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  • Jeffrey

    I think this site in general is rich in educational content for the new student to online business building. You have to have experience and a solid income to do what you post and review for. I will be frequenting your site to learn how to do reviews. I am glad to find so many white hat marketers in one program.

  • JeffWA

    Hi, Steve.

    To me, this opportunity to start a business with Scent Sations is one that should be passed over.

    The fact that the distributor would constantly have to purchase the company’s products in order to sell them to me is outrageous. Of course, this practice could only hurt whatever profits you’d make selling them to the public.

    I have always detested these type of MLM business ventures where in order to maximize profits it would be required that you recruit a lot of people to be placed in down lines beneath you. It’s almost like two jobs in one.

    I also wonder about this company’s training regarding marketing and promoting their products – which in and of themselves appear to be very good.

    You mentioned one of the methods in selling this company’s products would be through hosting parties. Unless you know a lot of people or have friends who wouldn’t mind going to your parties and seeing the same products repeatedly this is not exactly the best way in which to sell their products.

    This company while not a pyramid scheme regarding their business model structure as they do sell physical products, nevertheless would not be high on my list of choices in trying to start a potentially successful online business.

    Your readers should be thankful for your honest opinion stated in your review of this company. There certainly are better online business opportunities out that a person would want to examine first before putting any money into Scent-Sations.


  • angie

    Nice page, very informative. Probably smells really nice too, I love the smell of cinnamon. Their prices are good for both the products and the program. Do they have different scents as well? I’ll have to look at the website. I will definitely keep it in mind for the future. Best of luck!

  • coughlanmaureen

    I thought this was an indepth post on scent stations very thorough!
    I don’t think being a distributor would be for me I think you would have to be a good salesperson which I am not unfortunately

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