $25/hour with experience.

29. Write Greeting Cards

Either you’ve got the words perfect for greeting cards, or you’re talented with meme-worthy drawings and cartoons, the greeting card industry would welcome you with open arms.

Check out more than 30 companies looking to hire talent for their greeting card business.

30. Create Memes

Believe it or not, there are some companies that will pay you to create memes.

It sounds ridiculous, but the right viral content can go for quite a bit of money.

Going Beyond Part-time Online Jobs for Teens

Teens can be busy with school and other extracurricular activities, but once they graduate, find more downtime, or need extra money, there are plenty more online jobs they can explore.

The jobs listed above are only just a handful of the opportunities working from home will open up.

If you really wish to do the make-money-online route full time, I recommend that you learn everything you can about both types of online jobs and do a regular home-based job while working to increase your passive income.  

This combo is the win-win and reason why online entrepreneurs are able to be their own bosses…and it’s never too early to begin your passive income-generating portfolio of online assets, so start today!

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    Thanks for your article.

  2. I noticed number 21 on your list was creating music. I would love to make money for singing and for the songs I’ve written. Do you have any suggestions as to how to go about doing this?


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