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Where To Sell Baby Clothes Online For Cash

If you’re a parent, you probably already know this, but babies outgrow their clothes very quickly and you can actually sell baby clothes back and recoup some of that cash.

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You’ll find yourself with bags of clothes every few months; some worn out, others barely worn, others still with the tags attached, but all don’t fit your little one anymore.

Unless you have other family members you can hand over these clothes to, or you’re planning to have another baby, these clothes will probably just find themselves in a landfill.

Why not sell these baby clothes online?

Sure, you can donate these clothes, but why pass up the chance to help other parents get baby clothes in good condition for a reduced price, while making some side cash that can go to your kid’s new clothes?

In today’s blog post, I run down some of the places where you can sell your baby clothes online for cash, as well as some tips for you to be able to sell them.

Where To Sell Baby Clothes Online For Cash

Here is a list of some online marketplaces where you can sell baby clothes as well as items such as baby shoes, jackets, or coats. Note that this list is in random order and not ranked by any criteria.

1. thredUP

Thred Up Homepage

They claim to be the largest online consignment and thrift shop, thredUP accepts secondhand clothes, any secondhand clothes, including baby clothes as long as they’re high-quality, in almost new condition.

A benefit of using thredUP is that it’s very likely that they’ll accept your items because they accept over 35,000 brands. Plus, they take your items on consignment, meaning they’ll pay you after the items you ship to them are sold.

If you’re selling to them, they can either send you a Clean Out bag where you put your items for sale, or you can print out a prepaid shipping label from their site and use your own packaging to send your items to thredUP.

thredUP sells the item on their site for a listing price that they determine based on factors like its retail price, age, quality, and whether they have the same item in stock and which sizes they have. You get a percentage based on their payout table.

When someone buys your item, you can cash out your profit after the return period has passed.

In case your item doesn’t get sold, you’re given a specific time to claim your items back so you can sell them with another marketplace.

2. Kidizen

Kidizen Home Page

Kidizen is a marketplace, community, and platform all in one, where you can sell preloved baby and kids’ clothing.

You can start selling in minutes; create an account, click on “Sell” on the toolbar, and you can create your first listing.

Upload pictures of the item, fill out the form with the details, such as size, category, gender, and other information to make it easier for shoppers to find your listed items.

Set your price (with shipping), and the website will let you know how much you get to keep.

If doing it yourself doesn’t seem appealing, Kidizen also has Style Scouts (available in only 10 states) who make house calls to consult with you and advise you how to price your baby clothes to sell your items as quickly as possible and with the maximum return on your investment.

When you have an account with Kidizen, you also get access to a community that allows you to connect with other parents and sellers on the site and swap secrets and tips on selling your baby clothes online.

3. Josie’s Friends

Josies Friends Home page

Josie’s Friends is an online consignment store created to solve the need for convenient consignment for busy parents of babies and kids while aiding impoverished children worldwide.

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Request a bag from them, send your baby clothes, accessories, or footwear to them for free. They prep, photograph, and market your items on their site.

Once an item sells, you get 50% of the listed price via PayPal after a specific return period.

If they don’t accept any of your items, they can ship it back to you for a fee or donate the items in a charity of their choosing.

Your items don’t expire, meaning they’ll continue to keep your items on their site for sale. But they do reserve the right to donate your items after a year if the items have declined in quality.

4. Once Upon A Child

Once Upon a Child

Known as America’s #1 national franchise specializing in reselling gently used clothing, shoes, toys, and baby gear, Once Upon A Child is a network of physical locations where you can walk in and sell your baby clothes.

This is not an online option, but I included it here because it has plenty of stores where you can drop off your items.

Package the items you want to sell, with clothes clean and folded; no hangers or garbage bags. Go into the store and have a store employee review your items.

They’ll make an offer based on style, quality, and condition. If you accept the offer, they’ll give you cash on the spot.

This is a good option if you prefer dealing with someone in person and getting the cash immediately.



Currently, their consignment service is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, so if you live in this area, this is a great option for you.

All you have to do is to gather the baby clothes, toys, and baby gear that you want to sell. Toycycle will pick them up for you and process them for selling on their website.

When your items sell, you have the option of taking cash payouts, which range from 15% to 80% of the listed price on the website, or store credit, which nets you a higher percentage, but you can only use that in the website.

6. OfferUp

Offerup Logo

OfferUp is a basic buying and selling app that allows you to sell your baby clothes to someone who needs them locally.

Start by simply downloading the OfferUp app on your phone and creating your listings. You can even have your first buyer in minutes.

It’s free to use if you’re meeting up with the buyer and the payment actually changes hands, but if you’re shipping the items and use their payment system, OfferUp takes 9.9% percent per transaction plus payment fees.

To be absolutely safe during a meetup, go to SafeTradeSpots and look for a place near you where you can meet with your buyers under surveillance. This assures the safety of both sellers and buyers.

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Unlike online consignment apps, you’re going to have to be the one to photograph, list, and price your items.

7. Bagsy


Bagsy was founded by three moms who have a passion for fashion for their kids and wanted to make it easier for other parents to sell their gently used baby’s clothes to other parents.

To be a consigner with Bagsy, simply sign up online and request a Bagsy Consignment Bag to have it shipped to you for free.

Fill the bag up with your clean, good condition, gently used baby clothes, give the sealed bag to your postman or post office, and they’ll take care of the rest.

If you want Bagsy to return unacceptable items to you, order “Return Service” as well when you order a consignment bag from them. Otherwise, they’ll donate the items that they decide they can’t sell.

They’ll keep trying to sell items for 180 days, after which they’ll either return the items to you (if you purchased Return Service) or donate them.

Bagsy only accepts certain brands, so check their brands list first before you order a consignment bag.

8. Poshmark

Poshmark is mostly known for women’s clothing, but it’s actually one of the best ways to sell baby clothes online.

Simply download the Poshmark app, take pictures of the items you’ll sell, and upload your collection in minutes.

When someone buys your item, Poshmark provides a prepaid label for you to ship the item, and you get paid as soon as the package is delivered to the buyer.

The commission works simply, for sales below $15, you get paid $2.95, while for sales $15 and above, you get paid 20%.

For more details, read this review of Poshmark.

Tips On Selling Baby Clothes Online For Cash

Before you go ahead and list your baby clothes on one of the above marketplaces, here are some tips to help you sell them quickly at the best possible price.

1. Know how to price your baby clothes.

Competitive research is key; know how much the same or similar clothing is priced on other shops so you’d have an estimate of how much customers are willing to pay for the clothes you’re selling.

Also, take shipping and handling into consideration when deciding your price.

2. Freshen them up…

No one will want to buy wrinkled, dusty clothes. Wash them first and remove stains as best as you can.

3. …But be honest.

There are just some stains that you can’t get rid of, and there’s some damage to clothing that you can’t mend. Include it in the product description as full disclosure.

4. Learn how to take clear photos.

You don’t have to have next-level skills to photograph your clothes. Laying them flat and lighting them carefully to remove shadows vastly improves photo quality.

5. Package your product with care.

Clothes aren’t really handled carefully by couriers and delivery men, so it’s up to you to make sure that the clothes are protected from rough handling, moisture, and all other external things that can damage your clothes.

You can even take it to the next level by including a personal note, or even just by using special wrapping paper. It’s a good way to make your customers remember this customer experience as a good one.

6. Know when to sell selected items.

Certain types of clothes sell more quickly during certain times of the year.

January to February is a great time to run a sale on winter wear and red and heart-print items in time for Valentine’s Day.

March to May is a good time to sell pastels, florals, and spring/summer-appropriate wear.

June to July is generally a slow month, except for Fourth of July items (red, white, and blue items, stars and stripes patterns, etc.).

August to September is when fall-related wear is most in demand. Sweaters, cardigans, leggings, and thick socks are popular.

October is perfect for Halloween costumes and festive Thanksgiving outfits. It’s also perfect to start listing snow gear, like mittens, boots, and hats, if you have them.

November to December is when to list your unused, new with tag items for shoppers who are looking for holiday presents and stocking stuffers. Winter wear and knits are popular starting in November.

Selling more than baby clothes? Check out these other sites to sell clothes online.

Are you interested in selling baby clothes? Or have you ever tried to sell baby clothes online for cash? Share your story in the comments below!

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