I’ve Tried That reader Bryan sent me a very thorough email on Monday outlining a new opportunity to work from home as a virtual customer service agent for NEW Corp. You’ll get to answer incoming support phone calls and help the callers troubleshoot their problems.

Bryan writes:

Hi Steve and staff,

First of all, great stuff you got going with trying to help people become aware of scams and how to avoid them as well as reviewing legitimate work-at-home positions.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this: NEW Corp but I thought that maybe you could add it to the “Become a Virtual Customer Service Agent” list of legitimate jobs. I can honestly tell you that this is no scam from my own personal experience; it is a real job that one does from home like the others you’ve listed. One main difference, however, is that one does not get to set their own hours; but there are many schedules to choose from. Moreover, one may choose to work part-time or full-time. The caveat is that he/she must commit to a set schedule for at least six months. As with most jobs, tardiness is a cause for disciplinary action with could lead to termination. So one must login at his/her scheduled time, take scheduled lunches and breaks, attend scheduled virtual meetings and weekly evalutions. In other words, it’s just like being in a “brick and mortar” call-center environment, only it is all done from the comfort of one’s home office. In addition, one will receive a yearly W-2 tax form — as with most jobs. Average starting pay rate is $9.50 per hr and there is room for advancement, plus they are always hiring. NEW (as they are called) offer work in several states within the U.S. I know of Oklahoma, Texas, and Georgia for sure, but I know there are other states as well.

Although it’s not specified in their website, the CCR (Customer Care Representative) will be assisting DirecTV customers with any problems, questions, or concerns. Applicants will attend several email and phone interviews before being considered for a position.

Equipment needed for this position includes: a computer that meets the company’s standard requirements, a hard-wired internet connection (no wireless or satellite service), a landline phone, a headset with microphone, and a work area free of distractions.

I would still be doing this job but my phone company at the time was really screwing me over. Unfortunately, I hate to quit because only that particular phone company offered service in my area. I enjoyed the job, however, it’s only a one-shot chance. If one quits or is terminated, NEW does not rehire. It’s possible the stipulation changed, but last I heard it’s still in effect.

Keep up the great work!


While the work is performed at home, you will have to travel to an on-site location for training. From the job descriptions, you need to live within 120 miles of one of these locations:

  • Albany, GA
  • Bowling Green, KY
  • Carbondale, IL
  • Jacksonville, NC
  • Jonesboro, AR
  • Texarkana, AR
  • Terre Haute, IN
  • Tyler, TX
  • Wichita Falls, TX

To learn more about the company and to apply for a job, click the following link: https://www.newcorp.com/index.php/careers/home_based_ccr/

Now, I haven’t applied for a job myself, but I haven’t been able to find anything negative about the company. If you choose to apply for a job, please send me and email or leave a comment below and let me know how it went and what was your experience with the company.

Thanks for the tip Bryan!

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  • Tristan

    1. Starting pay is 9.50 (with evaluation and time based promotions to level 1 and level 2 CSR)

    2. Training is 6 weeks (10am to 7pm EST)

    3. Training for people who live further than 120 miles from B&M sites is entirely virtual.

    4. Company does offer incentives, bonuses, PTO, holiday pay, and over time.

    5. Training is evaluated, you are not guaranteed to pass your evaluations (that’s on you) or to make it through the training into production.

    My first paycheck was mailed in a very timely and acceptable manner. I had no issues depositing the check. I was able to view all my pay information on an ADP website and my pay from this point on will be direct deposit (with an option for an ADP visa pay card).

    The trainers and supervisors I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with have all been excited, motivated, encouraging, friendly, and helpful. They are willing to take time out of their own schedules to help students/employees.

  • mdavis

    Can anyone tell me what the starting pay is?

  • Flora Moore
    Flora Moore

    I just completed the one on one phone interview and is curious to wat comes next. I am really excited and hope I get the position.

  • Simone Jenkins
    Simone Jenkins

    I applied for NewCorp and Im excited. I did the drug screening test already. what happens next after this step? Does this mean that I have the job? Also I have one on one interview this Thursday I hope it do well.

  • LISA

    I start in Jan.. Also..can I take calls from My parents home for training. 8 weeks is a long time and I have preplanned vacation.

  • Sara

    Training for NEWCORP is now M-F 10am-4pm EST. 8 weeks long. They are only offering part time hours right now.

    It took them about 1-2 weeks after I sent in my application to hear back from them. My training starts in January 2013.

  • Lisa H
    Lisa H

    When you are in training, do you log into as vitual website?

    Are you basically listerning and asking questions in a program like webex?


  • Jade

    How long does it take for them to get back to you after filling out an application ?

  • Razor12

    training hours are 10AM – 7PM EST with 2 paid 15 min breaks & one unpaid hour lunch

  • kia

    Does anyone know the training hours for NEW? Are they the same as the hours you pick to work? and is training paid?

  • Kia

    Hey Donna Rhodes depends on which state you live in but Westathome is legit work form home company. They have paid training, the only thing is a $30 background check which you pay for after youve been hired and a drug test which they pay for. The hours are good depending on which contract you are working on and you schedule your own hours in 30 min increments.

  • Razor12

    Hi Donna, you might want to try workplacelikehome I’ve been working at home for over 4 years. When I first started out I submitted over 20 applications to different companies & was offered several positions. Don’t give up!! keep trying !!

  • Donna Rhodes
    Donna Rhodes

    I applied and went through the first step of the hiring process. I have an excellent resume and work history. I received an email and said I had not made it any further in the process. I have no idea why??? I am looking for a work at home job due to the fact that I am single Mom and it would work awesome for me. Does anyone know of anymore reputable work at home companies I might try? I have all my equipment in place because I thought I had the best chances possible to get the job with NEW.

  • peachy10

    I worked for this company yrs ago and I must say this is a great company, but I stopdue to not making the right choices. I recently applied. Do you think I will be able be rehired?

  • Claude

    Made a few typos in that last post , hope you all can read typoness lol agan great awesome place to work for.

  • Claude

    I am currently employed with NEW and hes it is an Awesome Company to work for. After you are fired you wil do 6 weeks of payed training, four weeks of classroom and two weeks of hands on with a tone of support. The really want each individual hired to succeed. The Trainers are awesome as are the supervisor, HR , Recruiters and basically everyone that who works for NEW. I just started my fith week of training and Began taking calls today and it went great!!!!I can honestly say “I Love My Job”. As an update to the above info. NEW hires in all of the lower 48 states. If you are not near a brick and morter site simply apply for the CSR Virtual Training position. So Everyone seriously looking for a great w@h job , Please do apply. You will not regret it one bit. :)

  • melanie

    They now hire if you live more then 120 miles from those locations. If you are hired and you do live more then 120 miles away you will have 100% virtual training. I have my big interview today. I have a friend that is in training now, and she loves it. It is 6 weeks of training.

  • Ray

    Yea by far seems to be the best legit at home career company I found , and I applied to many! and unlike most they actually get back to you , I had my first phone interview and that went well , and next I have the big interview with main recruiter I am guessing.they ask for no money down for BG checks etc , really nice.I hope I impress them to hiring me cause I would be very happy :)

  • Heather

    Hey! I applied for this job about 3 weeks ago. I went through the series of interviews, all of which were done right from my own home. I now have the job and am very excited about it! I know a friend that works for NEW and she said it is awesome. You do get to choose your own hours, but must stick to those hours for 6 months..as mentioned above. There is a large selection though. I have also been told that anytime that you need a day off or something comes up, you can post your hours to a timetable board to have other people cover them for you. The company really works with you, and everyone seems really nice. The absolute worst part is the fact that you have to work weekends. It is non-negotiable. If you think about it, the job is technical support for DirecTV customers. People watch TV most often on weekends. Of course they are going to be calling in more on those days, so the company needs most people working during those hours. The job doesn’t seem to be too bad yet. Of course, I haven’t started yet either. =]

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