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Online Tutoring Jobs: Make $20/hr+ Helping Students

Growing up, if I needed a tutor that meant staying late after school and meeting someone (usually a peer) face-to-face.

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Today, online tutoring jobs are connecting students with teachers, doctors, professors, experts, you name it from all across the world.

As a tutor, you can provide individual and specialized help to anyone, regardless of location.

If you have some free time and you’re an expert in your field, this list of sites to check out will definitely put you on the best path forward.

(and please don’t spend time critiquing my spelling or grammar. English class was never my strong suit!)

How much do online tutors make?

Online tutor rates average around $20 per hour. Higher degrees yield higher rates.

Most of the websites listed below allow you to break up lessons into 15, 30, or 60 minute sessions.

When you apply to become a tutor, you will typically fill out an application, take a practice exam demonstrating you know your field, hold a mock tutoring session, and then have to pass a background check before you are hired.

Online Tutoring Job Application Process

Tutoring companies want to provide the best possible experience for their students and can be strict about making sure you meet all of their qualifications.

The Best Online Tutoring Jobs

Here are 10 websites that would pay you to help students with homework:

1. Tutor Hunt

Tutor Hunt is a platform connects you with diverse students, allowing you to tailor your teaching to their needs and goals.

Flexibility is a big perk – you set your schedule and choose the subjects you’re passionate about.

Plus, Tutor Hunt provides resources and a supportive community to help you grow as a tutor. It’s a rewarding opportunity to make a difference while enjoying the freedom to teach on your terms.

2. Chegg

This online tutoring website has hundreds of topics covered, from high school algebra to mechanical engineering courses. Most tutors on the site come from top universities, but this is not a requirement. You can join regardless of location, but you’d need to prove your expertise in a particular subject.

Plus, Chegg has an app, if you’d be tutoring students while on-the-go. Payments start at $20 an hour, which is paid weekly.

3. offers the best online tutoring jobs for college students!

Available for only US or Canada-based tutors, this website has been one of the oldest in the industry.

You can apply as a tutor and start helping students with their homework even if you’re just a college sophomore, but application can be thorough (taking one to three weeks) and require several tests, a mock session, and even a background check. Tutors are paid hourly depending on the subject of expertise.

4. School Solver

Dubbed as the “marketplace for school homework,” School Solver is a different site in that each answer equals a fee. Plus, other students following a particular question can also chime in and ask additional questions, which means tutors can earn continuously for a popular subject over time.

School Solver has been widely recommended by TechCrunch, Mashable and Forbes. Students include an amount they’re willing to pay for an answer to their questions and tutors decide whether to answer or not.

School Solver Questions

5. TutorMe

TutorMe is similar to, but provides a wider scope of subjects and extensive options for foreign language.

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TutorMe also provides test prep for professional help with some of the most popular universities and courses. Fees start at $18 per hour with opportunities to increase rates because of it follows a sliding scale.

6. HelpWithAssignment

This tutoring site has some of the most renowned people on its database.

Their tutors are made up of MBA holders, PhD professors, mathematicians, scientists and more. The site’s goal is to help students reach their potential by properly guiding them one assignment at a time.

To join, one must have a Master Degree in the subject of choice and pass several tests.

7. GeeklyLab

You may think that this site only caters to tech subjects, but GeeklyLab handles over 350 topics across different studies.

One of the coolest things about GeeklyLab, aside from its name, is that it has an “Honor Code” that ensures tutors that they won’t receive any requests from students asking them to “just complete a paper on their behalf.”

Geeks are paid up to $20 an hour to help students with homework.

8. Growing Stars

The best thing about US-based Growing Stars is that it assigns a tutor for every student and promotes monthly packages, which means tutors will have a steady source of income.

Applying to Growing Stars is simple (just fill-up a form and attach your CV). Your students will be young children (from grades 3 to 12) and each week, you’ll get to teach them within a one-on-one session hour.

9. CourseHero

CourseHero is a Q&A-based tutorial site, wherein students post questions, tutors answer them and provide an in-depth explanation.

Course Hero accepts educators like professors, teachers, instructors, lecturers, and tutors at institutions across the world.

The Course Hero platform has a rating system, which means your educator profile rating and rate increases every time you answer a question or upload a study resource.

10. Eduboard

Unlike other tutoring sites on this list, EduBoard is a unique take on helping students with homework. The site utilizes an interactive whiteboard, file-sharing and voice/text chat features, which helps tutors explain the subject more vividly classroom-style.

EduBoard allows tutors to price their services, but the site takes 20% commission. Generally, online tutoring sessions are about $20/30 minutes, while a video tutorial ranges from $15 to $50. Q&A-based tasks start at only $2, but can go up to $25 per question.

The Bottom Line

Tutoring is just one way teachers can make money from home. It provides an opportunity for students to get the education they need, and for you to make some extra money on the side.

Note that the websites listed above mostly ban tutors from finishing the homework for their students, but student paper mills and freelance sites do exist (if you’re looking for that kind of gig).

Some of sites, like, even have a “do-the-homework-for-you” service aside from their tutoring services.

The great thing about these tutoring websites is they don’t require exclusivity, which means you can join as many sites as you want and manage your time in order to earn as much as possible.

Depending on the time and effort you invest, you can even turn helping students with homework a full-time career.

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  1. I’ve an A.A. degree in General Studies and a B.A. degree in Literature/Writing. I’ve been a certified literacy volunteer teacher for English speaking dyslexics for 12 years. I found this article helpful. I hope to continue on as a permanent teacher.

  2. Thanks for sharing such valuable information, Steve. Never knew its existence and the power of internet reaching out to even tutors. I was once a tutor for young children so I may want to consider Growing Stars. I’m only wondering how they get naughty kids to sit in front of a computer or laptop and listen to an hour tutoring. Would love to hear from you if you know how this works. Thank you!

    • I haven’t actually done any online tutoring myself. This was just a resource roundup to help share possible opportunities. If you do give one a shot, let me know how it works out!

  3. Hi there Steve,

    Thanks for creating and sharing this eye opening and bank balance helping article for us teachers. It is appreciated, thanks.

    I am what you would call a travelling teacher, I have taught online now for almost 8 years and have found a couple of new resources for getting some more work.

    Thanks for that.

    • Glad to have been able to help Derek! Being able to travel and teach from anywhere in the world is a huge perk and one of the great things about the Internet.

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