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Blogging Background Information

If you’re serious about making money online, blogging is your answer. Blogging is incredibly easy to do, anyone can become a blogger, and making money with a blog is relatively simple. Will you become rich just by owning a blog? Probably not. But realistically, you could make over four-figures a month with enough dedication and hard-work.

But what exactly is a blog?

Blogs are online software programs, formally known as content management systems, where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences, hobbies, jobs, interests, whatever. Fortunately for you, in order to operate a blog, you need absolutely no prior technical knowledge. As long as you know how to navigate around a web page and you can type into a box, you can easily manage your own blog.

Is running a blog for you? Absolutely it is. I need to reiterate that you need no prior technical knowledge to run a blog. Forget any notions you have linking blogs to coding and advanced degrees of technical comprehension. Those are the days of the past.

How exactly do I make money with a blog?

You can use your blog to make money through showing advertisements, promoting affiliate programs, and creating posts. That’s right. Depending on your popularity, companies will pay you for showing links on your blog or creating sponsored review posts.

I need help setting up a blog.

Well you’re in luck! If you want your own domain name and blog, but don’t want to deal with any of the technical aspects of setting one up, let me do it for you free of charge. All you need to do is follow an instruction set. I’ve laid out a detailed 10-step process (with pictures!) that will show you how to order a domain name and hosting. Once you do that, I’ll handle all of the scary technical stuff and you’ll be left with a fully functional blog. All you have to do is provide content.

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Recommended Blogging Programs

Once you get a blog setup, you can use these sites to get paid to write articles on your new blog. Be sure to check them all out!

16 thoughts on “Make Money Blogging Directory”

  1. For surveys I agree and I have had others tell me they also agree- they stink!!! They offer $75 a survey and I still haven’t gotten one yet. I get to the question that says “how much do you make” and I suddenly loose the survey and get points no money. If they want me to be to be rich then why would I be doing surveys for money?

  2. I completed the forms for all these suggested sites that might generate some income from my blog. Thanks so much for providing them. I am new at blogging, and don’t have a lot of traffic yet (about 25 visits a day, about 750 per month). so I don’t expect to be accepted by most of them. Some did, however, and I am excited about it. One site, Review Me, was a total asshole about my application, and I think you should reconsider including them on your list. After submitting my app to them, they sent me a brush off notice telling my site was fake. WTF? I work hard every day adding to my blog and I get this B.S. crap from some New York arrogant group of rude people. When I complained about their assessment of my site, they conceded my site was not fake, but there was no apology for giving me crap, only a terse note that their evaluation was automatic. Screw Them. I WILL NEVER WORK WITH “REVIEW ME” EVER. Terrible attitude to someone working hard. Well I think they are a fake, scummy, scammy bunch everybody should avoid.

  3. I hate to disillusion you, but Awsurveys are considered a scam, just google them to see. Have you been paid by them? I joined ages ago but gave up when they would never answer e-mails.

  4. I have been working for Amazon Mechanical Turks since November last year. this is February, I earned only $19.98
    This is poor payment.


    There is this site I saw where you make money by answering simple 3 sentences survey question and getting $4 each for your opinion.There is more,

    For registering free you get $6. And for every friend you refer to the site you get $1.5 As I am referring you now if you register for free I get $1.5 Also, you stand a chance to win $500 each month from their loterry draw.

    I made $27 yesterday just answering 5 surveys and the $6 for registering free.

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  5. Blogs are at least an honorable way of making money. These other methods, for example what appear to be pyramid schemes and inefficient job schemes… seem very dishonorable and scammish.

  6. Ok sorry for bothering you guys agian. I do however have a question. I have always wanted to be a travel agent. I have heard different opions about weather or not you have to go thru a travel agent school then heard no you don’t have to go to school. All you really need is this info. where they will send you all the info you need for a fee of $150.00 compaired to the cost of tution of schools which can run hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    • Lynn, when was the last time you used a travel agent for your travel needs? My point is that, with the Internet, travel agents seem to be less relevant. If I can book my own flights and cruises and have access to the same info they do,, why would I pay someone else to do it for me?

      Have you looked into Scott’s independent recruiter program?

  7. I just sent the John Becks SCAM back. And had to pay a additional $4.95. When I called them to complain that I had to pay shipping twice. I was told that it was on me because they always asume that no one will return it. I then told them i would be letting people know what scam artist they are. I was told that they are definatily not a scam. BULL****. So now I am out nearly $20.00. I realize that is not alot of money, but now my husband and i feel like fools.

    Do not try the John Becks Real Estate System. i tis way to hard for the common person to figure out, plus they dont even give you all the info you need on the disc. Then you have to pay a additional $40.00 a month to have access to his website. and they then want you to pay another $2000.00 to $3000.00 to go to one of their 3 day “Boot Camps”!

    Ifeel like a idiot. I truly hope that none of you fall for this either.

  8. Steve is right. You can make money from blogging. There are less expensive programs out there and in fact, some free programs that will allow you to start a blog. If you really want to make money though, you will need to check out other programs that take you from the very basics of building a blog to actually building a money making blog. My blogs and about 6 websites earn adsense income. Not much, but another $200-250 per month after running for about a year now. If the economy wasn’t so bad, they’d be earning a lot more. Every little bit helps these days and you can set up a blog for FREE. Just go to google and type in how to build a free blog and take a look at what you can find on your own. If you don’t want to spend the large amount of money to learn how to blog, visit the site I am building for other suggestions that cost less. Every business takes some sort of investment and these people are actually putting their money where their mouths are. If it takes $1000 to get information one time and that $1000 will make you $1,000 per month, wouldn’t you consider that to be a good solid return on your investment?

  9. RE: your recommendation of PayPerPost as a way to make money blogging. The PPP era is coming to an end. They have recently started an “experiment” in which bloggers can actually get $0.50 for an opp.

    PPP has very simply just shot themselves in the foot. Ted Murphy’s growing megalomania is completely out of control and will eventually destroy the company completely.

  10. No, it is $497 to join.

    The $997 cost is the second option, which includes another of Yaro’s courses on how to launch a membership site. That course is called Membership Mastermind, which we have not tried.

  11. You might want to mention that the Blogging Mastermind Program you are singing about is $997 to join!!!! Not many of us have the time to waste on a 25 minute video only to find out the cost of such a great program is WAY beyond our reach!

    “Blog Mastermind is the single best program when it comes to learning how to blog. It will teach you every single thing you would ever need to know about making money with a blog. We took the course and have been singing it’s praises ever since. We consistently use the methods created in Blog Mastermind on this blog and it took us less than 6 months to break the $1,000/month mark and our income has been rising ever since. Trust me when I say this is one program absolutely worth joining.”


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