I cannot believe I have to do another data entry scam review. I thought that we had put data entry programs behind us, guys. You should know the drill by now. If you have to pay for it, it isn’t a job. Either way, let’s look at DataEntryResearch.com

The DataEntryResearch Scam

If you’ve read through the sales page already, forget all of the nonsense regarding making $6,000 per month. Forget the fake testimonials and the box that says “if you can fill in 8 forms per day, you can make $86,016 per year!” Forget it all. Instead, focus on the following list. It may not look like much, but it explains the scam in great detail.

1. Select a company from the online catalog
2. Login to your account to access the data forms
3. Use the tips in our members area and create forms
4. Submit the form
5. Thats It! You get paid.

I’ll break this down for you so that you can understand why that’s the only important thing on the whole damn page. You see, data entry scams operate as such. Their sales page will lead you to believe that there are thousands of companies overwhelmed with work and now need you to enter data into forms for them. They also dupe you into thinking that you will get paid for the work that you do. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s look at the list again if the owners of DataEntryResearch had decided to tell the truth.

1. Join Clickbank and Google Adwords
2. Deposit hundreds or even thousands of dollars into your Google Adwords account
3. Select and advertiser from Clickbank to promote.
4. Pay a lot of money to publish ads on Google’s ad network.
5. Seek refund from DataEntryResearch for wasting your time and money.

That’s a shocking bit of a difference if you ask me. DataEntryResearch wants you to think that you’ll be paid to fill in forms, but in reality, filling in these forms will cost you a lot of money. You see, you’re paying for advertising on Google’s Adwords program. You’ll be creating ads for Google’s search results that link to an affiliate program through Clickbank. Can you make money doing this? Yes, but only IF someone clicks on your ad (which costs you money) and IF they then makes a purchase through your affiliate link. How many jobs have you worked that required you to pay money to do work? It just doesn’t make sense.

Get a Refund from DataEntryReaserch.com

I wasn’t able to find any successful refund stories or even a phone number, but I did dig up this email address: support@dataentryresearch.com Contacting them through that email will be your best bet at getting a refund. If all else fails, you could always try and open a dispute with Paypal.

Bottom line: if a site is trying to sell you data entry training materials, it’s certainly not a job.

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  • Segun Ogunnaike
    Segun Ogunnaike

    how can i be free from scam and fraudulence. How frequency will I be having jobs because I want to leave my present job to focus on working at home/data entry.

  • Ashok Gupta
    Ashok Gupta

    Thanks for the information about the DataEntryResearch.com.

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