Are you a teacher who is looking at the lazy and hazy days of summer and wondering how to make some extra cash during this time? Alternately, are you a seasoned educator with more lesson plans, activities kits and worksheets than you know what to do with?

Fret not; there are many online sites that will pay you money to tutor, teach, grade tests, write lessons and lots more. You can even make a steady online income from these sites once you go “back-to-school.” Alternately, you might wish to make your entire income online just by taking advantage of these sites.

Here are the many ways that teachers can make money online:

Online Teaching

Many schools either don’t have the necessary resources or the minimum number of interested students to teach certain classes. Likewise, some students live overseas or on military bases and don’t have access to their preferred courses. To this end, students often end up taking certain classes online through sites like Connections Academy and K12.

You do need a teaching certificate to teach classes through these online sites. On occasion, you may also be asked to physically travel to a meeting or training provided by the site. For the most part, though, your work is performed online.

If you do not have a teaching certificate but have a college degree, consider applying to online colleges such as the University of Phoenix rather than a primary or secondary school. The UC Berkeley Extension and Western Governors University also occasionally list online teaching positions for their credit and non-credit online courses.

Finally, if you know a particular subject area well but don’t have the necessary credentials, sites like NimbleMind and Udemy allow you to create and post your online courses which potential students can sign up and pay for.

Online Tutoring

If you have at least a college degree, you can sign up with online tutoring sites like Brainfuse, ExpertTutors, Eduwizards, HomeworkHelp, InstaEdu, (in Canada), Smarthinking and Tutor. You’ll need to pass subject matter tests in your fields of expertise as well as a background check if you’ll be tutoring minors. The pay won’t be very much to start- maybe $10/hour on average- but as you gain experience and know-how your compensation will similarly increase.

Most tutoring sites do require that you work a certain number of hours per week, which can be a challenge because you won’t get your choice hours at first; that privilege is set aside for the more senior tutors. Luckily, online tutoring staff members are usually very willing to work with you to help you succeed.

Writing Assistance

If you’d rather not deal with students directly and just help them with their assignments, sites like EduWriters enable independent contractors to research, write and edit papers for students. The pay with this site is rather decent; payment is $7-$15 per page.

If you have a college degree and some technical writing/editing experience, CyberEdit  may be a great place to check out. This site offers document, resume and graduate school application essay writing/editing services. CyberEdit’s site description makes it seem like you need a Harvard degree to work here; however, the posted jobs make no mention of institution-specific education. Much of the work requires editing documents for ESL clients.

Academic Word and WordsRU offer proofreading and editing services to ESL clients in a variety of academic fields. It seems that preference may be given to applicants who speak another language and can thus manage the grammatical nuances of submitted documents. Typically, a degree and/or professional experience is expected in your subject matter area.

Finally, if you have a scientific background and/or degree from some of the better-known institutions like the National Institutes of Health or University of Wisconsin-Madison, definitely look into working with American Journal Experts. This site works primarily with ESL authors who are trying to submit scientific papers to English journals. The pay ranges from $25+/document depending on the size of the document and how fast you can turn it around.

Course Development

If you enjoy writing educational content, definitely check out sites like Remilon, Schmoop and StraighterLine. These sites are always looking for writers to generate lessons, test questions/answers, tutorials, exam preparation documents, etc. Some sites pay rather handsomely per assignment; for example, full-fledged science lessons on Schmoop can net you $500 and up. Other sites pay $8-$10/hour and have you track your hours via online software that you “punch in” and “punch out” of.

Naturally, the higher paying sites require significantly more pre-qualification; Schmoop is notorious for wanting its writers to produce top-quality content using the site’s unique (i.e., witty) voice.

Test Scoring

Sites like ACT, the ETS Online Scoring Network, Pearson Assessments and Write Score enable educators to score student tests and essays at home as well as help develop and edit testing materials. Most of these sites require at least a two-year college degree. Actual teaching experience is preferred. The pay ranges from $8-$15/hour, but you do have steady work given to you on a weekly basis.

Selling Teaching Materials

Do you have lesson plans, worksheets, science project ideas, educational activities, etc. that you developed? These resources can be sold online through sites like TeachersPayTeachers and eNotes. The pay ranges from a few bucks for a single Common Core Math activity for first graders to $25 for Forensics Science lesson plans to $75 for a year-long poetry reading plan for elementary school kids. Much like with Ebay and Etsy, you can also create your own online store for your materials.

What if you’re just a student who happens to take excellent notes? Don’t throw those notes away at the end of the school year; you can upload your class notes, flash cards, etc. at Flashnotes. Selling your materials here won’t make you rich; Flashnotes materials typically cost between $2-$10/piece (with the site taking a 30% cut). However, it certainly provides you with enough cash to buy a pizza or two- and maybe even pay better attention in class as you’re scribbling or typing away into your e/notebook.

Get back-to-school before back-to-school starts

Now’s a great time to sign up with one or more of the above listed sites because students (and teachers) are just starting to get ready for the approaching school year. This means that many teachers will be looking for teaching materials and students (and their parents) will be searching for online classes, tutors, assignment editors, etc. Thus, the sooner you get started with any one of the above sites, the better your chances of scoring work.

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    Doris Foxworth

    I am looking for work online. I am a certified teacher and psychologist. I have experience in the following areas: teaching, writing lesson plans, and supervising standardized tests. I am also an author of two published books.

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